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    Tman450 reacted to echo9835 in Epic replay contest   
    Hello all on the WoTlabs forum! Coming up is the new year, and with the new year (yay!). With the new year is my birthday, to celebrate I have decided to give back to this awesome community with a replay contest. This is no ordinary replay contest, it is far more important than that. This is a replay contest to decide who is the greatest World of Tanks player of all time. All are welcome to participate, but only the greatest player will win eternal glory and bragging rights. I am buying the prizes out of my own money, so i will not purchase bundles. Prizes will be gifted to the winners after the contest closes and results are announced. 
    The prizes:
    First place will be decided by highest damage and will win either a tier 8 premium tank or the gold equivalent for those who have all of them. The tank must be in your server's premium shop at the time of the contest conclusion. Second place will be decided by highest base XP and will win a tier 7 Premium tank or gold equivalent. The same rules apply. Third place is decided by the highest number of kills and wins a tier 6 or lower premium tank or gold equivalent. The above rules also apply.  Rules:
    The contest will take place between the release of this post and the last day of January. The date is taken from the time stamp of the replay.  Replays from the NA, SEA, and EU server will be accepted.  You must use the Churchill Gun Carrier You must fire at least 1 standard armor piercing round that must deal damage. Team killing is a disqualification of the replay. Racism/homophobia in chat is also a disqualification. in the event of a tie for damage the higher base XP will win. In the event of a tie for base XP the higher damage will win. in the event of a tie for kills the higher damage will win. people who win more than 1 category will win the higher prize, the lower prizes will go to the runner up. The winning relays will be commentated on by me some time in February. results and prizes will be posted in February. Best of luck, show off you skills in the best tank in the game.
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    Tman450 reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Loot Box Results thread dec 2019 edition   
    from what ive seen the boxes this year indeed give less tanks both high/low tiers 
    also the gold value is reduced because this year the boxes contain a tier 2 and a tier 3 which obv give less gold for duplicates than the previous years which iirc were tier 4+
    those two things combined mean this years boxes aren't as good, still the best valued items in-game and the smartest time to spend $$ on tanks than any other time of year. just not as good as we have been used to the past 2 times
    Something i disagree with (other than putting more new tanks in the boxes) is them locking the credit bonus behind decoration collections, and then on top of that increasing the # of decorations to 380-ish (2017 was 251 decorations total, 2018 was 310-315 iirc) which encourages people to spend more not just for the camo's (which take more to get) but also for the +50% credit bonus 
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    Tman450 reacted to Wanderjar in Loot Box Results thread dec 2019 edition   
    What it says on the Tin

    post your results and what you bought/got

    Feel free to note opinions on results etc. not like anyone cares except Diriz0n

    Spent 100 USD
    75 Amerifat Boxes

    Tank results: 
    E75 TS


    Bretegne Panther x2 
    Firefly III 
    PzIII ausf K x2

    AM 39 Gendron x2 
    Sexton 1 x2

    Skin results:

    E4 skin
    140 skin
    430U skin
    JPZ skin
    E100 skin
    13 105 skin

    Credit Results
    + ~3 Million

    Gold results:
    ~45000 gold including compensation for duplicates (wow 11k gold for a spare prog. nice)

    WOT Premium time:
    ~70 days+

    Festive tier 10 reached  
    4 snow maidens
    an assload of national and universal blueprints
    AMR 35 tier 2 french tank 
    Tier X 2d skin Winter Wonderland

    No female commander yet from the loot boxes> Shes still as OP as Santa was last year:
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    Tman450 reacted to Kymrel in toxic light tanks   
    We should all just have teams of heavies meeting in one corridor shooting each other hull-down and sidescraping with HE. That would be fun. Heavens forbid that someone try to play a mobile tank.
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    Tman450 reacted to PlanetaryGenocide in Sandbox: HE Shells "Rebalancing"   
    If these go live and my 152mm T49 becomes unplayable i'm unironically quitting the game permanently
    Fuck this
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    Tman450 reacted to Haswell in PvE Contract Missions Guide - Cheesing Made Easy   
    Figured I might as well make a guide for the contract missions on how I complete them most efficiently. Most of them become really easy when you cherrypick specific maps to play on. As usual, please don't take my word as gospel, remember this is all subjective.

    Daily missions:
    Can be completed on standard and hardcore missions, and all levels of Spec Ops. No shame in playing standard missions if you just want to get them done.
    Start 10 fires.
    Just spam HEAT at everything. Aim for ammo racks, fuel tanks and engines if you're a tryhard. Sometimes you get random fires on your killing shots too, so you'd likely accidentally get this done without even trying. Use a Wilk and spam PELE.
    -Snake Bite
    -Stormy Winter
    Tireless Support
    Farm 5000 assist damage for 10 matches.
    Assist damage have different priorities: 1) designated targets, 2) de-tracked targets, and 3) spotted targets. This means if you de-track a target that someone else has spotted, you will then "steal" that assist damage. Likewise if you designate a de-tracked target. Be aware that others can do the same to you, so the best way to farm assist damage is to simply de-track everything yourself after spotting them.
    -Snake Bite
    More Damage!
    Farm 10k damage for 10 matches.
    That basically means play 10 matches, if you're not racking up at least 10k damage in every single match at tier 4 or higher, you have bigger problems to worry about.
    -Do you really need to cherrypick missions just to farm 10k damage?

    Cute animal break.
    Weekly missions:
    Can only be completed on hardcore missions and all levels of Spec Ops. Not that they are particularly hard if you cherrypick your maps.
    Support Fire Medals
    Get 5 Support Fire medals.

    Farm the most number of ASSISTS, at least 15, for 5 matches. This can sometimes be annoying, but it basically boils down to shooting everything at least once WITHOUT killing them. De-tracking and spotting damage also count towards assists, but that can sometimes be finicky.
    -Snake Bite
    Destroyer Medals
    Get 4 Destroyer medals.

    Farm the most kills, at least 15, for 4 matches. There's no shame in holding your fire and killstealing, as long as you win at the end.
    -Life Jacket
    -Spec Ops missions
    -Anything with enough bots thrown at your way for you to farm, but short enough so everyone else can't kill more than you do.
    Target Medals
    Get 8 Target medals.

    Repel the most damage on your team,  at least 10 hits and 1000+ damage. Any MBTs with some degree of effective armor will work fine, just drive forward and get shot at. Try your hardest to not get destroyed, because the counter resets once you do. Easy to farm if you sit in front of an autocannon and let it plink away at you for as long as you want.
    -Snake Bite
    -Any map where you can afford to sit at one spot and get shot at without taking (much) damage.
    Teamwork Medals
    Get 5 Teamwork medals.

    Just make sure nobody dies, for 5 matches. Can sometimes be annoying since pubbies love to kill themselves.
    -Rolling Thunder
    -Anything short and easy to lessen the chances of pubbies dying.
    Blue Star Medals
    Get 5 Blue Star medals.

    Get top XP 5 times, you should be getting one at least every other match, if not every single match. In other words play 5 matches.
    -None. Just farm your damage and win.
    Shooter Medals
    Get 8 15 Shooter medals.

    Farm 2000 damage, with at least 80% accuracy over 20+ shots. If you don't get one and you're playing something with a normal gun (no autocannons/missiles), you have bigger issues to worry about. Basically play 8 15 matches. Don't use autocannons or missiles for obvious reasons.
    Kill 5 bots by ammo rack explosion or fire, within the same match.
    Possibly the hardest or easiest mission depending on your luck. Yes, I said luck, because you NEED your teammates to NOT shoot at stuff that you've already set on fire in order to be credited for the kill, meaning you'd want your teammates to play poorly in general. Wilk with PELE is still my most reliable setup. Missions that allow you to fuck off somewhere far away from your teammates are ideal, since you don't want them having line of sight at your targets.
    -Stormy Winter
    Farm 20k damage, fire at least 20 shots, with 100% accuracy and penetration with every shot.
    Can be annoying at high tiers because T-14, T-15 and Merk 4M APS can eat your shots. Best done at tier 8 or tier 6. Might be fairly difficult on Ricochet or Hydra or other "easy" missions, since they don't offer enough damage or targets to go around for everyone. Don't use autocannons or missiles obviously. AP shells might help if you are scared of composite armor and ERA.
    -Anything that isn't too easy or short, so you can farm 20k damage.
    Total Elimination
    Farm 30 kills and assists combined.
    This is easier than it sounds, it basically boils down to shooting or designating every target at least once for the assist credit. You will also get credit for spotting damage, though that's not too reliable. Not particularly hard as long as you are dilligent in your target selection.
    -Life Jacket
    -Any of the Spec Ops missions
    Perfect Streak
    Win 5 matches in a row, without you or your PLATOONMATES getting destroyed.
    The mission description is horrible, by allies it really means your platoonmates only. This means if you're solopubbing you'd only have to worry about yourself and winning.
    -None. Doesn't matter, it's just about winning.
    Expert Tankman
    Get within top 3 XP for 10 matches.
    Just play 10 matches.
    If you haven't noticed already, a lot of the missions can be made easy simply by cherrypicking specific maps to play on. So here's a link to my rotation tracker thread: https://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/28620-armored-warfare-pve-mission-rotation-tracker/
    Also, I really hate those "do X for 10 matches" missions.

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    Tman450 got a reaction from ProxyCentauri in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. 
    I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Kymrel in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. 
    I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Rexxie in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. 
    I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
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    Tman450 reacted to Rexxie in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    This got to me eventually too. WG's map design philosophy changed (or just became more apparent) in 2014 or so to accommodate the idea that every class should have one specific flank on the map. It's so boring, and once WG finished their map transition with 1.0, all the fun was sucked out of the game for me. I was tired of doing the same thing every single game because it was so optimal that I might as well not have clicked battle if I tried otherwise.
    I could go on forever about everything that went wrong, but at the end of the day it's just Wargaming's soulless take on game design that finally did the game in. They've been trying to squeeze the game dry since the day it released, but at least for those first few years they didn't know how. It just took them a few more years to implement everything on their checklist.
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    Tman450 reacted to Haswell in [LABS] Because somehow there are still people playing AW   
    Dafuq, there are still people playing AW?
    Why join [LABS]?
    Because if you are still playing AW, you are probably beyond salvation as this point. Might as well be in the company of the hopelessly lost. Also makes it easier to identify each other when you have a tag.
    We are also dedicated to the betterment of player skill with no bars held. If you are bad, we can coach you to become good. If you are already good, we can help you become better.
    What do you even do?
    We goof around, win games, goof around some more. Throw in some suggestions if you think of something fun to do together.
    What are the requirements?
    If you're reading this, you're good.
    How do I join?
    PM @Tman450 (T23E3IsLove) or @Haswell (Haswell) in-game so you can get invited. Or just post here with your in-game name. Clan tools in AW are nonexistent, there's literally no way to join a clan without someone inviting you in.
    How do I talk to the rest of the hopelessly insane?
    You're already here, aren't you? We also use the WoTLabs TS server and shitcord, you've probably been there already anyways. If not, here are the links:
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    Tman450 got a reaction from RNG_ in A Couple Things I Noticed Coming Back After 3 Years   
    I missed you friend.
    pretty much yes for most of your observations.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from sohojacques in Homefront - PvE mode   
    "You have the opportunity to speed up your progress and get valuable Bond equipment faster by purchasing special bundles. They contain additional bonuses, including days of Premium Account, XP and Credit boosters, and more. Thanks to these extras, you can boost your Front faster and shorten the way to your well-deserved rewards."

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    Tman450 reacted to Diriz0n in British light tanks are vomit.   
    To say it plainly, the Brit upcoming light tanks are being hurled out, out the mouth that is. And as such, are plainly just that, vomit. I read through the supertest British LT thread, but I want to talk more about my dislike, and alot of things very wrong.
    Senlac is definitely the best British light tank, surprise surprise surprise being a premium. The most noticeable upgrades, are clearly ammunition storage and DPM. But as a light tank, is Senlac good? Well if it were compared against a mid-range light tank like WZ132 or crap shoots like T92 and HK12, then yes Senlac isn't just average anymore  -   it is good. But would l rather drive this, than M41GF? HK3O? M41D? LT42? EBR75? Certainly not........Bad? Nope. Good? l think it is fine, like WZ132. Certainly better than Bat Chat 12T, HK12.  A notch over average, l say.
    The problems are the light tanks, in the tech tree. They are abysmally bad. Low DPM, low ammo count, extremely weird parameters  -  these tanks just seem off. Retarded tech tree too. And some of the most retarded naming and nomenclature is getting used for the British, quite unlike how their tanks usually are (and have stuff) named. This seems just rushed, like WZ TD line. Made to be rushed, bad, and covered up by hush-hush, WG is pretty good for sending the stupid subliminal messages the game is balanced still. While they release object 277 line, retardo buff obj 26O, / 279E, or remove object 43OU nerfs.  Da, comrade.
    Tier 7 Setter seems like it would be alright, even with that bad DPM, because of the strong gun performance. Velocity, aim-time, accuracy, penetration.  But the tank gets turned into a shitter, by awful gun soft control, low ammo count, l would expect at least 38OVR. No idea behind the thinking of 135 DPS, since the low DPM, should be at least 15O.
    Tier 8 TV tank is definitely retarded. Gun soft stats and control, can be ignored (lesser ignore) low tiers, because of how lowly competition is down in tiers, but high tier bad gun stats......lol. Especially for a light tank, medium tank quality gun control. German Panzer Wagon accuracy, aim-time, shell velocity  -  while nice,  how well does that serve that tank with ultra competitive tier and bad comparable gun dispersion.  lol.  The problem all over again. Bad ammo count of course, terrible un elevation syndrome like french LT AMX tanks, especially backwards. Absolutely retarded naming convention. Since when do british use an ultra metric 85mm gun naming convention. Wth?  Chieftain probably laughing how retarded that is.  lt is a 2O pdr. And.....give the senlac 83mm 2O pdr but without the 2O pdr stats, instead using tier 4  25 pdr stats  (an 87mm)  then proceed with giving the TV tank actual 2O pdr stats with an 83mm, but call it an 85mm. Retarded.  Does LTTB have an ultra retarded gun compared to LT42? Well, they are both 85mm. And yes, one is clearly better, but they aren't wildly dissimilar, and completely retarded. TV tank and Senlac are however, very retarded.
    Tier 9 AVR FS actually improves gun elevation dramatically. No problems like tier 8, or French AMX LT.  However, alot of the other retarded disservices remain. Terrible DPM, terrible shell count. Going on about retarded nomenclature, identification, usage though......9Omm cockerill is a low pressure HEAT firing weapon. So WG went on and decided to give it high velocity APCR rounds instead. WG just makes me laugh. Really, the Chieftain needs to read into what they do. He would laugh too. The gold round, should be 28Omm penetration HEAT. 
    Things get worse with the manticore. Loses the gun depression. Loses gun elevation. Soft fire control becomes even worse, than the already bad it was before. Bad shell count of course. Seriously, like AMX LT tanks carry so few rounds, these things carry even less,  lol.  What does WG expect from its players, if not complaining about this line. Why give it high performance AP, than neuter the premium shell? Neuther the DPM, worse than an autoloader or armoured car.   lol.  Prem round needs +2Omm pen to 288. At least they gave it high pen HE, like an E5OM, which is different than the tiers 7-8-9. A decent 13% peer HE pen increase, nothing notable but okay. Definitely not the quite high pen on HE like Senlac. 
    Verdict::::   Retarded. Worst in class, terrible by-tier vehicles.  ls this bad? Well, WG has provided themselves plenty of room to move up, with buffs. And starting out bad, and being buffed to good, is definitely better than mega release obj 268V4 or WZ5A / 277. Problem is........WG doesn't like Englanders. They took forever to buff British Heavy, TD, med lines. And have since fallen hard on FV4K5  (while not touching 43OU)  just a bad omen. l just think they should settle on at least bad, some late common test improvements  (last minute T92 stuff)  not on retarded. These are full retard.  l would rather play my Fochs 155, or obj 268, or grind out my STl and buy lS4  -  l said it an obj 268, than play pieces of shit like these.  Why work for a bad WZ132-1, when -1 is already bad as is.
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    Tman450 reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Improved Equipment thread.   
    I only have used purple equipment on 2 tanks: the Chieftain and the 279(e) @leggasiini (no bulli pls) 
    and that was mostly for the sake of making an OP tank even more stupid, especially considering what the 279 took to get (my soul)
    But overall IMO Purple Eq is mostly useless, or at the very least: not worth the cost. especially now that we know the bond shop is coming this year.
    such a minimal increase (2.5%-5%) that 90% of the player-base either wont feel, or be able to utilize for what is a relativity high cost in bonds (15k bonds on avg to fully equip 1 tank)
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    Tman450 got a reaction from ZXrage in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    I think you're just bad :<)
    I have the same issues
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    Tman450 reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    i though we had something special 

    Guess ill go buy a cactus........
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    Tman450 reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    And all this without mentioning the transition of premium tank philosophy from worse-than fully upgraded tech tree counterparts to better-than fully upgraded tech tree counterparts that kicked off with the Skorp G. 
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    Tman450 reacted to leggasiini in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    If I had to say, game balance at tier 10 is shit, but what truly culminates the main issues are the fucking maps. Literally every single new map and reworked map after patch 1.0 is absolute dogshit tier garbage. They all are same stupid shit where you have these super-easy hulldown positions to shit on entire flanks (and as you know, 2/3 of tanks now have +300 mm turret armor), crossfires everywhere, flanks are designed so that basecamping TDs can shit on anyone who tries to move from those hulldown spots, making it a forced hulldown shitfest - and to make this worse, the hulldown spots are like 150-250 m away from each other, so it ends up being super heavily RNG based gold spam shitfest or people just spam HE. Nerfs to Type 4/5 derps has made hulldown aids tanks even stronger. While those guns are fucking stupid, yes, we have reached the point where we need cancer A to counter cancer B. Good fucking job WG. 
    This has resulted in people playing *even* more arty and base camping TDs, because trying to play anything else is either expensive or straight up cancer. You've been wondering why there's so many 3x arty games at tier 10? Yeah, that's why (along with missions that force you to play arty to complete them).  Even with super garbage cancer tank meta at tier 10, some older maps that don't have this dreadful post 1.0 design can still be somewhat enjoyable because they don't culminate this cancerous meta to it's maximum. But take any post 1.0 map - Studzianki, Misnk, Ghost Town, new Kharkov, reworked Pilsen, Fishermans, Erlenberg etc, and you can feel the dreadful ebola hulldown meta that this game has become. Basically you see hulldown tanks just spam HE or gold at each other and then get shat on by arties and TDs. So many games on the new maps are tedious, long campfests.
    When I saw all those medium tanks starting to get turret buffs back in 2017, I was worried. I knew a domino effect would happen that goes like this "a tank A is underperforming, turret gets buffed, now it's old competition in form of tank B is underperforming, it also gets a turret buff, etc etc". And look where we are now. Almost every tank at tier 10 has a turret that would be among the best in the game if it was added in 2013-2016 era WoT. No wonder how the T-62A, once the "meta" tank, best tier 10 MT and one of the best tier 10s in the game, is quite possibly one of the worst tier 10 MTs in the entire game now.
    And yea, super OP mega cancer reward tanks are another stupid thing that are just straight up cancer. Anyone who plays the Chieftain or 279E in randoms can choke on a giant cactus, thank you. I also always despised the fucking idiotic S-tanks that promote horrible and cancerous gameplay, even more so in all these new maps. Sadly there's a lot of mongoloid who enjoy them and find them "uNiQuE", so there's no hope in them ever getting changed. I don't mind the wheelchairs as much, especially the tier 6,7,8 (tier 8 prem and tier 10 are annoying as fuck but thats about it) but considering how much negativity they add, they are another thing that should never been introduced to the game. Properly balanced wheeled vehicles would be really cool, but these idiotic wheelchairs that are literally designed for a 43% mongoloid who likes to suiscout in his LTs, autoaim and spam HE are not. Overly minmaxed vehicles have always been problematic (see - WT E100, prenerf 183, Grille 15, Type 5, Maus and Bobject have all been among the most problematic tanks at tier 10 and they are all super minmaxed) and never work very well, yet the tier 10 wheelchair in especial takes the minmaxing to the top.
    I honestly don't know why am I still playing this game. Maybe it's because i've enjoyed it for years and I still love the concept and everything. I dont know man.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from sohojacques in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    I think you're just bad :<)
    I have the same issues
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    Tman450 reacted to Fulcrous in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    I could honestly care less about how strong some tanks are if the maps were properly balanced designed to allow each tank class to utilize their strengths by being able to flex and not camp. That and sprinkle a little bit of removing stats from api.
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    Tman450 reacted to Assassin7 in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    I've been thinking about this, and theres no one real reason that I've been playing this game a lot less. Its a whole pile of different reasons that have added up to make the game as a whole much less fun, and I thought Id share my own thoughts and opinions on what these problems are. Spoiler alert: Artillery isn't one of them, yeah its annoying but Its been in the game since launch and I still found the game plenty fun despite it over the last 8 years I've been playing.
    Vehicle Balance: 
    Im going to start off with The biggest elephant in the room, and my biggest reason. Overall vehicle balance. IMO, balance between vehicles was at its peak around late 2015-mid 2016ish. Its been downhill from there really. Yeah back then the overbuffed E5 existed and the WTE100 was cancer. but those were two outliers, these days the whole game is out of whack. Each new patch consists of new tanks that seem more stupid than the last. (this section may not be in correct chronological order)
    The Type 5 Heavy with the derp gun was, in my eyes, one of the beginnings of this. Along with the mass removal of weakspots from everything. 
    They Nerfed the E5 and then released the Super conq which was, and still is, as good or better in every single way to the overbuffed E5. the overbuffed E5 would still be considered pretty bad in the current meta. Now then, what could possibly be better than the Super conq? I know! A tank that is literally better than the super conq at everything, except It also does all the things the E5 could of possibly hoped to do better than the super conq even better than that! (like mobility) Enter the Chieftain. It being a CW reward is both good and bad. good because every mouthbreather can't get one and thus theres less of them. bad because it instantly became the meta in CW, pushed the SC out, and you have to have one in a top clan now. 
    They then released the 268v4, which single handedly completely destroyed my desire to play this game. It has never returned to the levels it was before the V4 was released. Im sure everyone remembers, but clan wars became "whoever has the most 268v4s wins, regardless of strategy" it was the most cancer period I've ever seen in this game in my life. And then they nerfed it. barely. they gave it a slap on the wrist. Thankfully it stopped that retarded clan wars meta, however the tank is still grossly Overpowered and needs far more extensive nerfs. Fuck that thing.
    Meanwhile, I have a special hate for the entire swedish line. the entire fucking line is the most cancer, horrible to play against, gimmick tree they have ever released, and honestly IMO the game would be better if they just flat out deleted the entire nations tree. The Kranvagn is the least cancer, but is still more cancer than most other autoloaders. the STRVs are all absolute cancer tanks that can't do anything except camp and punish people for daring to be aggressive and try and push with their fuck you DPM, fuck you camo, and fuck anyone with a sub 120mm gun armour. They are still my most despised tank in the game. And now the new medium line is out. all of which are completely fucking flat, you can't hit them to save your live, and regardless of how objectively good or bad they are to play, they are just, so far in my experience, completely unfun to play AGAINST. 
    The Wheeled vehicles. I knew, before any stats had even been released, just from WGs first ever description of what they were planned to be, they would be cancer. And they are. they flat out destroy the game IMO. they're disgusting. they're double disgusting for me, who has to try and hit the fucking things with 200 ping. destroying a wheel doesn't even slow them down.  They may be fun to play but they're absolutely destructive for gameplay. They never should of been added. They're too fast, they get their own Autoaim+ (a banned mod lol) I've seen them regularly pull off shots doing 70kph that even in a 140/62A would never been possible, from ranges you'd almost never even bother taking on the move shots at. They're a pain in the ass.
    Lets add to this other honourable mentions, like the 430U/430 which both are stupid with heavy tank armour and medium mobility. The 257 which is unpennable from the side for no reason, the IS-3A and Progettos which are just annoying as fuck to fight. Its a running thing now, regardless of how objectively good or bad the tank is, none of these things are fun to actually play against. 
    Premiums! Now, WG seems to have one or two stances on prems these days. Either its an extremely boring, meh tank, or its fucking OP as shit. its disgusting. the T26E5 was the start, the defender was the turning point. and nowadays, If you see a prem or any tank that has had supertest stats released, theres a 95% chance that tank is coming to live, with little to no changes. Its like the super testers aren't even testing these things. This doesn't even apply only to prems, its applying to everything, which is made even more ridiculous because any person can take one look at the prelimentary stats and immediately deduce that said tank will be OP as shit without even playing it.
    Which leads me on to my next topic... Rebalancing. Yeah, Im extra salty about this part for reasons Im sure you guess.
    WG can't just slightly buff or nerf a tank (but mainly buff it seems) they have to try and completely redesign how the tank plays. pointlessly. yes, you know what im talking about. the STB-1. Its already been said, but all it needed was some small buffs to make it more comfortable to play. a turret buff, a gun handling buff. boom done. but instead they had to completely redesign it. Right now, regardless of whether it is actually objectively more capable as a tank, what it is now is just more complicated, and less fun to play. This alone has killed off a large portion of my remaining desire to play the game, the STB was always my fun tank. Playing it for me was always just an enjoyable experience. (which is why I didnt bother 3 marking it for ages because 3 marking is for me, extremely frustrating and completely unfun, in a tank that I normally used to destress) The Currrent STB doesn't do that now. its slower and more complicated. Way less fun. 
    Anyway, back to rebalancing. the STB isn't the only tank they've done this to. They keep revisiting older tanks that just need a small amount of love (although in reality is all the new OP tanks need nerfs) and instead try to needlessly redesign how they play completely. Which makes the game less fun because everything keeps getting changed.
    And then they bring out new tanks like that ST-II on supertest. that thing is gonna be disgusting, at least it will be to play against. I hope to god it doesn't come out remotely close to that, if at all, but with WGs track record over the last few years Im not optimistic.
    Maps have gotten less fun as well. Each time they redesign a map It feels worse IMO. for example pilsen, which needed some work but wasn't bad, got redesigned and its current design is absolutely terrible. the entire field is a complete shitshow and is utterly pathetic, while it used to be a pretty fun place to fight. so more than a third of the map is now worthless ground. the middle area was already worthless and still is, so thats another third of the map useless ground. and now we have the 1-2 line in the factories, which isn't useless but they've made it way harder to push or be effective in it. So now its not a remotely fun place to fight. the entire map is a shit show. its one of my banned maps (along with paris)
    Along with this, Highway, a map I always liked, is now worse. the redesign in the NW corner with the field is worse and now massively favours the north, with souths defensive positions all being way more exposed to fire and getting lit than before, with norths not being changed. the buildings around the north aren't exactly fun places to fight, terrain based fighting is more interesting than building peekaboom wars. 
    New Maps all suck as well. Studzikani needs no introduction, Minsk is like 80% unusable ground with only a few areas being pushable. Neither of them are very fun to play. 
    Ghost town worked in CW, but doesn't work in pubs. Its not a very fun map to play in pubs IMO, mainly because of the coordination required to win it that just doesn't exist in pubs. 
    along with this, the 1.0 redesign of a lot of maps just made them worse or less fun to play on. TD camping bushes or ridges added where they can easily punish anyone trying to actually push or do anything other than camp. Routes that used to be possible are now impossible. (things like dropping off hills and such which now just kill you) - I always hated boosts that allowed you into areas meant to be inaccessible. but going from one accessible area to another is okay IMO, It removed a lot of escape routes and made risk taking far more punishing. thus no one wants to take risks anymore. 
    Clan Wars
    I can give you the tank comp for 90% of the maps we play in the next campaign right here: 260, Chieftain,  907, EBR, CGC. Sprinkle on the occasional STRV or T100, maybe an IS-7 or a 268v4. 
    Theres little variation, or creativity any more. I mean of course there isn't those tanks are all the best and using any other will just cause you to lose. But its not very fun. This isn't the fault of the clans, its the fault of WG for making tanks so much better than the others. I can't even use my 140 in CW unless there are literally no more unlocked 907s because the 907 is just that much better than the 140 (needlessly I might add) WG was talking about changing CW. This is, IMO, the biggest change it needs. make creative tank comps great again. Even the batchat has been out metad, a tank at one point I never thought would be outmetad. 
    There is the next problem, because I don't play as often any more, I get rusty. so Im playing worse, which frustrates me, which makes me want to play less because Im getting annoyed that I can't play at a level I know I am capable of. Which makes me play even worse on tilt. I need to get over this just by playing more and un rusting but its a vicious cycle, and all the other aforementioned issues are also making me frustrated. so bleh. 
    Thats about it for now. All of these things are, individually, fairly small. but together they just create a pile of compounding issues that generally make the game much less fun than it was. And the problem is, Even if WG started fixing them all right now. and fixed them how (for simplicity sake) I personally would like to see them fixed, It would take them years to get the game back into a good position. New Patches these days don't bring me excitement. they bring me dread as to what they've fucked up this time. 
    So yeah. wall of text. This took me like 45 mins to write, I have an exam tomorrow, and I should be studying. go me. 
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    Tman450 reacted to WhatTheSkara in Frontline: Best tanks/tactics for farming General   
    So, here's my impressions on the mode (I have only played this episode, for credit grinding mainly, thanks to these 4 days I've been able to buy a tier 10 and recover most of my sold premiums, so I'd say around 12/15 millions made overall):
    At first it's fun and challenging, especially if you remove any premium ammo from your tanks, it definitely makes a good training for weakspot sniping. But after a short while it gets extremely boring, platooning is much advised, you have some good laughs about weird stuff happening and you also let some steam off when striked by 8 consumables at the same time.
    Premiums are the way to go, I've played mostly T92, blackdoge, progetto and t-44-100, there are also tech tree tanks that are really good (BatChat 12T). Lights/Mediums are the most useful classes and they'll bet a decent profit + good ranks because of their mobility and damage potential.
    Map is awesome, really open, you can flank pretty much anywhere except for a couple of spots (C west and E west), it's been designed by a third party company and in fact you only find 2 corridors, the ones mentioned above. Mostly soft terrain so fast movers are a must. Rip Lowe/VK players. There are TD nests but they're quite easy to counter, WG should really take note.
    Arty is still cancerous, especially with consumables. So you get slapped for half your HP, lose 2 crew members and then you get striked and bombed by unavoidable things.
    People still haven't figured how to play the mode, they fast cap and yolo objectives so nobody makes it to General (I've had games where the highest rank was Lieutenant). They also don't know how to take C in 2 minutes so they either leave it alone and go B or get spawncamped (one game in the IS3A there got me 7k damage and a major). It's usually the low wr/stats players. No point in making the game short, you don't earn credits, you don't earn ranks, you basically don't earn anything.
    You still see tryhards, people spamming premium ammo everywhere, I wonder if they ever make a profit in the mode. In 4 days of FL I think I've fired 10 premium shells, but then again I played for credits.
    Imo it should be a permanent mode, along with ranked. So that people have the time to understand how it works and get the most profit ($, ranks, exp) as they can get out of it.
    I'd remove arty consumables though, that's a really easy way to farm ranks without any skill involved.
    Racked up 2 prestige points, although I have limited time to play.
    Will see what I can do with them, I won't be able to get the emil or the sikrit dokumint t9, but I don't care that much anyway.
    I'd play it again, although only for credits/memes.
    Btw, I wish the T49 was still a tier 8, would have been hilarious to get top damage every single game with it 
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    Tman450 reacted to Never in Clan WN8: Normal and Battle-weighed   
    If you have been in a clan's page in WoTLabs recently, you probably noticed a slight change in how the clan's WN8 is displayed. While previously there was a single number, now two are shown. The one shown in larger font is the pure average WN8 of every member in the clan, while the second, shown in smaller font directly under the pure average, is what was up until now the "default". This value which we call a battle-weighed value also takes into account the number of battles each player has.

    The goal of this was to prevent a clan from padding their average WN8 by including several accounts with a low battle count and extremely high WN8. As you know, WN8 as a metric is only really useful after a certain number of games, usually at the very least a couple thousand. Playing a few battles in low tier tanks and stacked with premium options could easily result in an unrealistically high WN8, which would then be weighed as much as someone with 20 thousand battles under their belt, thus skewing the clan's ratings.
    However, this method also caused a problem where players with very high battle counts could also skew the results, this time downwards, therefore showing numbers that don't properly reflect the clan's overall performance.
    To solve this, I have added both numbers to the page, with the most prominent one being pure average WN8, and the battle-weighed WN8 shown directly beneath. This should give players more information to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a clan to apply to.
    That is all for now, cheers!
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    Tman450 reacted to kolni in [High Level Gameplay] - Laying a Solid Foundation & Increasing Consistency   
    This'll probably be the last thread I make regarding improvement, the game is about as milked out in content it can be. I decided to do it now because EU tier 10 is 3 arties every game so I don't really feel like I'm missing out by writing this up instead of playing. I'll also start off by saying that any question you might have (to me specifically) about anything game related when it comes to improvement, preventing tilt, getting out of a rut and so on all the way to tank/map specific things (opening positions, counters, timings, you name it) are things I will do my best to answer in this thread, if it isn't then ask it here and I'll answer to the best of my ability. It's also very little concrete advice here as the meta game gets trickier the higher you go, if you have any concrete questions to give the bones some meat then please do so.
    I play this game with absolutely no regard for the outside economy as the account I'm using has 450million credits with almost as much in consumables and there is nothing to grind on the account, it's simply missing some premiums and rewards. I also have acceptable crews for almost everything, and if I don't I switch them out. I don't take outside factors into consideration in the game. I won't keep firing AP instead of APCR for some extra credits at the cost of performance. I give myself the best chance of having as good of a game possible before loading into battle, and if you care about performance then you should too. I am not in the normal position of a WoT player here, as these things really matter early on. A playstyle like this is sustained either through spending money on the game, or a heavy amount of skrims before hitting random battles to keep your economy positive throughout. 
    This has very little to do with direct game performance but the economy in WoT is a foundation you should build solid as it'll help prevent the most basic problems for a tryhard mentality. Running out of credits has happened to many, many players before strongholds were a thing. Stronghold skirmishes also solves some of the issues for a good service record, if you want a good overall service record on a tank the crew needs to be good, all modules researched and the best ones mounted before loading into randoms altogether. Radios are debatable but to me it's a matter of principle, if it's better I will run it even if the cost/benefit of researching is incredibly low. 
    Making purchases on sale, stocking up on rations and big kits and so on to the point where it will last you until the next opportunity to do the same is where you'll want to be at or further in your economy. If you can sustain buying all your consumables up front for the entire period when it's on sale and holding off on tanks if they'll be discounted in the foreseeable future, your monetary problems in the game go down by so much. It is a long road to set your economy up that way, as it requires a lot of grinding. You're going from being a customer of consumables and equipment to owning your own depot. If it didn't require a lot of work then everyone would be doing this in the real world too, but it really is the most sensible way of not running into monetary problems as it is one of the biggest issues regarding performance. Not in the performance today, but in your ability to perform in the future. 
    I'm lucky enough to not have to play skirmishes or spend money on the game now. Premium time, clan boosts and personal reserves make for break even or better with discounted consumables in even the most credit hungry tanks (50B, SConq, E 50 etc) with acceptable performance on them. This is probably where the real thread starts but I felt like making note of how much your outside economy matters and how setting it up to supplement you in the future really makes a difference. I am at the end with no problems at all, all tanks bought, equipped and credits are in overflow to the point where I have my next 15k games already paid in advance. Not having problem with credits ever again is a really big thing. For most players seeking to improve however this'd translate to playing a lot of skirmishes, or buying it with real money. Regardless of what you choose, taking steps towards a more sound economic structure along the way is something I really recommend. Eliminating one of the core problems of having an outside economy (unsustainable costs) while still being able to reap the benefits (other people also have unsustainable costs, and as a result they will ultimately perform worse because of it). 
    I think about my game in two ways. The battle I just loaded in to play on its own, and then all the battles I played and will play for the session. For the first, economy doesn't matter. For the second one it does. I'll go more into separating your gameplay into these two later, but it's important to remember through out. 
    Time to start the topic for real:
    I'll be answering the most commonly asked questions I get regarding improvement, consistency and on keeping an emotional distance and a professional mindset towards the game. I cannot stress this enough: Having a worker-attitude towards the game fixes a lot of anger management issues the game presents you with, but in doing so you'll start sucking out the fun as well. I enjoy the game enough (although in periods) that I still get enjoyment out of playing with a pro-active mindset to improve. This is where a lot of people fall short and it's totally understandable. An improving mindset is a really boring one. You are playing with an improving purpose, and not an enjoyment purpose. I'd say that I enjoy myself the most in a game where I just play and zone out until the game is over. Back in reality, basically a small escape from the real world for a while until you're forced to do whatever the real world requires of you. Thinking of your game in a similar way takes a lot of fun out of it, as being emotionally invested is an obstacle to overcome to reliable results. Luckily I am a competitive person, so I get my enjoyment out of good results, and many people are similar.
    This means that you treat the game as you would an assignment from a school, employer or whatever. It already sounds a lot less fun. You are playing to improve. This means that every rambo-like feeling you get out of casually playing goes out the window just as fast as the aggressive emotions that many people already struggle with fighting off. You can't be emotionally invested either way, as your emotions will influence your decision making that you want to be as pure in logic and reason as they can.
    Because of this, you'll want to distance yourself emotionally from the game just like a bad habit in real life. The boss forcing you on overtime means you suck it up even though you're pissed. You are mad because things aren't going the way you wanted and there's no easy fix for that. A worker mindset of adapting to it to the best of your ability and getting better at accepting whatever comes your way to get over it as soon as possible is the best way of dealing with it. This means that everything in the game that is out of your control is something not worth investing into emotionally. This includes everything from being XVM-yoloed, arty-whored or RNG putting a consecutive 4 shots at the edge of reticle. What exactly does an emotional investment get you here? Only fuel to a fire you already want to put out, your emotions are counterproductive right from the get go. This means that you have to let things like these go. They do nothing for improving your current game and only raise the tension for the games to come. 
    Bad experiences from your current game should be left there, with anything positive to take from it should be at least considered. When sporting a working mindset you'll simply structure your gameplay in a way that you keep refining and re-evaluating your decisions and replace your bad tendencies with good ones. This is how I do it:
    Step 1. This is almost always initial deployment. Make up and decide where to go on the map on the spot after you've read the line-up and estimated the general deployment. Step 1 should at least have some benefits of going there, if it doesn't your step 1 is not good enough. This is everything from favourable terrain, free crossing shots, vision, tank advantage on flank and so on. How much damage is there going to be at step 1? - Try to answer. If you were right, focus on step 2. If you were wrong, think about why. Sometimes this is not taking slow mobility into account, or trading poorly too early etc. Personal misplay is an answer you are going to have to admit a lot of times here,  Step 2. What to do after the initial deployment period and the damage it gave. Step 2 and onward is more difficult to give advice on, as they differ much more from step 1 which will remain fairly similar until you decide on a different opening position. Something to consider here however is how aggressive it should be. I base my aggression on urgency. If there is plenty of damage to farm, there's no need to throw your own HP into the mix until you will start losing out on better situations without it or a better position. I think about step 2 as I'm doing step 1. Unlike step 1 it will vary a lot more depending on what is happening on the map, information is scarce early on so step 2 changes often. Having step 2 in place however makes for a pretermined decision to fall back on without any time loss. If step 1 yielded much then step 2 doesn't have to be as aggressive as I'm ahead of pace in my target damage zone. If step 1 yielded little then it'll have to be more aggressive as I now have to compensate. Overcompensating is easy however, and when doing so you need to recognise it as just that, and not teammates being bad. You don't get anything to learn out of your mistake if you blame it on somebody else. Step 3. Step 2 becomes the new step 1, and you think about step 3 the same way you did step 2. The only real difference is that more time has passed in game between them, so the urgency gets higher to hit your target game the longer you go. As you go further into the game the gameplay either ramps up in tempo or massively slows down depending on how the engagements went. A close game slows down, and recognising it as so will let you put the brakes and conserve your HP for enemy mistakes until the game is decided. A steamroll only ramps up in speed, so if you recognise it your need of staying ahead gets higher and higher with time so you adjust your aggression accordingly.  Step 4. Use your remaining HP to get as good of a game as possible. I wait with step 4 until the game is noticeably won or lost. Good micromanagement skills net you better games during steamrolls against you with an extra shot or two. When the game is decided, you don't spare any expenses. Survival rate is arbitrary, and I can't recall the last time I saw a good player wish he had a 10% higher survival rate instead of a full shot extra in DPG. If you have a lot of HP to use at this stage then using it to outdamage your teammates is a good idea. When the game is decided, your own HP isn't more valuable than the damage anymore. If the game is won/lost in a seemingly decisive manner, the damage is all that you can get out of it. So squeeze the last drops of it instead of throwing a Hail Mary for the win that virtually never happens anyway. From personal experience I've found that the risky play to win the game is less beneficial to actually winning than playing for the damage. The amount of times you're able to farm your way back into an even HP pool safely are more frequent than winning a lost game off of a Rambo mission. A spot on the map generally takes 10-15 games for me to gauge if they're worthwhile or not, so this is quite a bit more of testing the waters than what people assume. The meta changes, so you can't have a fixed handbook for what to do on every map even if the initial deployment is similar. With it you find many solutions to the situation you're in right now, one you will be in later and eventually you come up with a solid enough answer to everything on that area of the map that you'll start consistently having good games throughout. The more the better honestly, but I generally play tanks with little to no armour, so my focus has is around having a good damage dealt/taken ratio. For people more seasoned in slower and armoured tanks this focus would be more on micromanagement and perfecting your initial deployment. Lower mobility means less ability to rotate, so getting better at prediction and foresight hold more value the lower mobility you have. 
    I talked a bit about emotion and how it's an obstacle for improvement, but there's still more to it to add. Shifting blame. I do this myself and almost every streamer I watch do it too, because accepting blame is difficult. You won't get anything out of a mistake if you blame it on anyone but yourself. It really is a lot of excusing misplay with platitudes in WoT. Arty, XVM and so on screwed your game over for taking an aggressive position. A lot of people write these things off as arty just being arty when in reality they were overreaching. I had this problem a lot when translating from the 3k to 4k barrier. You need to take a breath, get some perspective and look at the situation again. Did you really die because of some BS or were you actually misplaying? If it's BS you can let go of it as those things really are out of your control sometimes, but you're doing yourself a disservice if you let a mistake to learn from go by unnoticed. It's important to hold yourself accountable for your gameplay and if you really do want to improve this is a barrier that is a must to get over or it'll hinder all learning past this point in a fairly cerebral game that requires an understanding of the game that is too complex to put into proper words. There's a fairly good reason most people plateau at some point, and while that plateau is lower in general I can say with certainty that close to every (already) unicum hit a wall because of this. You are fairly confident in considering yourself decent at the game at this point, and your ego is in your way of improvement more than anything else.
    Tilting's also very common and I envy the very few who seem to be totally unaffected by it. A good mindset really helps here, as you'll see some of the few people who can live off of WoT content that have to keep playing for their income learnt this too. Most people do have the ability to quit whenever their anger gets the better of them, but when you are literally doing your job while playing you don't. Tilting ruins the rest of the session unless you untilt which is easier said than done, so you do whatever you can from preventing tilt from happening from the start. As I said earlier you really have to give up your emotional investment in both performance and outcome. It just doesn't yield anything positive from a performance perspective. Finding a way to un-tilt is good though if you insist on keeping the session going. For me the session ends whenever I notice myself being emotionally invested, both good and bad. If I load up, have a killer game and felt like I really enjoyed that game then that game is it. I had fun, although for a very short time, and then this session won't be a pro-active one forward if I decide to keep on playing anyway. It's important to separate the two, especially when they're so closely linked together for elitists (performance and fun go very hand in hand for me). If you want to learn then emotions can't get the better of you. If you are having fun while playing that's great, but you're also zoning in and going autopilot which is the biggest single detriment to improvement there is. Unlearning auto-pilot is something that would do every online PC gamer a favour in their gameplay by forcing them to re-learn actively (and onward) instead of only learning periodically and then sticking to what they know. You can obviously enjoy yourself while being a productive learner, but it's much, much harder than it looks. If you want to become better at the game you have to learn, and "having to do" something generally makes it a lot less fun even if it's with your goal in mind.
    My ways of keeping my head straight when I had a bad game, am dead and waiting for my tank that are pretty simple and easy to do. They do the trick for me most of the time, and when they don't I simply quit the session and come back at it with fresh eyes later. I generally only play 1 tank at a time, so this works well for me since I have a game to wait out before my next one. I generally try and watch all my games until they are completed because there's more to take from them after dying.
    Timestamping - Track rotations and how long they take for other players. If you know how long a rotation takes you can estimate how much will happen in that timespan and how a situation will look when you get there. Just look at the timer at the start and then again when you have what you're looking for. If a rotation is 40-ish seconds, it is for example a perfect rotation for a BC25t after a clip. It matters more on autoloaders since you have a longer string of dead time without being able to deal damage. Knowing this in autoloaders make for much better predictability and an increase in effeciency. If your BC just went on reload and you see a rotation to make that could be good, you have the information on hand that you will be reloaded when getting there. You can deal damage right away. The time spent reloading was spent being useful because you rotated in a situation where you wouldn't deal any damage anyway. Track trading patterns too if you can. Some tanks are tricky to trade against because of their reload timers are off-sync compared to yours. Russian mediums for example can shoot 3 times at a Type 5 on reload before he's reloaded again. If you know this you know how hard you can pressure without risking taking HP back. If you are against a 5A in a russian medium however the reload is off-sync, as you'll be halfway through your third shell when he reloads his second. If he fires and pulls back there, you end up losing the trade at 980 to 640. This means that you don't really have a way to use your RoF as a means of engaging that 5A when there's cover involved. Find a different way or take the bad trade if there's no other way. This is where playing a single tank at a time starts benefitting as these things are much easier to keep track of comparing against the 1 gun (yours) than all tanks. You can do this for pretty much everything, but when playing tanks with higher alpha it matters as single shot trades get more beneficial. A JGPZ wins almost every 1 for 1 trade, so for it to take them makes more sense than a russian medium that will get outtraded. Backseat gaming. I do this to both streamers I watch and to team mates when I'm post mortem. It probably goes without saying that I don't actually tell them what I think, I just try to backseat them in my head to keep my thought process going to learn. You start noticing how big the gap is and how much skill expression there is in the game by doing this, as methodical decision making is so much easier to spot than someone auto-piloting. It's tricky because things don't play out like you want them to to check if you were right, but you can easily mess with ideas and try to emulate a reasonable outcome out of it. I've gotten everything from good openings (mostly from streamers though), to good counters and responses from random pubbies this way that I didn't think of. They probably didn't think of it either, but I saw it work out so I can make use of it. The biggest use of it is probably that I've identified a lot of bad choices and having been attentive during it you will end up avoiding a lot of mistakes you haven't made yet.   WoT is a PvP game but I found that treating it as PvE makes more sense. One player and 14 bots against 15 bots make for a more sensible way of looking at performance which shifts the focus from a team effort to win, to a player effort in a numbers game. You are alone and your teammates are no good, now do your best anyway. 
    Consistency needs a solid foundation to build on. and for me this is the general thought process of how I did it. It takes long, but eventually it adds up to being important. The step from 4k to 5k and above was the biggest leap in gameplay for me, and easily the most difficult to approach. The difference between it and the previous level of gameplay was mostly consistency. I'd say that an easy way to put it was that now my median and average game are similar. This wasn't true before, were my median game was almost always higher than my average because of a game here and there going pretty bad. What working through this did for me was raising my average game up to my median, simply having less bad games while the ratio of acceptable to great games stayed the same. 
    This change isn't much more than 500 damage in tier 10s, but it still matters. For me it was the last bit to focus on in the game, and having experience with it - the improvement never ends. I see so many mistakes in my own play in hindsight that I'll keep working on to remove. To me the game isn't at its most competitive state right now, as a constant 3 arties make for much worse experiences in tier 10 where I generally reside so right now I can't say that my improvement has yielded very much recently, but it did lay the ground work for a better time to come. Consistency for example is the only reason I was able to 3mark the ISU-130. The tank on the EU server has 20 or so owners, with none of them playing actively. In attempting the mark over a year ago I just couldn't break past the 90 mark reliably. The damage requirement of a 3500 combined average was simply too high for me to keep with tank tank. I was the only one playing it until skill4ltu got his as well, so the EMA of the ISU-130 mark was set almost entirely by myself until then. We both wound up just waiting it out. The issue I had was with consistency yet again, as I was struggling with finding a way to get reliable damage out when your penetration is worst in tier. (It's a high DPM/alpha TD with okay gun handling and mobility, while having a non-existent gun arc and very low penetration for those of you who don't know of it). I eventually wound up getting it done, but after taking a very long break from it. Just like all of the challenging gun marks this game has to offer with their reward tanks the consistency is what breaks most players. Having to pressure the game for so much damage so reliably makes single mistakes ruin several hours of work, so you can't make mistakes at this level. A lot of players have been bashing their wall against the Chieftain mark lately, and it's because of the same thing. Consistency matters so much when you are basically forced to either have a good game or re-play your last 10 games getting back to where you were. That's what it did for me in the ISU at least, being more aware, having learned more and approaching the game from a PoV based in logic and reason rather than using your gut and autopilot made the push. 
    There's plenty of small pointers here and there to improve your game, but IMO this is the big one that sets you up well. If you have the work ethic to keep learning, you'll become more consistent. Eventually more consistent starts meaning better.
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