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  1. WG gives it absurd stats but then a 16s reload to "balance" it out. is gud balance da
  2. 3080 is 40-60% faster than 2080, and 20-30% faster than 2080 ti. Nice gains but not earth shattering.
  3. People forget that the 2080 Ti was absurdly overpriced in the first place. The 980 Ti was $649 on launch and the 1080 ti was $699. This is finally bringing prices down to where they should be for that performance level. Now people think it's a fantastic deal, even though it's what it should be.
  4. I heard each core ALU has double FP performance so Nvidia just multiplied the real CUDA core count by 2. So to get the old CUDA core count divide by 2. This makes sense as to why all the cards have seemingly ridiculous amounts of CUDA cores: the core counts aren't equivalent. They're still gonna be fast as fuck, but I'll believe the claimed performance when I see it. Saying "Oh it's x % faster" when your benchmarks are using Raytracing and DLSS is bullshit, because the new cards have faster and more plentiful RT cores and tensor cores, so it's a meaningless comparison.
  5. I'm 6 out of 9 for wins in solo Steel Hunter atm, very enjoyable mode.

  6. Tman's Guide to Steel Butthole Hunter:

    1.) Play french tank

    2.) drive around the map collecting everything possible, upgrading, being an opportunist

    3.) go radio recharge, top speed, autoloader, mobility/hp, mobility, and antitank machine gun

    4.) Win

  7. supposed to be Unconventional Strig, not completely truefax
  8. and the ISU was at one time the highest damage non-artillery in the game at 750 alpha. it should've stayed that way. then we got 850 damage TD's, 750 damage heavies, 1000+ damage TD's etc.
  9. High alpha guns, especially high alpha TD's were a mistake.
  10. Ok Here's my 2020 Steel Hunter Guide:

    1.) play french tank

    2.) zoom around map picking up everything and killing weak opponents

    3.) Go radio recharge, top speed, autoloader, mobility/hp, mobility, pewpew gun

    congrats you win

    by doing this you should have 420 consumables and 999 ammo, so just drop everything on enemies at the end.

    1. hazzgar


      Ruskie not better? Armor is not needed? Especially for the final 1 vs 1?

    2. Tman450


      Russian and German are OP in the beginning due to having fuck you armor, but the new map is so big that mobility is huge. Also, i don't see many of the armor builds making it to the end because they're so slow and easily killed.

    3. Tman450


      Oh also Russians get this absurd mine skill that blankets the area with mines that permatrack and stun you as well as dealing 200-400 damage. So russian tank is close second.

  11. The wheel damage thing is how they should have been day 1.
  12. Tman450


    I ground through the 8 and 9, I thought the 9 was going to be the best, and I still like it, but now I think the tier 8 is the best in the line. the right mix of mobility and gun. The 100mm i found really good. The ST-II is gigatrash. It's basically an IS-4 with 2 barrels. Memeing on people with the double barrel is the only highlight.
  13. They should bring back all chat permamently.
  14. really as soon as they started releasing premiums that were blatantly better than their tech tree counterparts. Some vehicles were in the past, but WG just started shitting them out. Patriot. AMX M4 49. Defender. Skorpion. one after another.
  15. I realized during the april fool's event last year when I got to replay patch 0.7.0 that I enjoyed the game way more back then than I do now. Not saying everything was better, because it wasn't, but the game was much simpler and slower paced.
  16. Fun has been cancelled for 2020, please come back later.
  17. These balance change suck. WG decided premium ammo was the problem, instead of just a part of the problem, which is WG's shitty per-tank balance. This patch is a megabuff for things like the 279e, Bobject, etc. specifically brick armored TD's benefit a ton from these changes, because their standard rounds have the highest pen in the game, and do even more damage now. WG fails to realize that they can change the ammo mechanics all they want, but if they don't balance the fucking tanks in the first place, none of it matters. Oh and another side effect is paper tanks suffer bigtime, because everyone can pen you with standard rounds for max damage, while you can't reliably pen certain tanks at all with standard ammo, thus do way less damage in return. Especially tanks with low pen. OH almost forgot to mention. the DPM increase of most high tier tanks outpaces the increase in HP, which means things die more quickly. (to standard ammo at least)
  18. So it's a significantly better AE Phase 1, which is already significantly better than the M103?
  19. This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
  20. Wow that's weaker than I thought, sorry bb. I thought we had another Defender LFP on our hands.
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