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    Tman450 reacted to Buck_Wild in Need platoonmates for NA :)   
    You can add me if you'd like and don't mind playing on West from time to time. I mainly play T8 and up.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from ForkUrEyes in Steam sale - so what did you get?   
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC. so i can waste even more of my life.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Spectreniner in Steam sale - so what did you get?   
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC. so i can waste even more of my life.
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    Tman450 reacted to SmyleeRage in [NA] SmyleeRage's Mentoring Service!   
    Click Here For New Post
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    Tman450 got a reaction from MEGUSTAPOW in Need op platoon mates (NA)   
    Totally. let's rock and roll m8
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Folterknecht in PC getting slow   
    If you don't have an SSD, you should probably get one. it's the single best upgrade money can buy in terms of noticeable speed improvement to almost all aspects of an Operating system.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Ollie Tabooger in I saw KraftLawrence...The WoTLabs FAME Thread   
    I saw Assassian on Teamspeak... oh wait.
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    Tman450 reacted to Never in [Update][5/20] Minimal Sig Images   
    Minimalist sig images have been added. These only show the left box of the normal sig.
    To load this sig, use the following URL:
    http://wotlabs.net/sig_min/[Server]/[Name]/signature.png Example:

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    Tman450 reacted to M_R__S_P_E_E_D_W_A_G_O_N in 4.4k WN8 quick learner / first account looking to do diplomacy for a clan that focuses on friendship   
    Hi, I'm _Official_Bulba_Diplomat. I twist the key forums will not bring me much success, so I will now try a better site than I should have done at the beginning. I'm looking for the fort focused on the clan that focuses on friendship.   My past experience with the clan: · For the Diplomat clan called Søbad · For the Diplomat clan called Bulba   I enjoy playing World of Tanks and people think I'm a fast learner. I have done extensive research on how to play this game in single-player level, and the team from the perspective of spending hours reading the tioga.moe and wotlabs.   My greatest weakness is that I'm too honest, which is why a diplomatic large clan as Bulba just did not work out.   Many people ask me how to improve so quickly (some even think I 'reroll): I say this to play only lunar eclipses or good horoscope dates my zodiac sign is really beneficial for me. However, I refuse to play, if I do not think even something is out of place, which has led me to a very small battle count even though I've played one and a half years now.   My WoT idol is Hellsau and I hope one day can become a good player who never loses his cool as him.   My WoT goals are 3-.moes each of my tank barrels, overcome my fear pressing the button to battle, and be WOTLABS clan.   What can I bring the clan: · Diplomacy · T-62A and Object 140 team mate · Friendship · Friendly   My hobbies are: · To Play T-62A · How to play Object 140 · Playing teambattles · Diplomacy · Friendship · Paper airplane building   My bed time is twenty, and if I'm late - I'm told there will be serious consequences, and the computer will be taken away. Thank you for your consideration WOTLABS; solopub calm and carry on.  

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    Tman450 reacted to KnobbyHobbGoblin in Orange/yellow at ice skating, looking for tips on improvement.   
    I don't really think that anything that I can type will be especially helpful - if you ask me it's much easier to teach someone how to skate when you're right there with them, can tell them what they're doing wrong, and demonstrate proper form for them.
    I don't know what your skating is like, so this may or may not be helpful, but here's a couple of basic concepst/exercises for you to try.
    Here are some quick tips:
    Make sure that you have your skates tied tightly - you want your skates to feel as a part of your feet, so that when you make contact with the ice, your feet aren't wobbling at the ankle.  The most important laces on your skates are the ones closer to the top, as it are really those that root your skate to your foot and leg.
    I assume that you do not ski, but if you do, then ice skating is pretty much exactly like the duck-walk, or like crosscountry skiing.
    You mentioned that you've had trouble slowing/stopping.  I'd recommend letting one skate drag behind you perpendicular to your velocity vector as a good simple way of slowing down
    The whole idea of skating is pushing  yourself across the ice - it's not like walking.  In skating, you're using the blade of your skate to cut into the ice and push you where you want to go.  A good way to start and to get an idea of what pushing yourself should feel like is to just start with pushing from one leg like this:
    1) While stationary, with your knees slightly bent, position your skates so that you have one foot pointing forward, and your other foot pointing out - perpendicular to the first foot.
    2) With the edge of your skate firmly cutting into the ice, push the latter-mentioned foot behind you, propelling yourself forward into a glide.
    3) Lower the blade (still perpendicular to your leading foot) so that it's scraping the top of the ice to slow down.  The more contact you make, the more friction, the fast you'll slow down.
    4) Switch feet
    If you're doing it right, it'll look something like this

    If you're feeling comfortable with that, you can try making multiple pushes while moving to gain more speed, or you could try turning by leaning when you are gliding on your leading foot.
    This will hopefully help out your balance (very important in skating), and let you really feel how you should be making your strides (once you get to that point).
    'Actual' skating isn't too far removed from this.  Though you cut out the glide and are changing feet (pushing with one while returning the other to your front) it uses the same principles.  Taking real strides is a little more involved than what I think I can just describe as a list of steps, but what you'll want to do to make some great strides is to get low (knees bent) with your skates wide apart (~shoulder width [unless you got tiny shoulders]) making a 'V' that opens in front of you, and then pushing with alternating feet behind you with long strides.  The longer you can make your strides the better
    It's 3:30am here and that's all I feel like I can really type out for now, but I hope that you found at least some of this helpful!
    Most of the youtube videos you'll find on skating are kind-of rubbish, but they get the ideas across, so you might be able to check some of them out, but if you have any mates who are competent skaters, ask them to go with you some time, as I really think nothing is more helpful that to have someone there with you who can demonstrate and critique.
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    Tman450 reacted to Never in [Update][5/15] Detailed Tank Statistics!   
    Holy crap so many stats!
    Each tank now displays detailed statistics about your performance in them, including damage dealt, average damage blocked, frags, WN8 and more!
    Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    Tman450 reacted to XxKryoxX in [-_-] Enjoy back and recruiting!   

    Enjoy is back and we are seeking Active Tankers to join us!

    ~Want to join Enjoy [-_-]? ~ We require our members.
    [-_-] Regular use of our Teamspeak 3 server to improve individual and team performance in platoons, team battles, strongholds, and clan wars.
    [-_-] Maintain a positive attitude and enjoyable environment for fellow clan mates.
    [-_-]Seek to improve average clan statistics.
    [-_-]Respectful gameplay in all battles.
    [-_-] Enjoy using the [-_-] tag in creative and annoying ways t[-_-]t.
    ~ What can Enjoy [-_-] do for you? ~
    [-_-]We're focused on having fun and improving our tanking skills.
    [-_-] We create strategies based on our individual member strengths and weaknesses.
    [-_-] Gold income will be split up between those who show up for Clan Wars, payments will be made every Friday.
    [-_-] Stronghold bonuses will be used depending on current resource earning. The more battles we get the more bonuses our members receive.
    [-_-] Member only forum full of funny replays, useful mods, and some occasional trolling.
    ~Enjoy [-_-] Clan Information~
    [-_-] Enjoy Teampeak 3 Server *Mandatory*: tsenjoy.us:9650
    [-_-] Enjoy Forums (members only): www.enjoytanking.com

    ~ Requirements ~
    [-_-] 2300+ recent WN8 OR 1800+ Overall WN8
    [-_-] Two+ CW Ready Tier X preferred tanks (for CW)

    All new recruits have a 15 to 30 day evaluation period before moving from Recruit to Full Member status.

    Wargaming member commenting on our Clan Tag!
    Recruitment Contacts:
    For recruitment contact: WhiskeyWon1943 DVSDrummer55 _Rosco or XxKryoxX
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    Tman450 reacted to Fiaura The Tank Girl in Fiaura The Tank Girl Tankery   
    So Hi Guys, I finally got around to doing this for the WoTLabs forums.  I am a relatively new YouTuber and the only woman I know of in the WGLNA Silver League or Above, at least in NA you can correct me if I'm not the only one. I have been doing high quality videos for the last 2 1/2 months.  Anyway, I've got enough of a subscriber base to start to reach out to community websites and share my views on World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, and other War based games.  So here is the first video I am going to put up for you guys here and I will continue to update this thread as new videos are posted.  Please do Enjoy
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    Tman450 reacted to Xen in Official Notice to Xensation   
    Didn't read, just negged.

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    Tman450 reacted to xWulffx in Premium ships   
    I have the Albany and the Yubari.  Both are good. I would like to get the Atlanta next.
    Any input on your premiums please share ...
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Shifty_101st in From Good to Great   
    I +1'd when i saw T23e3.
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    Tman450 reacted to CraBeatOff in From Good to Great   
    Its a decent book about business practices, but thats a discussion for another time, in the meantime lets talk about what green over-all blue recent players do that keeps them from moving into the purple realm. Last night I had the pleasure of platooning with some old pals who are high battle count players, but plateaued in the blue recent region 1600-2200 area, although the one with slightly lower recents also plays higher tiers, so I judge them to be pretty similar in skill level. 
    I'll do a loose game by game review and then summarize what I think are the most important lessons.
    First match was me in Warcrimes, he in the E-25, BT8 Karelia. He quickly and correctly assessed that the enemy didn't have anything fast enough to contest the hill vs us, plus we had an STA-1, enemy with only TDs and HTs at tier 8. We took the hill and promptly shrekt their North side, as our team distributed intelligently and covered the low ground, forcing a nice stall. An  enemy IS-3 was in the swamp, but he too fell. On the north side there was a tier 7 with a few hp and an ISU who had been taken down to about 300 hp. Our forces had massed to make a push into their remaining south, but it wasn't overwhelming. I called for my platoon mate to drop swamp with me. And then I called again. And then I dropped swamp and called for him again. Then I flanked a T-43. Then I called for him again. You get the point.
    He said he got tunnel visioned on the ISU. The ISU didn't light for over 2 minutes and was only 300 hp, frontally vs a dug in T29 and T32 with a tier 6 TD as back-up. I determined that the North flank was in zero danger of collapse and cap, and so it was time to crush the blob south. My teal friend did not, he wanted that ISU. I died in a crossfire with a camo'd up T25/2 because I couldn't finish the T-43 fast enough. We won of course, the match was basically over once we won the hilltop...BUT in a tighter battle, in another battle tier, that could have been a game losing move. 
    2. BT 9 or 10 on Murovanka in AMX 13 57s - He picked a decent opening spot at E0 for support fire. A little frontal for a tier 7 gun, but good camo and decent sight lanes. I worked the outside forest ridge, eliminating their T37 scout, before moving in to spike a Panther 2. He got lucky and had a 50 100 show up in front of him to feed on. We did ok, but team was outclassed. Dropped about 1500 dmg each before the team collapsed. At the end, he went HAM into a T54E1 and AMX 50 100 when he could have peeled out earlier and had a chance to make a better trade, or at least go murder some scumsbags arty, again it wasn't game influencing, but showed tendencies that hurt performances over a period of games. We'll revisit both these points in later games.
    3. BT9 Hidden Village, again in 13 57s. We're playing middle with a AMX 30er1 on the other side of the hill. The enemy has a slight advantage in the city, but we're griding them up good on the South corridor, as we have lots of tough TDs. The enemy has an E-50 wide, and we only have a IS-6 and T20 out there. That said our city guys do a good job. We keep the AMX 30er1 occupied a good bit and get him shot by arty. The IS-6 holds out and eliminates half a T71 platoon with our help. Then when city falls, I call for us to fall back, as I see our TDs have taken up the ridge to defend and we're just fodder sitting on the hill-back with an E-50 out there. But our pal yolos the 300 hp AMX, failed to lock on autoaim and dies.
    This wasn't a TERRIBLE choice. Trading a tier 7 LT for a 9 MT in BT9 is usually worth it. But my question to him was....why do it when it was effectively 4v1 (3 in the city including E-50) instead of earlier when the city wasn't just free to re-position and shoot at him? I dropped back, spiked out the E-50 when he came across, tracking him for the TDs, and then cleaned up the other T71 before arty could get me. It was a close win. I made a mistake not using a kit when the T71 tracked me a on a ram, I could have taken out the enemy Rhoomba, and then killed the scumsbags. With 2 LTs alive, we'd have killed the T71 before he got to me, and had our way with TD and arty. 
    4. BT10 Serene, me T30, him M46 - Low dmg game for our teal hero, but he makes a number of very intelligent and important tactical plays, resetting an early capper, and flanking an ST-I and E-100 who are holding up our flank. I whored all the dmg, while he did the tactical grunt work. But hey, its not like a T30 flexes or flanks :-D
    5. BT7 Mtn Pass, him Warcrimes, me T23E3. We have a pre-game discussion about opening moves, and he likes to drop off the bridge and hold up the ice-road from there. I note that while its not a bad play, I like to just stay central and the see where I'm needed. He then tries to commit his tank to holding the bridge because "someone has to do it" which I am vehemently against (how do you hold the Mtn Pass bridge in a Panther M/10?!?!?, you just get out alpha'd and stuck in a bad spot). He listens and stays central. I push South with our blob and force their team into his fire. He then flexes to fight off the minor bridge rush (on terrain much more advantageous to a medium) and then he flexes to crush the ice road pushers. An excellent game, but one which might not have happened if he'd committed to holding 1 spot early. 
    6. BT9 Sacred Valley, me E-50, him M46. He REALLY wants to play the temple from the South spawn. I say "your tank is too important in this battle to waste on the useless flank" He listens. Our retarded T30 blocks me in place and I get clipped by a T54E1. The game is over. You can sometimes anticipate idiots, but sometimes their badness is so actively degrading that you just can't ameliorate it, so you move on.
    7. Same tanks, Erlenberg, S spawn. He goes onto the camo hill in the far West. I lead the push up the 8-9. West is a little thin and he and a 907 recognize in a timely manner when its time to boogie and rush back across the river to safety. They stall nicely and we win the NE corner, with friendly E-100 and pals pushing the N bridge. Despite me telling our teal hero not to stay static down south (theres like 3 TDs in cap overwatch and the 907 is still there) he stays in place and plinks uselessly the front of a VKB and E-100. Meanwhile I am literally splitting their team apart from the middle. I repeatedly tell him to come with me, but by the time he does its far too late, I've already rampaged through middle, tracking the enemy E-100 in the open, taking potshots on the N blob and swarming a Maus in the church area. Again, the only cost was time, but time is sometimes something you don't have the luxury to waste in close games. 
    Post game we discuss how there is no point at ALL in spending any time frontally with a VKB (unless you think he is going to turn his side to you at some point) when in a M46. 265 APCR is never enough,
    8. BT10 on Muro, me IS-7, him Obj 140. He takes up the same E0 position, despite being hot shit in a game with only 3 10s per side. We take too long forest and the W flank falls. I keep telling him to move up and eliminate this Caern and LTs. Then he DCs and the game is basically over. I was half flexed into the city, expecting he'd go wreck the Caern and clear the K line. DCs happen, but you cannot waste a good MM match (in which the Obj 140 is so powerful) by being passive. 
    9. BT11, lots of TDs on Fjords, same tanks. He goes north and outplays their meds and T110E5. I squeeze middle. Then he yolos like a boss with 35 hp and crushes that N flank. I remind him to drop lights and he snags an extra 500 hps and arty kill for it. I move through cap and kill the dudes. Our teal hero played very well, risky, but well rewarded. He got 3400 and top dmg before his demise. 
    Concluded below 
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    Tman450 reacted to Ulick Megee in Separating posters permanently.   
    Is it possible to have say a red card system where posters can block the content of other posters? A case in point would be Garbad and the clan Bulba.For that particular case it would be best maybe to implement it at mod level and not really give them a choice. I think it would make the mods life a hell of a lot easier if the didn't have to run around babysitting them. I'm not get into the whole "he said x,he said y" just block them from seeing each other's content and be done with it.

    To implement it for regular posters just give the a "block button" so they can block content of people they don't like or dont want to see posts from. I myself have a few idiots in mind that I'd happily block as I've no intrest in what they have to say as it's generally bollocks!
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Death_Rattle_Shakes in 3300 67% Recents Looking for toonmates   
    I'm a shitter who bought a shitter account and threw purple crayons at my stats until they stuck.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Shifty_101st in Who is a Senior Technical Engineer?   
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    Tman450 got a reaction from hallo1994 in Who is a Senior Technical Engineer?   
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Cunicularius in Who is a Senior Technical Engineer?   
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Crossfader in Foch 155 how the mighty have fallen   
    I love finding French TD's when I'm in a T49.;instant 1000 damage and 5+ modules to the sides and dear with no chance of bouncing.
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    Tman450 reacted to Remmke in Remmelkes WoT sessions   
    Ahoj, first of all; happy Easter everybody, lets celebrate a day off thanks to folklore.
    Recently instead on Twitch.tv i'm uploading my WoT session to YouTube @ 1080p60fps for smooth viewing experience. The reason I don't use Twitch is the technical difficulty that always hamper me (contant buffering even at 720p with low bitrate, can't stream longer than 2h, sudden RL stuff i need to attend), 90% of the user interaction was about buffering, yay very fun.
    Anyho, my stats are just average Joe hovering around 3100 WN8 over 32k battles (what the heck, what am i doing with my life? ._., well there is always EvilJoe), most of the time I don't solo anymore since i enjoy platooning more and winning battles. I am not a stat person I just play for fun and happen to be good enough at it too be purple. Prem shell spamming isn't my cup of tea either unless if im a fragging mood in my E-100 (well even then AP is masterrace mostly) or some other godforsaken tank.
    I'm Dutch so my English accent sounds retarded and don't speak it very fluently like most folk, anyway self-praise out of the way here is my first video:
    So since i nearly grinded all of the tanks in the game what is left for me?
    Still going for the 113 and WZ T8 LT AMX-30 might be on my wishlist Training 1skill crew for most of my tanks I got around 100 tanks if not more. Gibbing people in randoms Make a new account on NA or RU? > NO THX  
    As a bonus if you like old games im doing unboxing of 90' games always on that channel.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from donalson99 in hey guys, I'm donalson99 and I'm a tankaholic   
    Stat improvement is a great goal, but don't get so caught up in your numbers that you lose the fun.

    (Play tanks you like, not tanks that are padders.)
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