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  1. Came back after 4 years and I remember about nothing of the game and doesn't have any game sense anymore, on the first 3 days I've been in deep red and while the last 2 days have been better, it's still not at the level I'm satisfied with, much less my old form, I've looked at guides and such but I feel like it would be better to have someone actually see how I play in game then tell me what wrong with how I play and how could I improve after every game, I could use some advice on where to go and what to do on maps too since I hardy remember anything.
  2. you need to get in game to sell it for gold or submit a ticket?
  3. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/275516-kuudere-e-50-ausf-m/ those seem to be nothing more than genetic girl with tank part slapped onto them, the artist did them didn't even try to be creative.
  4. reading a few pages back and see SHISH comment that I disagree with. for me, modern anime nowaday is much better than before, back at about 2007, I thought many shows that came out per season are crap and only watch a few notable one, back then I was still gaming hard so I lose interest pretty fast and stopped watching. but now, I find myself follow most anime of each season, I feel they are so much better than before, both in visual, story and script writing. also, base what I heard from people who lived through anime of the 80s, 90s, most stuff out back then are crap too with a few notable one, and anime back there done fanservice much more blantantly than modern anime, and the myth that "older anime are better" only base around those few notable one and ignoring the load of crap that have already lost to time back then.
  5. I'm sure that a joke pic, made for laugh.
  6. you mean 4chan opinion relevant and creditable at all?
  7. people just think SAO and AoT are too successful for what they think just a "Mediocre" anime, and some "better" anime deserve more sales than them, which from that they hate the fanbase then the anime itself. personally I think they are decent anime, better than mediocre but not something to call great.
  8. already retired, might come back one day but for now I have no plan to, just burned out.
  9. so compare NGE with F/Z, which is more traumatizing? still have not watched NGE.
  10. 37% win rate on T-62A at 19 battles... sudoku time. ;_; raged and tried so hard that I was starting making bad/game losing decision, which lead to that terribad win rate.
  11. he suicided, simple as that, I have a 15>0 game where one of my team tank go swimming too.
  12. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Manga to Start in August 12th Issue of Pucchigumi a lots of hateful comments for some reason, I personally neutral toward MLP.
  13. "Party hard, Arty" with the the our team/ enemy bar showing many square icon.
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