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  1. Chieftain/T95 (T8) or IS-5 for the tier 8 campain tank?

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    2. CandyVanMan


      Neither, their are ass.

    3. hall0


      but you should never buy it for bonds. 

      T8 Chief is shit and so is IS5. But the medium has this horrible weakspot ontop which makes it even shittier. 

      Therefor I went for the IS5. I wont ever driving it. But at least I have it inthe garage. 

    4. kolni


      IS-5 is also a hilariously sadistic mark to try for all skill levels, 1st through 3rd are all insanely hard considering the tank's gun

      Not to say the T95Chief mark is any less of that (I still haven't been able to do this one after completing it on basically release day), but at least you can play that tank without feeling like handicapping your team by picking it - this tank didn't have premium credits unlike the IS-5 when it was released however (not sure about the situation now)

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