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  1. What's the consensus best EBR 105 equipment? I'm running CVS Optics Vents for a scout build.

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    2. CandyVanMan


      I would probably give the edge to LNES for EBR after giving it some thought, as you will mostly be playing the EBR as an active scout, and therefore you benefit quite a bit from the 8% camo bonus.

      If you were playing a normal light tank, having any more than 42% camo wouldn't make much of a difference, as you would be using bushes a lot more, compared to EBR.

      I think Prokh is the only map where CVS would be objectively better than LNES.

    3. crapcannon


      CVS? Edit: nevermind found it on tanks.gg

    4. Tman450


      Thanks my dudes

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