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  1. 430 II is trash now, thanks WG. always wanted to play it like a TD /s

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    2. tajj7


      Yeh it's awful, couldn't bounce a single shot from a M41 GF last night, he penned one straight through the turret. That is like 181 pen ffs, that tank used to be able to bully tier 8s, now you are scared of tier 7s. 

      The removal of the armor made the tanks like 50% worse because the armour allowed you to work the rear turret, now it's just a paper awkward rear turreted tank with -4 gun depression. In compensation they brought the gun up by like 10%, you still have no better DPM, gun handling, pen or accuracy than the other tier 9 meds and they don't have -4 gun depression and limited turrets. 

      It's slightly cheaper to play that is about it. 

    3. lavawing


      It also has 1000 ish shell velocity so you can snipe. snip/

    4. Kolni


      416 was literally the most wonderful t8 tank to play in the vision meta, 430v2 was great in both metas.

      There was no reason to change it :nanoserb: :serb: :superserb: :novaserb: