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  1. Came back after 4 years and I remember about nothing of the game and doesn't have any game sense anymore, on the first 3 days I've been in deep red and while the last 2 days have been better, it's still not at the level I'm satisfied with, much less my old form, I've looked at guides and such but I feel like it would be better to have someone actually see how I play in game then tell me what wrong with how I play and how could I improve after every game, I could use some advice on where to go and what to do on maps too since I hardy remember anything.
  2. you need to get in game to sell it for gold or submit a ticket?
  3. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/275516-kuudere-e-50-ausf-m/ those seem to be nothing more than genetic girl with tank part slapped onto them, the artist did them didn't even try to be creative.
  4. reading a few pages back and see SHISH comment that I disagree with. for me, modern anime nowaday is much better than before, back at about 2007, I thought many shows that came out per season are crap and only watch a few notable one, back then I was still gaming hard so I lose interest pretty fast and stopped watching. but now, I find myself follow most anime of each season, I feel they are so much better than before, both in visual, story and script writing. also, base what I heard from people who lived through anime of the 80s, 90s, most stuff out back then are crap too with a few
  5. I'm sure that a joke pic, made for laugh.
  6. you mean 4chan opinion relevant and creditable at all?
  7. people just think SAO and AoT are too successful for what they think just a "Mediocre" anime, and some "better" anime deserve more sales than them, which from that they hate the fanbase then the anime itself. personally I think they are decent anime, better than mediocre but not something to call great.
  8. already retired, might come back one day but for now I have no plan to, just burned out.
  9. so compare NGE with F/Z, which is more traumatizing? still have not watched NGE.
  10. 37% win rate on T-62A at 19 battles... sudoku time. ;_; raged and tried so hard that I was starting making bad/game losing decision, which lead to that terribad win rate.
  11. he suicided, simple as that, I have a 15>0 game where one of my team tank go swimming too.
  12. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Manga to Start in August 12th Issue of Pucchigumi a lots of hateful comments for some reason, I personally neutral toward MLP.
  13. "Party hard, Arty" with the the our team/ enemy bar showing many square icon.
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