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  1. Why do Argentinian players bring up the Malvinas then get so worked up and team killy when you ask why they're still called Falklands?

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    2. hazzgar


      @monjardin not really true. That's a falsified view of history sold to us. Patriotism was a tool used by the rich to make the poor stay in line and join the army.  If you read about the middle ages people didn't think shit about countries or even local governments. They were exploited and people revolting against the noblity did happen. Hell the US patriotism was also an artificial creation to get people to join the army and to divide them into groups. While Zinn is biased in tone his "People's history of US" is factually correct and I recommend you his book.

    3. Hellsfog


      Zinn's view is so biased as to not be taken seriously by anyone who isn't a brainwashed socialist.  

    4. monjardin


      @hazzgar I was thinking more along the lines of tribalism than loyalty to a nation-state, but that’s not what you said. So, I’ll concede the point. 

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