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  1. This popped up as I was checking my stats on Wotlabs. Wtf man not cool.


    1. Daerlon


      more rng, what's not to like?

    2. PlanetaryGenocide



      Anyways, most of the time ad networks (and people who utilize ad networks for revenue) don't actually screen what kind of garbage gets served through them.  


      And even if Never does screen, there's literally nothing he can do if the ad network doesn't cooperate besides drop them and lose the revenue.  The site community has shrunk in recent years and I doubt there's enough people paying out on patreon every month to break even with upkeep otherwise

    3. Never


      Ad hijacking has been incredibly common on mobile devices recently. I'm looking over the ad network's forum and there's been quite a number of complaints about this. The problem is that it's pretty much an epidemic at this point. There's really nothing that I can do on my side to stop this, but I'm getting in touch with my ad network.

      If this happens again, please PM me the full URL of the redirect so I can pass it along.

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