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  1. Best 183 equipment these days? I'm thinking IRM rammer vents

  2. Chieftain/T95 (T8) or IS-5 for the tier 8 campain tank?

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    2. CandyVanMan


      Neither, their are ass.

    3. hall0


      but you should never buy it for bonds. 

      T8 Chief is shit and so is IS5. But the medium has this horrible weakspot ontop which makes it even shittier. 

      Therefor I went for the IS5. I wont ever driving it. But at least I have it inthe garage. 

    4. kolni


      IS-5 is also a hilariously sadistic mark to try for all skill levels, 1st through 3rd are all insanely hard considering the tank's gun

      Not to say the T95Chief mark is any less of that (I still haven't been able to do this one after completing it on basically release day), but at least you can play that tank without feeling like handicapping your team by picking it - this tank didn't have premium credits unlike the IS-5 when it was released however (not sure about the situation now)

  3. What's the consensus best EBR 105 equipment? I'm running CVS Optics Vents for a scout build.

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    2. CandyVanMan


      I would probably give the edge to LNES for EBR after giving it some thought, as you will mostly be playing the EBR as an active scout, and therefore you benefit quite a bit from the 8% camo bonus.

      If you were playing a normal light tank, having any more than 42% camo wouldn't make much of a difference, as you would be using bushes a lot more, compared to EBR.

      I think Prokh is the only map where CVS would be objectively better than LNES.

    3. crapcannon


      CVS? Edit: nevermind found it on tanks.gg

    4. Tman450


      Thanks my dudes

  4. I'm 6 out of 9 for wins in solo Steel Hunter atm, very enjoyable mode.

  5. Tman's Guide to Steel Butthole Hunter:

    1.) Play french tank

    2.) drive around the map collecting everything possible, upgrading, being an opportunist

    3.) go radio recharge, top speed, autoloader, mobility/hp, mobility, and antitank machine gun

    4.) Win

  6. Ok Here's my 2020 Steel Hunter Guide:

    1.) play french tank

    2.) zoom around map picking up everything and killing weak opponents

    3.) Go radio recharge, top speed, autoloader, mobility/hp, mobility, pewpew gun

    congrats you win

    by doing this you should have 420 consumables and 999 ammo, so just drop everything on enemies at the end.

    1. hazzgar


      Ruskie not better? Armor is not needed? Especially for the final 1 vs 1?

    2. Tman450


      Russian and German are OP in the beginning due to having fuck you armor, but the new map is so big that mobility is huge. Also, i don't see many of the armor builds making it to the end because they're so slow and easily killed.

    3. Tman450


      Oh also Russians get this absurd mine skill that blankets the area with mines that permatrack and stun you as well as dealing 200-400 damage. So russian tank is close second.

  7. Black Market lul

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      It's the April Fool's gamemode

    3. Assassin7


      That was my thought. They release it the day before april fools? Gotta have something to do with that

    4. Tman450


      Of course it's the april fool's gamemode. its still cool though. and real.

  8. Fuck artillery. why is this fucking shit still in the game.

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    2. Fulvin


      Are WG stupid or malicious for not removing arty? Seriously, nothing makes my blood boil more in this game than arty.

      Just yesterday I played a game in Maus, got hit by arta 6 times in 5 minutes and died q___q

    3. Kymrel


      The game is basically unplayable in a heavy tank on an open  map when there are three cancers. You spend your time getting stunned and whittled down unless you camp behind arty.

    4. Fulvin


      Yep. When the choice is between being arty safe and actually doing something, you just have to go for it and hope your arty is better than theirs, which is just a diceroll

  9. 907 or Chieftain?

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    2. monjardin


      I'm in the same situation. Everyone says I should pick the 907, but Chieftain... :cri:

      I plan to wait and see. If the Chieftain UFP is as good as the broken tanks.gg, then I may get it anyway. However, it'll probably end up closer to the T95E6 UFP.

    3. leggasiini



      Chieftain UFP on tanks.gg is bugged as hell, it should be the same as the T95E6

    4. Tman450


      So I should get the Chieftain then? :megadoge:

  10. Only at level 5 personal fame booster so 60% total, worth doing level 6 at this point or should i stop?

    1. Hellsfog


      The consensus in the clan was that up to tier 6 made sense if you were going to active for the entire campaign. so a total of 90% boost. 

    2. monjardin


      It’s too late now, but I’ve found level 6 to be worth it. Level 7 is only for full-time callers that win a lot. 

  11. So the general consensus is buy up to level 6 personal fame boosters then stop? The cost in fame gets too high after that.

    1. Vindi


      I think yes. All the points I gained yesterday I spent on these boosters (I think now I have the second 10%+ phase), I will probably continue until the 5k point limit (+20%) then just stop. Defending specific provinces will give 1k+ points which is a guaranteed 200 points in each round. That's more than enough for the tank. Also If I saw right, you can already "buy" the tank itself if you have 4k bonds.

    2. TheChang


      Agreed. No, all rewards such as tanks, credits, premium time, and the rest are only available to buy after the event ends.

    3. kariverson


      Depends if you get enough wins. I can't even get the 5th one yet. 

  12. Gotta say the true multicore support they added to 1.4 is really fucking nice. I get way better FPS (and more importantly, more stable FPS) and can actually use my 144hz monitor to its fullest.

    1. Bavor


      I'll have to try it out on my laptop to see what the difference is.  It has a 6 core 12 thread i7.

      I haven't noticed a difference on my desktop.  I was already running at the max refresh rate of my 3440x1440 100Hz monitor and about 100 FPS on my 4K monitor when I used that.

      I don't have the hardware to test it, but I wonder if WoT still supports SLI?

    2. Tman450


      I have an SLI setup somewhere, I'll test it. My desktop's CPU is an FX-8320 OC'd so I was severely CPU bottlenecked. My average FPS improved by about 50.

    3. Bavor


      I've seen mixed results on SLI and crossfire in WoT 1.X, but I sometimes wonder if its an end user problem when it doesn't work.  Some say it works great and others say they can't get the game to launch.

  13. 430 II is trash now, thanks WG. always wanted to play it like a TD /s

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    2. tajj7


      Yeh it's awful, couldn't bounce a single shot from a M41 GF last night, he penned one straight through the turret. That is like 181 pen ffs, that tank used to be able to bully tier 8s, now you are scared of tier 7s. 

      The removal of the armor made the tanks like 50% worse because the armour allowed you to work the rear turret, now it's just a paper awkward rear turreted tank with -4 gun depression. In compensation they brought the gun up by like 10%, you still have no better DPM, gun handling, pen or accuracy than the other tier 9 meds and they don't have -4 gun depression and limited turrets. 

      It's slightly cheaper to play that is about it. 

    3. lavawing


      It also has 1000 ish shell velocity so you can snipe. snip/

    4. kolni


      416 was literally the most wonderful t8 tank to play in the vision meta, 430v2 was great in both metas.

      There was no reason to change it :nanoserb: :serb: :superserb: :novaserb: 

  14. RIP Avicii, dead at 28

  15. Just reached 2450 overall WN8. Finally, now that WN8 is useless, I'm there :happyfish:


    now time to fix my winrate.

  16. I would not be okay with the removal of Pref MM for tier 8 prems. Even if they buff them.

    I bought them because of the Preferential matchmaking. Sure they might be worse than same-tier counterparts but I can't see T10, worthwhile trade IMHO.

    1. leggasiini


      THats why they talled about potential gold refund kek

    2. Vindi


      50k gold won't be that bad if the buff won't be sufficient enough.

  17. This popped up as I was checking my stats on Wotlabs. Wtf man not cool.


    1. Daerlon


      more rng, what's not to like?

    2. PlanetaryGenocide



      Anyways, most of the time ad networks (and people who utilize ad networks for revenue) don't actually screen what kind of garbage gets served through them.  


      And even if Never does screen, there's literally nothing he can do if the ad network doesn't cooperate besides drop them and lose the revenue.  The site community has shrunk in recent years and I doubt there's enough people paying out on patreon every month to break even with upkeep otherwise

    3. Never


      Ad hijacking has been incredibly common on mobile devices recently. I'm looking over the ad network's forum and there's been quite a number of complaints about this. The problem is that it's pretty much an epidemic at this point. There's really nothing that I can do on my side to stop this, but I'm getting in touch with my ad network.

      If this happens again, please PM me the full URL of the redirect so I can pass it along.

  18. Best equipment for 430U? Vstab and rammer obviously, but debating vents or optics for 3rd

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    2. Tman450


      I ended up going with optics because my VR was kind of low (like 412ish)

      Might swap for vents eventually

    3. Fabunil


      Vents to improve that shitty gunhandeling.

    4. Tman450


      Yeah I just swapped it out for vents. Seems to be a better option.

  19. The tier 9 430 in patch 9.22 is actually really fun. Nice punchy gun, keeps the same armor it had at Tier 10, decent maneuverability. Plus it gets a 122 so it can overmatch shit.

      VR and accuracy only downsides. And accuracy isn't that bad because aiming stats and soft stats are good.

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    2. Tman450


      3 hours ago, monjardin said:

      The alpha is the same as all those NATO tanks with good gun handling, right? Meh.

      Well.. yeah, but it overmatches STRV's and the 257 thanks to stronk 122 caliber, and has way more armor than most natotonks

      36 minutes ago, Daerlon said:

      The gun handling isn't that good. Worse than amx 30 1er for example.

      Felt fine to me. Not good, but not bad. I plopped one of my 4 skill Russian meds crews in it so I had all the aiming perks and BIA

    3. simba90


      Yeah, i'm thinking about pulling my 5 skill IS-4 crew out and dropping them into the T9 430 while I grind out the 430U

    4. Tman450


      Yeah. I'm gonna throw in one of my crew in the 430 for now, and probably put it in the unreleased T10 med that will come later.

  20. COD:WWII Multiplayer Beta is out on steam. 

    Such a fucking bad game. shit gun mechanics, shit maps, shit port.

    At least you can play as a Black Female Nazi /s

  21. https://i.imgur.com/VQ1gsG0.jpg


    Well that was entertaining. Doing well in Foch 155 = cheating.

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    2. Tman450


      he did 0 damage and drowned himself on purpose, and he's complaining about me FFS

    3. CandyVanMan


      Holy shit, why do I see so many posts like this from 'murica server?
      Gotta be a flat earther.

    4. Tman450


      I dunno man we have a lot of vocal dumbfucks for some reason. American exceptionalism makes everyone think they're special for some reason.

  22. 121 -5 gun depression is the best thing to ever happen

    No reason to touch the 62a anymore :D

  23. Here's an entertaining Carry I did a few days ago in my TVP 50/51. Sometimes it's nice to have everything work out :tanfiesta:

  24. Anybody want to do the 3v3 Platournament on NA If i make a team? message me if interested

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