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    Tman450 got a reaction from Panzer_Fenris in FTR: How WG sabotages competition   
    Outside of leaks, I don't really believe anything SS says unless it's confirmed by legit sources. He's a shitter with shit opinions and has a shitter army following him.
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    Tman450 reacted to Constie in Leonard Nimoy has died at age 83   
    "I have been, and always shall be, your friend."

    I want to cry, but i already knew something is going on some days ago when he was brought to the hospital.
    Rest in Peace, Mr. Spock.
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    Tman450 reacted to jackquerudo in What I learned from playing this game for 3.5 years   
    So one eventful summer evening, while playing L4D with friends, I noticed another friend playing this game called "World of Tanks." By that point I haven't really played any other multiplayer game other than L4D, so I thought it was worth a try, despite remembering seeing the tacky name in random internet banner ads. Thinking I won't try to screw over my friend in his tier 5 at the time, I decided to solo grind through this game. Obviously like many who started this game, my goal was the Tiger I. Going through the early German line was just a blur as I was constantly suiscouting with my PzIIIA and PzIII, not even trying to understand game mechanics and such. By the time I got to the 3601H, and access to the 8.8 L56, I started to take this game a lot more serious since I was playing with the big boys. I looked up wikis, read forums, and experimented with angling and such. Throughout this process I was never short on gold, since I only used it to convert free exp. It never occurred to me that there was such a thing as the Konisch on the 3601, or even gold ammo in general. Obviously when I got to the Tiger I, I found it incredibly underwhelming even with the long 88. So I took a break from the German line and started on the Russian meds and TDs.
                    After playing the SU85 (back in the day with the 107mm that 2 shotted everything) and the T34-85 (back in the day with the 100mm). I was convinced that anything but the Russian lines were complete garbage. So I actually ground up to the T54 and the Tiger II concurrently. T44 back in the day was god awful, but it was still "fun" to play. Tiger II was not bad back in the day since the power creep hasn't happened yet. Slowly I started to learn more about this game, view range, camo, and module locations etc. My first T10 was actually an E100 (yes that's how slow I was playing this game), and fired all AP from the 150cm (lol). Thankfully back then the only thing that could reliably bounce the AP was the Maus. Slowly I got the all powerful IS-4 and downgraded to the IS-7 as my second T10. Then just before the T110E5 change, I free exp'd to the T30 in order to get the free tank. While this was all happening I was grinding up different TD lines and arties (S51 and GWP mainly).
                    At that point I joined AOD (after the great exodus so it was more meh than anything) and got some platooning going with the members. I actually forget why I left AOD, but I think it was because I didn't like how serious people were to roleplaying military ranks (stand down civilian). Then I met Gren and co at the time PBKAC was being created. Joining PBKAC as its conception was interesting to say at least, since then it was a SSGS landing zone clearing puppet. Much of the roster composed of old MLP players were not happy that shitters were sticking their hands in everything PBKAC did, so Gren decided to cut ties publicly on CR/D and rustled many jimmies. I had left PBKAC by then due to the same dissatisfaction and joined FORGE at the time. In FORGE I met Nagatron, and some other members whom would become Fulcrum Gaming. At this point I think my WR had been around 65% and efficiency hasn't come out yet, but I was one of the more solid players they could count on, especially after this.
    After quite a few months in FORGE, I was able to stat pad my way to about 69% WR, and was able to tag along when Fulcrum eventually left FORGE. By that time there was already a great schism in the FORGE gaming community. The old guards were mad that the new hotness were fighting most of the battles, and the new hotness saw the old guards as a bunch of has-beens that refuse to see how shit they were at the game. Meanwhile ANVIL became the better CW clan at that point under the tutelage of Zazie and co whom would go on to form NTR. The Fulcrum separation didn't help the case, and FORGE died soon after that. The new hotness when to form ENRON/CRAB whatnot (some moved to -G-), and the old guard nursed the dead horse that was FORGE until it was completely filled with shitters, then they moved onto other clans nowadays known as ESPRT (some old guard moved to G as well).

     At this point Fulcrum was the champion of WGLNA S1 and such, and was still getting rekt by Russians
    I didn't play much in S1 since I was still considered scrub, so I stood on the sidelines and watched most of the time. Mid-way S2, after the departure of absoluteroyal, I was able to secure a starting spot on the team. Winning S2 was probably the highpoint of my accomplishments in tanks. After that I got better and better, but was not able to achieve the same point of success in the league. At this point basically everyone on Fulcrum was tired of the base WoT game already. Since it was a retarded RNG fest in the beginning when everyone couldn't hit shit anyways, and after the sigma change it became a retarded RNG fest where lucky hits happened enough to decide matches. While waiting for our S2 winnings, we found out that the production company WGNA put in charge of WGLNA had gone bankrupt and refused to pay out. This became the infamous fiasco where WGNA had to step in to pay the players instead, and that took a sweet sweet 8 months. Thinking this couldn't get any worse, we went into Season 3. Thanks to Nagatron and Soviet, we were able to secure a contract with Fnatic and were officially signed just before the S3 finals. It was nice, but by no ways did we deserve it. Nobody was playing the game anymore and the only time we touched WoT was for practices. By that time SIMP and Fulcrum were the only 2 worthwhile teams in NA, while everyone else who practiced were repeatedly beat and resorted to hard meta, or just decided to shamelessly copy our strategies. Practices became rampant circlejerks and blame-games. Obviously after the S3 loss to SIMP, the team was rather defeated spiritually as well. After S3 we went to Warsaw for the world finals and got beat by PVP (lol). It was a good vacation I guess.
                   S4 was a joke, I knew we had to start playing the game again to hone mechanical skills at least and game knowledge, but it was a pain to motivate people as Nagatron found. Obviously just because we had so much experience together as a team, we were able to make it to the finals. However, this became the breaking point for me, as ESL (the company that took over productions of WGLNA) was revealed to be a bunch of incompetent retards. At that time, the would-be champions of S4, #RU was having trouble getting 2 of their players from Russia flown out to Seattle. We were protesting for #RU since they were good friends of ours, and somehow ESL thought that Fnatic was boycotting the S4 finals. So what do you do when you catch wind that the team that has been with your (shitty) league for 4 seasons, and basically the face of NA WoT eSports scene might boycott the S4 finals? You REPLACE them of course. So they *tried* to secretly set up a match between the runner-ups Cunninghams and Hammer Time that didn't end up happening after they confirmed with Nagatron (what were they doing before?). We then proceed to play a final that had no seeding whatsoever, since how teams do in regular season obviously do not matter (now contrast this to S5, where the top 2 teams in the season are automatically seeded, how is ESL this retarded? Accountability is hard I guess). We ended up playing SIMP in the first round, and lost in tie-breakers eventually in a game of throwns.
                    Meanwhile all of this is going on, I graduated one of the top Universities in Canada with a Biochem degree, and stalled applying for medschool for one year just to try new things and play WoT. In retrospect this was probably the dumbest thing I've done to date, and is probably going to be a life lesson for my children some day.

                    So going into S5 with RBIS, I can't even give 2 shits about the league, and focused on playing with friends in pubs and having "fun." I joined -G- for a few months and confirmed what I already knew before, and learned it was just not a place I would like to stay. So I decided to hop to CHAI to my compatriots to pub endlessly.

    It was fun for a while, but then Individual Missions came out. The gradual descent into utter stupidity of pubbies and 4 arties per game is just cancerous. Then I saw the planned changes to accuracy. I realized that this game is going to be nothing more than a source of frustration and rage. In addition I'm more busy with my social life nowadays along with volunteering and soon-to-be job. So as of today I've stopped playing this shitty game barring skirmishes that I've committed to and CW.
    In the end what did I learn after playing this game for 3.5 years?
    1. Stat chasing is a pointless pursuit, nobody will care about your stats after this shitty game dies.
    2. This game is shit, and is going to keep getting shittier because smart people will realize they have something better to do.
    3. WGLNA is a complete waste of time, if you're going to commit that much time to a game, get a job. It pays better and you don't have to deal with the most retarded company I've seen to date.
    4. In the end, if you're not having fun playing this game, then why do it.
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    Tman450 reacted to jackquerudo in What I learned from playing this game for 3.5 years   
    Here's the result from this thread

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    Tman450 reacted to OOPMan in A neat trick to download the WoT .patch files   
    Discovered this recently, thought I'd share it.
    Remember back when you could download the entire WoT client without needing the fiddle about with the WoT launcher or torrents?
    Well, turns out you can still do this and take advantage the the download power of software like FreeDownloadManager. This is really easy and works for ALL the regions :-)
    Open your web browser (Chrome/Firefox or GTFO) Browse to http://update.worldoftanks.com/rss/ (If you want the EU client, go to http://update.worldoftanks.eu/rss/ instead, RU is at http://update.worldoftanks.ru/rss/ while SEA can be found at http://update.worldoftanks.asia/rss/) You are now looking at the World of Tanks Update RSS file. This file us used by the Wot Launcher to determine if there are any patch files available to download. The file contains <item> entries each of which details a patch file .torrent link <item> <title>wot_95.5188_94.5074_client.patch</title> <link> http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5188_94.5074_client.patch.torrent </link> <pubDate>Mon, 22 Dec 2014 6:17:27</pubDate> </item> At this point you've probably already guessed it... http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5188_94.5074_client.patch.torrent  is the .torrent file for a given .patch file...
    But  http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5188_94.5074_client.patch is the .patch file itself!
    You can use the above information to download the .patch files you need directly using a proper download manager. No need for torrents, no need for the WoT Launcher.
    Some of you may be unsure which .patch files to download. Again, this is actually pretty easy.
    Files are of the form wot_TARGET_VERSION_SOURCE_VERSION.patch
    If you look at the items currently up on the NA update service you'll note the following items:
    http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5188_94.5074_client.patch.torrent If you are on 0.9.4 then the .patch version of the above file is the ONLY file you need to download. It is the patch file that takes 0.9.4 to 0.9.5
    http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5188_95.5187_client.patch.torrent http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5187_95.5186_client.patch.torrent http://dl2.wargaming.net/wot/us/patches/9.5_Dimh8huKXk/wot_95.5186_client.patch.torrent The .patch versions of the above 3 files are the ones you need to download to take a fresh install the WoT laucher to 0.9.5.
    The above patterns hold true on the current update RSS files for EU, RU and SEA as well. Generally the very first item lists the patch torrent file that takes the previous version to the current version, while the next items list the patch torrent files required to take a fresh install to the current version.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Tman450 reacted to WaterWar in In-depth comparison of the tier VIII scouts by WaterWar (outdated)   
    DISCLAIMER: There has now been even more changes to the light tanks, with the introduction of tier X light tanks - so this guide is now no longer up-to-date. However, you can still use it as a guide for how to compare different sets of light tanks with each other.    There have been quite a few changes in relation to the tier VIII scout tanks recently. Three new scouts were added not too long ago in patch 9.3 and the newly released 9.6 patch has rebalanced/buffed some of the scouts. Recently a question was asked in the Ask a Purple Poster-section about what scouts were the best. This question ‘inspired’ me to create an in-depth analysis to help everyone understand how all the tier VIII scouts differ from each other – which is what you see here.    I own all five of the tier VIII scouts (AMX 1390, RU251, T49, T54 lwt and WZ-132) and have played ‘the old guard’ extensively. I have however only recently acquired the T54 lwt and T49 (<50 battles) but through my experience with the game and scout tanks especially I feel qualified enough to talk about them and their playstyle anyway.   I will in the beginning of this comparison look at the raw stats and hard numbers (similar to my T28 HTC and Cromwell reviews) and how they differ between the five different scouts. I will round off with a look at how the playstyles differ between the scouts. This is NOT a review of all five scouts so I will NOT be talking about crew skills and equipment. I will NOT announce “one scout to rule them all” as that is just stupid. My aim is simply to inform you about the difference between the scouts. This way you can make your own assessment of what tank is best for what you want to achieve.    Camouflage values are taken from wotinfo.net. The dispersion values are taken from Tank Inspector and they DO take commander bonus into account. All other numbers are taken from tank-compare.com and do (as far as I know) NOT take the commander bonus into account. Also, I use commas instead of full-stops in the tables because I use a Danish version of Excel, so I apologies for whatever inconvenience it might cause you.   Without further ado, let us get on with it!   Mobility First thing we should look at is the mobility of the scouts. It is one of the most important factors of a scout tank, as the mobility allows them to get the early spots, change position depending on situation, exploit gaps in enemy defensive lines and acquire flanking shots on enemy tanks.    By looking at the above table you can see that all the scouts are highly mobile with a specific power of >20 hp/t and excellent speed limits and traverse speeds. The RU251 is without a doubt the fastest of the scouts with a top speed of 80 km/h and with a specific power of 24.2 hp/t it is easy to achieve this top speed. It is even possible to exceed this limit while going down slopes. It is hard to separate the remaining scouts as they all have similar speed limits and specific powers. The T49 appears to be second fastest but is let down by having the worst terrain resistance values of all scouts. You will only reach top speed going downhill or on hard terrain, otherwise you will cruise around at a solid 60-odd km/h like with the other scouts.   When looking at the manoeuvrability when not going in a straight line, the WZ-132 wins closely followed by the T54 lwt.. The WZ-132 has an amazing hull traverse of 56 deg/s and a turret traverse of 48 deg/s. Combine this with the lowest overall terrain resistance values of any scout and the WZ-132 just dances around the battlefield with little effort. It is possible to keep a high speed even doing the weirdest manoeuvers allowing you to circle enemy TD’s and heavy tanks with ease. The same can be said of the T54 lwt. although it is not quite up to the levels of the WZ-132. The T49 and RU251 are both solid in manoeuvrability, and they are the only two scouts that can pivot, but they just can’t keep up with the two Soviet hovercrafts.   The AMX 1390 comes off with the short stick in regards to mobility. It has the joint-lowest top speed, worse hull traverse and below-average terrain resistance values. It is still more than capable of moving around the battlefield, but it will be left in the dust by the other scouts when competing for those early positions or when circling tanks. Good thing the 1390 has a trick up its sleeve – but more on that later.   Scout-ability Now for second important factor of a scout tank: the scout-ability. It is the job of a scout tank to scout out the enemy positions. This is easiest if you can remain hidden and simply out-spot the enemy by having a better effective view range or by hiding in a bush.   If you want to have a rough idea of how to calculate your effective view range, have a look at my other guide that deals with camouflage values and spotting range:      All the scouts have a view range of 400 m, except for the T54 lwt. that only has 390 m. This is a quite standard view range for high tier tanks as you can find several mediums with the same view range. The strength of the scout tanks lies in the camouflage values. All scout tanks in the game have the same camouflage value while moving as they do while stationary. Combine this with low camouflage values and you have some quite stealthy machines. The AMX 1390 takes the crown as the stealthiest scout with an amazing camouflage value of 17.67 %. The RU251 is following in a close second with 17.39 % with the WZ-132 lacking a bit further behind with 16.70 %. TheT-54 lwt. and T49 both have quite poor (for a scout) camouflage values of <16 %. It is worth pointing out that I have not touched upon the camouflage values upon firing as they are all poor (<4%). If you want to stay hidden while firing (with any tank really) you need to be outside view range or be double/triple bushed up.   Now, these values do not tell the full story as the physical size of the vehicle will also affect the scout-ability. The smaller a scout is, the easier it is to hide in bushes and small terrain features and if it is slim enough you can sneak through tighter gaps (the doors leading into the monastery yard on Abbey is a perfect example). The images below compare the sizes of the five scouts from a side on view (coloured ‘shadows’) and a top down view (only the outlines). I want to thank RoneryKim, Keezoo, Nurkus and Letchy for feedback on the images. Sadly we ended up with four different opinions so I have chosen to show all four different versions of the side view image (indecision much D:). The top two are aligned to the front drive wheel and the bottom two are aligned to centre mass. You, the reader, can just look at whichever you find the best/clearest/most informative (click on them for large version).   The AMX 1390 is blue, RU251 is green, WZ-132 is red, T54 lwt. is yellow and finally the T49 is black.             It is clear from the images that the AMX 1390 is the smallest vehicle of the bunch. It is shortest, narrowest and with the lowest height (but that not by much). This, combined with the excellent camouflage values, makes the AMX 1390 a sneaky machine that can hide in a lot of bushes and move around undetected. In the middle of the size park we have the RU251 and WZ-132. They have the same width but RU251 is slightly longer (it is the longest of all) while the WZ-132 is slightly taller. Finally the T54 lwt. and T49 are the overall largest vehicles. They, again, have the same width but the T49 is tallest and the T54 lwt. is longest, only slightly less than the RU251.   So in terms of overall scout-ability the T-54 lwt. and T49 come off with the shortest stick with the worst view range, worst camouflage values and worse sizes, while the AMX 1390 sneaks in on top with the best camouflage value and superior size.   Survivability Sadly it is not often you can stay unspotted all game in a light tank so eventually you will have to fight other tanks. Because of this the survivability of the scout tanks along with their firepower can be a significant aspect to consider. The survivability of scout tanks depends on two things: not being hit in the first place and then having the armour/HP to survive the hit.    Not being hit in the first place ties back into what we have already discussed – the manoeuvrability and size of the vehicle. A small and nimble target can be hard to hit and this is the type of protection that the all scouts rely on. They are all small-ish targets with varying degrees of manoeuvrability/mobility and this allows them to dodge incoming shells to great effect. This is sadly their only/best defence as they have no armour to speak off whatsoever (with one exception).    The RU251 is overmatchable by >75 mm guns; the AMX 1390 will be overmatched by any >120 mm gun; The T49 is a large target and overmatchable by any >114 mm gun; The WZ-132 has a slightly stronger upper plate that requires >150 mm guns to overmatch and the turret front can only be overmatched by the FV215b (183) firing AP – the sides and rear are overmatchable by >105 mm guns; finally there is the T-54 lwt. that has really strong armour for a light tank: Upper plate of 80 mm and a turret front of impressive 160 mm in the thickest part. This means the T54 lwt. can’t be overmatched except on the side (by a FV215b (183) firing AP) and rear armour.  The T54 lwt. experiences quite a few troll bounces, especially off the turret, and this greatly increases the survivability against low-pen guns (other scout tanks).  The T54 lwt. has a significant edge over the other scout tanks when in a brawl, even considering the large size. The WZ-132 has a slight edge over the other three scouts as you can sometimes experience troll-bounces off a strongly angled upper plate or turret front – it is still not anywhere close to the T54 lwt..    Another thing to consider is the health pool of the scout tanks. They all range between 1100 HP (AMX 1390 and T49) and 1250 HP (T54 lwt.). It may not seem like a big difference, but those extra 150 HP have a great impact. Quite a few medium tank and heavy tank guns in tier VIII to X have around 390-400 alpha, so in three shots you will, on average, have received damage worth 1170 HP and 1200 HP. This means that the AMX 1390 and T49 will 9/10 times die after taking three hits from these tanks. The WZ-132 is slightly better off with 1150 HP, but you will still die more often than not. Now the RU251 has a 50% chance of surviving three hits as it has 1200 HP, but the T54 will more often than not survive the three hits with the health pool of 1250 HP. If looking at the alpha of TDs then the difference in health pool does not mean as much. All the scouts can on average survive a hit from most TDs but will die from the second hit. The only exception is the JpzE100 and FV215b (183)/FV4005 firing AP. They have roughly 40-60% chance of one-hitting scouts depending on the damage roll.   So all in all, the T54 lwt. is hands-down the best scout in terms of survivability in active combat. It has the health and the armour to survive that bit longer than the others. I would argue that the T49 is the worst at surviving being shot at because of the poor armour and large size.   Firepower Little disclaimer before I start on this last analysis section: The WZ-132 has two viable choices for guns: a 100 mm and 85 mm. It has been discussed over and over which gun you should use and when. The tl:dr is that it comes down to personal taste. I will discuss the characteristics of both guns for convenience. I will, where needed, be calling the WZ-132 either WZ-100 or WZ-85 depending on the gun. Right, with that out of the way let us continue!      Now we will have a look at the final aspect of the scout tanks: the firepower. Being able to fight back and directly influencing the battle by taking out key targets is an important job for a scout tank.   The T49 is an odd scout and will be looked at in isolation: It is odd in that it is armed with a 152 mm derp gun that can only fire HE and HEAT rounds. It unsurprisingly has the worst gun handling by a long shot: worst aim time, worst accuracy and worst dispersion on turret traversal. The shots need to be fully aimed if you want a chance to hit anything further away than 100 m. The T49 has a plus side in that it can frontally damage every tank it can meet. The HE shell will simply detonate on the surface of most tanks and deal anything between 100 and 500 HP worth of damage on non-penetrating shots. If you manage to get around the rear of most tanks or shoot at lightly armoured targets you will be able to penetrate the HE shell (assuming it hits) and will deal around 800-1000 HP worth of damage and wreck several internal modules. The low rate of fire can be both a curse and a blessing. You don’t need to expose your tank that often to do damage. You simply pop around a corner, let the aiming reticule settle slightly and then hope for luck and fire. Then while you are reloading you can relocate and find another target to annoy. The flip side is that if you are caught on a reload you can’t really do much to defend yourself and you will be killed.    Now, when looking at the other scout tanks we find some more traditional guns. The AMX 1390 is different in that it has a 6-round autoloader whereas the other three scouts just have traditional single-fire guns. They all deal about the same amount of damage (240-250 HP) with the WZ-85 lacking behind (200 HP). The penetration is also quite similar between them, with AP penetrations varying between 170 mm (AMX 1390) and 190 mm (RU251 and WZ-100).  The gold penetration is a bit more varied – both in terms of ammunition type and penetration. The AMX 1390 has the best premium round (248 mm of APCR pen) with the WZ-100 following closely behind (244 mm of APCR pen). The RU251 has more penetration (250 mm) but it is HEAT so it has no normalisation and can be absorbed by spaced armour. Therefore I rank it as worse than the two others. The WZ-85 and T54 lwt. are on the short side with 230 mm HEAT pen and 235 mm APCR pen respectively.    The RU251 has two unique aspects in regards to ammunition:  it has over 100 mm of pen with the HESH (HE) round. All the other scouts have <50 mm of HE pen (T49 not included). This allows the RU251 to easier wreck lightly armoured targets. The RU251 also has faster shell speed with the HEAT round compared to AP rounds whereas the WZ-85 and other HEAT tanks usually have the same or worse shell speed. This means that at range, it can be worth changing to HEAT on the RU251 simply because it makes leading targets easier (also there is no penetration loss).   Before the 9.6 patch the RU251 had the best DPM of all the scouts by a long shot. Now after the T54 lwt. and WZ-132 were buffed in 9.6 the DPM difference is not as big as before. The RU251 still has the best DPM with 2323 DPM, but the WZ-85 is following closely behind with 2222 DPM. The T54 lwt. and WZ-100 are both lacking a bit behind with 2000 and 1898 DPM respectively. The AMX 1390 has terrible DPM (1552), but that is down to the autoloader gun. It is able to dish out 1440 damage in around 13 seconds which is an immense burst power but it is left with a reload of around 40 seconds where it can’t shoot.      Now, you can have all the DPM is the world but if the gun is inaccurate or with bad gun handling then you can’t use the DPM – and this is where the recent buff to the WZ-132 is important. The dispersion values of the WZ-132 were buffed by around 12% which now puts it in pole position, especially when mounting the 85 mm. The T54 lwt. (also buffed) is close behind with excellent dispersion values while the RU251 is now left a bit in the dust as it was not buffed. The AMX 1390 has poor gun handling and is competing with the T49 as the worst. The T49 has worse dispersion from turret traverse (double that of the AMX 1390) while the AMX 1390 has the worst dispersion from hull traverse. The aim times and accuracy generally follow the trend of the dispersion values, so they just enforce/highlight the differences between the scouts.   The final thing to discuss before I wrap up is the elevation angles of scouts. Here the AMX 1390 is worse by a long shot. It can depress the gun by 6 degrees which is average, but it can only raise the gun 9 degrees leaving it with a full range of motion of only 15 degrees (oscillating turrets ftw). The other NATO scout tanks can depress their guns 10 degrees while the soviet designs can only depress their guns 5 degrees. They can all (besides AMX 1390) elevate between 17-20 degrees which is quite solid. So in this department the NATO tanks form a sandwich on either side of the Soviet designs.   Playstyles I will now conclude this comparison with a brief discussion on how each tier VIII scout plays different. This will basically act as a summary of all the above sections.   The Ninja Assassin: The AMX 1390 has great burst damage, decent mobility, small size and excellent camouflage which allows it to move undetected around the battlefield. Once it has found an isolated tank it can strike from the shadows and deal a crushing blow to the unsuspecting enemy. The AMX 1390 uses its speed to retreat back in the shadows before the enemies can zero their sights. Here it will reload, relocate and prepare a new strike on the next target. The AMX 1390 is the Ninja Assassin of the scouts   The Derp Ambush: The T49 is wide, tall and it has a big gun. ‘Murica! It can use the decent camouflage to hide in a bush and prepare a strike on an unsuspecting enemy. After sending a 152 mm shell towards the enemy it can relocate and setup a new ambush. It can also use the mobility to move around the battlefield in close quarters and ambush unsuspecting enemies with a surprise 152 mm to the butt. Of course the T49 will not always behave itself, but when it does it can wreak havoc. The T49 is the Derp Ambush of the scouts.   The Glass Cannon: The RU251 is lightning fast and can use the mobility to get into the good spotting bushes early on. It can also use the mobility to move around the battlefield with ease and exploit holes in the enemy lines to wreak havoc. It has an excellent gun with great DPM that can easily cause a lot of hurt. With three viable rounds it can adapt to any situation it might be presented with. The downside is that it has no armour and it will take damage if hit. The RU251 is the Glass Cannon of the scouts.   The Fighter: T54 lwt. has the best armour of all scouts. It is possible to bounce a lot of low penetration guns, especially if hull down. This is good as the large size, mediocre camouflage and low view range will often force it to fight other tanks. It has a good gun with a healthy punch and good gun handling, allowing it to brawl like a pocket medium tank and bully other scout tanks. The T54 lwt. is The Fighter of the scouts.   The Scout: The WZ-132 has superb mobility, a small size and great camouflage values which allow it to scout out the enemy positions with great ease. It has the mobility to move around and constantly gather intelligence on enemy movements. It has given up on the armour of the T54 lwt. in order to achieve this great scouting platform. The WZ-132 is The Scout of the scouts.   Overall I feel WG has done a good job at making each scout feel unique in some way. The AMX 1390 has the autoloader, the T49 has the derp, the RU251 has the speed, the T54 lwt. has the armour and the WZ-132 is the pure scout.   I hope you enjoyed this comparison. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask/discuss. I would not be surprised if I have missed something or neglected to point something out, so feel free to help me cover the holes. Also, no Youtube video this time.   EDIT: stupid typos EDIT2 (August 2015): Be aware that my article here makes an error in the traverse speeds. In reality the traverse speeds are also dependant on what engine you have equiped as the listed traverse speeds are with the standard engine. For more detial, read through the comments of this guide, especially Xen's.  
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    Tman450 reacted to dirtd0g in Have Clam! Need Beer! Now We Are Officially AWFUL!   
    Due to leadership dissonance between JKLB Mafia commanders the most active of the LIMBO playerbase has dropped tags.

    This is a bittersweet outcome for me. LIMBO was an adopted baby I helped build from the tattered ruins left over from the original JIMBO split and first RELIC exodus. The ultimatum I was given forced my hand in joining this new exodus and helping to lead the top and most active players on a new endeavor.

    LIMBO est Mort...
    You may press "F" to pay your respects at any time.
    LIMBO’s core has been ripped out of its chest. It is now LIMBO only in name.
    We will soldier on, rebuild it, bigger, faster, stronger, better.
    So, interested in a new old clan of skilled players? Want to stronghold? Want to skirmish? Want to hop on the map when the rewards are good enough?
    Join… Whatever the fuck we’re going to be called and help us name our new clan!
    Clan Charter and Rules:

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    Tman450 reacted to Paaranoja in SilentStalker sure does hate us   
    So in order to find out why my comment about cheating was erased i sent email directly to SS asking the reason why that happend
    here is the (part of) transcript:
    Of course there are people banned from comments, about a dozen or so,
    usually people who came throwing insults at me in an uncivilized
    manner. I have no idea who you are, a lots of posts end up in spam due
    to presence of insults (word filter) and such as well.
    Interesting.... i guess skill is an offensive word nowdays.
      My post was nothing but list of facts like:
      1. superuni streams 2. thousands of replays avaliable to download 3. pro league players who play LIVE on stage with bone stock clients and still achieve superuni stats 4. An entire forum that is dedicated to good play with many people directly showing how to do it (wotlabs)
      Not a single profanity was used.   My post had "awaiting moderation" once i pressed reply... that was 12 hours ago and after that not a single one of my comments apeared on the blog despite being more civil than 99% of other comments. I dont know if you employ any people to help you moderate but apparently someone is quiote but hurt about good/great players.
    Truth to be told, I don't give a crap about good players or bad
    players, I try to treat everyone equally. Some good players take
    offense that I don't take their word simply based on stats, but that's
    how it is. You did not even tell me the nickname, so I am going to (i didnt tell him my nickname right away just to see if he will try and be reasonable)
    finish this conversation now. Take care.
    You contradict your equality by banning comments that directly dispute the claims of cheats among superunicums. Not to mention there are multiple superunicums that use their teaching skills to show how they do it not just by presenting stats and telling "im good therefore you must believe me"
      the nickname is Paaranoja and you can now continue to ignore me and my comments
      You are so self absorbed in your false believes you wont even come to wotlabs to find proof of superunis cheating because there is a good chance that you wont find any.
      Stay ignorant, farm views
    Ah yes, yep, you are blacklisted exactly for this kind of crap. Please
    keep that for wotlabs.
    Yes, a denier is hosting the most influential blog about WOT, lets all rejoice in collective facepalm.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from KenadianCSJ in Worthwhile GPU upgrade advice   
    Wait for AMD's new graphics cards. lower prices and better performance for all.
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    Tman450 reacted to Luna in FOR ALL THOSE ASKING ABOUT MOE DPG REQS   
    10.28.2015: Finally found the link to the correct formula, it is as follows:
    EMAi = EMAi-1 + K*(DAMAGEi – EMAi-1) • DAMAGEi = (Dealt by player in battle) + ( maximum damage by tracking or by spotting) - (team-damage caused to allies in battle) • k = 2 / (N +1) • N = 100 The EMAi represents your current MoE value, as listed on vbaddict. 
    Source for formula (credit to Major Rampage for providing it to Dues and Crab for linking it for all of us) http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/14704-how-marks-of-excellence-work/
    I think we have all had enough of this by now, so here is a detailed step-by-step instruction as to how to do it yourself.
    Go to the vbaddict.net.
    In the top right corner there is a box asking you for your login.

    Click whichever server corresponds to your own, then follow WG's instructions for linking.
    After that, manually upload your dossier (essentially your accounts stat file) to vbaddict via this button.

    Follow the instructions given here:

    My reccomendation: before selection Choose File, copy the first %APPDATA%.... file location. Then paste that into the location bar at the top of the screen and hit Enter.
    You will get to this page: 

    Choose the most recently edited file, and accept.
    After you have chosen the correct file, press the Upload Dossier button

    After it has finished uploading, go to your own name on the bar on the left and expand the list.

    Select the Marks of Excellence tab, getting you here.

    You can search for a specific tank or sort by any methods available, even by current %'s so you can see how close you are to the next marks.
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    Tman450 reacted to KraftLawrence in My Opinion On The Real Scourge of WoT   
    Random battles are not fun atm because of Individual Missions. With people being exceptionally retarded, it's harder to achieve super high win rates as there is more randomness introduced into the system. Randomness is bad for good players because it's a force that pulls winrate closer to average, i.e. it pushes everyone's winrate closer to the 50% mark. This randomness is compounded by having a large surplus of arty players ever since Individual Missions came out. With more arty, there is just a higher likelihood you have a shit game because of it - particularly if you're playing from a purple account or a sheriff account. These 2 main reasons - both caused by IMs - just make random battles completely not fun at the moment.
    So ok, I won't play random battles. Let's do something team oriented. Except no1 at all wants to do anything but weekly skirmishes. Weekly skirmishes have single-handedly killed silver league. Silver league in particular because that's approximately the level you need to be earning 10k/week consistently from skirmish. So why would anyone in their right mind commit the time to practice and to a 3 month league season when they can earn 2-3x as much gold on a weekly basis just by beating up on retards? This rings particularly true for the silver league competitors that practically have no chance of making it to the gold league - what is the point if they will just continue to stay in silver? This is essentially the reason behind the insanely high silver league attrition rate 2 seasons in a row. All the average to bad teams pretty much just quit because there's no hope of making it to gold league, and there's no point to staying in silver with such low gold payouts.
    Weekly skirmishes have also pretty much killed CW, because anyone in reasonably good clans can make 5k+ gold per in skirmish, which is at least double (usually at lot more) of what any top clan is willing to pay on a weekly basis.  Even -G- who happily sits on 17k gold per day is not paying more than ~2k per week to the average active soldier. So why bother doing clan stuff anyways, really?
    And so, looking to do team-based activities ends up with doing weekly skirmishes, which are completely not fun because it's just beating up on retards for mad gold. There's no adversity at all.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Inciatus in Win Rate Padding Tier 9s, Pref 8s, 10s   
    Warning: Cuni will play 4 games, yoloswagrush to his death, then ragequit and blame Comcast.

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    Tman450 reacted to Garbad in What I learned from platooning with Dark Reds   
    Note:  This actually happened about a year ago, but WG concluded this was against some rule.  They also concluded it was against the rules for the guys who platooned with me to poast about it.  No clue why, just a combination of badly trained volunteer forum janitors acting capriciously, most likely.
    So, a guy contacted me and said he wanted to hire me to platoon with him.  At first, I tried to pass him on to sela, as I don't usually do mentoring stuff (I'm not the most patient of men).  I told him others would be better, I told him it was probably a waste of his time and money.  But he insisted, and finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse -- he gifted me an IS-6 and the $100 gold package for 1 hour of platooning with him and a friend.
    So we meet up.  He and his friend are both VERY dark red.  Like 300 wn8, 43% win rate after 10k+ games dark reds.  Both were older, military types.  Both were plainly interested in improving, had money and time to spend, and wanted to win.  Both were decent enough gents to talk to, had good computers/internet, etc.  Both knew they were terrible, and admitted they just couldn't figure out how to win.  But they wanted to.
    Given the context, I decided to spend a bit of time going over equipment.  We had agreed in advance to play t8 premiums (both for limited MMing and so I knew they weren't stock).  I noted both shot gold full time, which for that era, was unusual.  Both also ran full gold consumables.  But both of them had terrible equipment choices -- toolbox + camo net + optics on their IS-6, I believe.  So I told them to put proper gear on, and why.  They nodded through this and said it made sense.  I also told them my ammo/consumable layout if they wanted to save money.  Both chose to run max premium anyhow.
    Next, I talked about the basics of individual play and teamwork.  Kind of to my surprise, both of them had a working understanding of weak points, concepts like angling, hull down, and sidescraping, and other game mechanics.  They didn't really know those things on an in depth level, but they had read wikis/guides and had some idea of what they were.  They also both had a theoretical knowledge of things like suppressing fire, flanking attacks, focus fire, and so on.  They talked a little about their military training with regards to those things.  To be honest, this kind of surprised me, as I virtually never see evidence of this kind of thinking in dark red pubs.  My impression of dark red pubs is they just fucking sit there.
    So then we started playing...
    ...and it was a catastrophe.  At first, I let them deploy and fight as they saw fit.  That went about as well as expected.  Next, I tried having them move and fight in the same general area as I did.  That also went terribly.  Finally, I just started having them both sit in a choke and stall as I fought the enemy alone.  But it was a long, rough night.  Some things I noticed.
    1.  They were extremely slow to react.
    Right away, I saw they were very slow to react.  It was common for them to take hits and not notice or react.  If I told them to follow me or whatever, it would often take at least a minute before they started to do so.  They had very long periods of inactivity, evidently just from not being sure what to do, or just processing what was going on.  During this time, they OFTEN got bitch slapped very, very hard.
    2.  They could not do two things at the same time.
    In a void, they did fine and looking at minimap or driving or shooting or angling.  But once combat actually started raging, it was pick one and the rest wasn't happening.  They would rarely notice a medium on their minimap moving around them as they were peekabooming, for example.  They could only angle armor if they weren't aiming their gun.  And so on.  This combined with their lack of good judgement of what was important -- one thing I tried to tell them was if you aren't able to do everything, at least do the most important thing given the situation at hand.  But they didn't know what that was.
    3.  When they saw things (or were told things), they had no idea how to react to them. 
    No matter what happened around them, they did the same things (usually whatever had worked for them in some past game, or what I told them to do, or just drove to some random spot and tried to see what happened, or followed the herd).  When a situation changed, even when they noticed it or I told them, they had no idea how to react.  I mean literally none.  Not even a glimmer.  Even ideas like crossfire didn't work -- they knew it was a good thing, but didn't have the slightest idea of how they could create the situation.
    This baffled me, to be honest.  I could ask them between battles things like -- "under what conditions is an IS-3 better than a medium?" and they could answer correctly.  But when they loaded into a map and had the option of either brawling with the mediums in town or fighting them in camo games in an open field, they blanked.  Even on the most basic level, adjusting tactics to fit the situation just didn't happen.
    4.  Their individual skill was poor, but not unworkable.
    They were slow at aiming and not very good at using their armor and such, but this was primarily the result of #2 and #3.  In a void, I could tell them "ok angle as if you were peekabooming a tank in front of you" or "tell me the weak points of a KT" and they could generally do it.  But putting it into practice broke down really quickly.
    5.  Battlefield "intangibles" meant nothing to them.
    At one point I started talking about the importance of early damage.  They got that right away -- the obvious snowball effect.  But when I talked about using a light tank to herd people into an area to trap them, to identify hostile movements to give you the ability to counterattack, morale, to think ahead about what the effects of a given strategy would be, and so on they didn't even know what I meant.  I decided to pick my battles, and just focus on trying to get them to carry their weight.  But even in extreme examples -- such as heavy tanks going ditch on lakeville instead of town, they couldn't really understand why that was a bad idea.  They could memorize what I said, but the rationale meant nothing to them.
    1.  ZERG, ZERG, ZERG!
    One thing that did seem to click right away -- the value of mass tank pushes.  They understood right away that if 5 tanks peekaboomed with 2, the 2 might just win.  But if 5 tanks all rush around at once on 2, the two die horribly and quickly no matter how good they are.  They were afraid to do this with pubs, as they expected the pubs wouldn't help them, but once I pointed out a three man platoon can do the same thing a lot of the time that really seemed to click.  This was one of the things that helped. 
    I told them a simple rule:
    1.  Find a spot with fewer tanks than you.  Preferably just one, or a couple of weak tanks.
    2.  Next, check to make sure that tank isn't in a place where he can be supported by too many unseen snipers.  Be especially careful of camping TDs in bushes.
    3.  If not, zerg him -- hardest, highest HP tank first and facehug him, other tanks flow around him and smack his sides.
    4.  Get to cover, reevaluate.
    Using that, they were frequently able to at least do their HP in damage, although they often were still unable to judge #2 very well.  But once they learned the basics they got a lot better quickly at zerging down isolated tanks with relatively few yoloderps.  So there was that, at least.
    2.  Make the other guy beat you.
    They lost peekabooms pretty much all the time.  I tried to encourage them to get better at that, but also I told them this as a basic fallback plan.  At first, peekaboom with the hostile.  If he pens you 1-2 times and you aren't penning him, stop peeking.  Make him advance around in the open and come dig you out.  Even if it means just sitting there, as long as you are tying him up that's ok.  Its better than getting killed and having him move around anyway.  Or if you have to, back off 50-100m and force him to come out of his good position or not be able to fire.  This is particular useful for dealing with tanks that are extremely strong in some situations (sidescrape IS-6, hull down T29, etc).
    That made sense to them, and if a peekaboom didn't go their way, they just tucked in cover and waited.  A lot of the time, the hostiles would get bored and derp, giving them back the advantage.
    3.  Stay near the fight, even if you can't be in the fight.
    I stress the importance of keeping your gun hot.  They tried to do this, but it often failed.  They simply lacked the judgement or execution to stay alive in hard situations, and when they tried to duplicate the way I attacked they got murdered.  But we found a way to get some of the gain in a way they could handle -- simply be near the action.  Don't sit in back, don't pick a rock and camp, advance until you are within firing and spotting range, then stay safe.  At a minimum, you force the opponents to deal with you, or risk getting popped in the back when they try to look away.  Even if its slow, and lower output than attacking, its a hell of a lot safer.  So I told them to just be a threat, even if you spend most of the time hiding.  It seemed to work. 
    And that's about it.  I felt like I ripped them off, frankly, but they assured me how valuable it was and how much they enjoyed it.  They've tried to get me to do it again a few times but I feel like I'm cheating them and won't do it.  But I do note that in the last year, that player has gone from 43% to 48%.  So that's something.  He still averages only 0.8 kills per game, but its a hell of a lot better than he was.  Its a start.
    Hopefully some of you tomaters find this interesting.
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    Tman450 reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
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    Tman450 reacted to JunkersHiryu in My Opinion On The Real Scourge of WoT   
    So i've been thinking a lot about tanks lately and this is a question i asked on the stream last night:
    "What do you feel is the worst thing about this game"
    That is very broad and i left it open like that so I can see what you all had to say about it. My answer is in the video but regardless of how much you HATE arty it isn't the one thing that is breaking this game. It's broken without a shadow of a doubt but it is not the main contributing feature to why this game is spiraling backwards at a record pace.
    I tried to keep this more focused and less rant like and i feel i succeeded. I cut about another 20 minutes off of this twitch VoD because i feel this is the MAIN thing wrong with the game BESIDES how we as players treat each other. I am guilty of this too so I wont be casting any stones while living in my glass house. I could go on and on about what I think is wrong with the player base but hat is a topic for another thread.
    What say you Wotlabs? What do you think?
    TL;DW it's X.V.M. and how it affects the way we play the game. I would say that maybe i haven't learned how to adapt to the new "Meta" but I don't think i've fallen so far behind where a Tier 10 game is over in 4 damn minutes.... Houston we have a problem.
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    Tman450 reacted to Pocktio in Why Pub Matches Are Not Fun   
    This is one of the most compelling reasons why I only pontoon.
    You just can't carry solo and have fun. Sure it's been proven 60% carry levels can be acheived solo but you need to go full 100%srs mode using srs carry tanks. Just picking up and playing does not lend to solo being anything but a shite experience that makes you want to stab players through the screen.
    A platoon game is usually much more fun, farm some early damage, not have downs so you're alive 5 minutes in and then it's a whole new game of you versus the remnant, but you have a chance because 3 voip coordinated players can easily demolish much larger enemy numbers.
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    Tman450 reacted to Oxmathus in Why Pub Matches Are Not Fun   
    So as of the past couple months the game has become increasingly more stale as time has gone on, with a recent spike for me in the past 2-3 weeks. Modes like the new 8bit shit got very dull after about 2 days for me, even though the credits and new crew were nice they were not interesting enough to keep me logging on to play. Even Skirmishes which I have been continuing to notice over the past 6+ months I have been doing have more and more become the rotation of the same boring maps and same boring tier with the combination of terribly thought out forced team compositions (what the fuck, 2 bulldoges and 3 arti on Fisherman's Bay? What idiot thinks that would be fun?), but a free 10k gold is nice, right.... right? Unfortunately, none of those compare to the level of just plain.... mental retardation, to put it nicely, of pub matches. I won't even get into WGLNA, because we all know how that went before.
    For me, the issue with solo pubbing has never been the issue about hurting stats, because in reality, solo pubbing allows for the increase in farmable damage, assuming you're platooning with people who could take it away from you. The fact is that it's just plain not fun, it's not enjoyable, it's painful, it's dry, it's boring, it's a rage-induced heart attack waiting to happen, basically it's anything that relates to not a good time.
    Now that leaves platooning, and everything from arti, bad servers/lag issues, and just plain pubbies on both teams even though the list goes on I'd say still make platooning not enjoyable, unless you're solely in it for the social aspect of platooning and not winning portion, but if you're not in for winning go play a different game idiot.
    Flat out, Personal Missions are just way too retarded for me to get into.
    Personally, the worse part is not that I can't pick my team, because then it wouldn't even be a pub match, the worse is when a person who plays arti is losing the game, and they go to fucking drown themselves, fuck you shitbag. If you're going to play a terrible game mechanic atleast let ME get some enjoyment out of it.
    Anyways, trying not to get too offtrack, I FORCED myself to play 5 pub matches today so that I could remember how to aim in a game that's not CS:GO (>implying I knew how to aim in csgo) for my WGLNA match tonight so I won't potato aim. I decided to play solo because it wouldn't be worth my or anyone else's time to play 5 matches worth and then just quit because I didn't want to play, what I got out of those 5 matches made me realize why I didn't play pubs platooned or solo anymore.
    Now I would like for you to keep track with me how many people on my teams I got on in the 5 matches I played did above 2k damage in TIER 10 GAMES, a dpg level I would put as sub-par for tier 8s. *I will be including myself in the count*
    Game 1:

    Count Total Game 1: 2/15 *This game started off with the enemy team killing their roomba!*
    Game 2:

    Count Total Game 1-2: 3/30 *This round was only myself*
    Game 3:

    Counter Total Game 1-3: 5/45 *potato game*
    Game 4:

    Count Total Game 1-4: 9/60 *This is the most people above 2k damage in any of the 5 games with 4, and this game included a nonshit platoon*
    Game 5:

    Count Total Game 1-5: 10/75 *The last game, with again, only myself*
    So in conclusion 10 out of a total of 75 tanks did above 2k damage in tier 10 games (Congrats!), now if you take me out of it, 5/75 people... wow that means 6.66% (Conspiracy? 2spooky4me) of people could achieve a not potato damage level. 4/5 of those games were losses, should of been 3/5, but my first game in a 2v5 clutch situation I got hit by arti for about 1200, gg.
    At the end of the day, if you enjoy this game continue playing, but as it is now, there are way too many people who I know who say how terrible the game is but continue on with it, for me there is currently no point for me to try and pretend it's enjoyable, I'll go have some fun trying to get better at csgo.
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    Tman450 reacted to waga100 in Stronk Stalin original IS driver club   
    the 122 tranforms the thing, a heavium with that alpha oh yes
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Spec in Obj. 704 - Confirmed gud   
    I loved it. Unfortunately, I sold it recently because I realized that I didn't have the patience to play slow casemate high-tier TD's.

    Medium is the life for me
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Smbakeresq in In Facist Germany Shell Aims You   
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Bavor in What this game means to me   
    I Think artillery is a terrible game mechanic, but i got one T10 arty to show that I understand arty and how to play it. Also it helps me avoid it by knowing how arty players play.
    But... I basically retired my Obj. 261, my only artillery. I only pull it out to help fulfill those stupid light tank missions for players in my clan who want to finish them.
    It really is a terrible game mechanic. i played one game in it today, and the only shots i hit one-shotted a batchat, and one-shotted a T30. I felt so cancerous that i immediately gargled bleach for 10 minutes afterwards.
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    Tman450 reacted to Kiwi. in What this game means to me   
    I love this game a lot. Through all the anger I just put up with it and keep tanking. It feels like I've forgot the days where I've actually had fun with this game.... back when this game was a 'game', and actually played for fun. Stats didn't matter. As long as I was doing some sort of timewaste over the breaks I was happy.
    Then I learned you're a piece of shit if you don't have good stats. I never looked at the in-game chat until like 300 battles in. People were saying all sorts of offensive shit. I remember one day this guy pointed me out and said "no wonder you have a 47% winrate". I didn't even know what the fuck winrate meant at that time. But he kept saying all sorts of shit to me.
    Then I realized.... after like 3k battles I wanted to actually improve. Didn't care what tanks I played as long as 'fun' could be mixed with 'improving' and actually being considered 'good' at this game.
    I also realized the more improvement I was showing  and bloodthirsty I was the more I was becoming angry. Started actually cursing the game chat, started becoming the person I never wanted to become.
    I joined my first clan after a few thousand battles. This I hoped would help me improve. Our first strongholds battle our 200 WN8 player in a hellcat yolo'd out into the field like a tard. Then I realized something. I can't improve if I'm in a clan full of shit players. 
    I never hated arty until I was becoming a better player. Heck before I wanted to improve I remember actually playing my IS-3 one day and congratulating an arty player for one shotting me by saying "ns' in the game chat. Then as I gained more knowledge and improved more I fucking started hating artillery more and more with a burning passion. It never occurred to me to try artillery. I could never stomach playing that shit in a game considered a 'tank' game. Camping at the back of a map with a high alpha damage gun was not my bliss nor source of enjoyment.
    This happened today:

    Got one shot by a lorr in my T-54 lightweight in the first minute. 

    Basically it has been a while since I raged in chat... and when I say 'raged' I mean 'RAGED'. It didn't stop in-game really. After I checked what he plays I practically needed chemo.

    Then I realized. This game is not just a game. I've treated it like it meant more than that. I love wotlabs and I love this game.
    Don't think I'm quitting this game! I'm not letting cancer claim another life like it's done to so many others like Valachio, Diatomix, etc. What I want to say now is I'm going to make it a living hell for artillery players. I will tk one arty every day. And when SerB finally has enough sacrifices hopefully he shows mercy. 
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    Tman450 reacted to deathmachine16 in This is why I don't get the emphasis on Win Rate   
    Too small of a sample size to be accurate, give it some time and it should go up
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    Tman450 got a reaction from GAJohnnie in How to play the T-14 well?   
    Angles. It's all about those angles. This is one of the best side scraping tanks in-tier; if T5 match, almost everything will bounce. So always angle it, always. That 50mm becomes over 100mm effective real quickly.

    Also, it has extremely good gun depression, which is helpful for tier 6 matches where the armor will be less effective. But sidescrape in it, it's really, really fun.

    The gun isn't spectacular, but not especially bad. Keep some premium rounds for tier 6 heavies, and let your armor do the work. It also picks up speed very quickly, but turns like a whale so keep that in mind.

    All in all, I was very surprised by this vehicle. I got it for free during those missions, don't play it much because tier 5, but it is indeed a very good vehicle, and one of the best sidescrapers in-tier I have encountered.

    I'll post some replays when I get home.
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    Tman450 reacted to TheLovePanda in Black and White Supremacy [PNDAS] is recruiting (sort of)!   
    Are your stats blue or purple?

    Are you sick of clan wars or just want to take a break?

    Do you LOVE pandas and other furry critters?

    Do you enjoy feasting on the blood of your enemies having an extremely cute panda logo on your tanks?

    Then Black and White Supremacy may be right for you!

    <-- This could be you, crushing the pubbie beneath the weight of your furry might!


    Lets be honest, pandas are basically the best animal ever, and that's why this clan has the superb panda theme to go along with its excellent player base.

    B&W Supremacy is a casual clan for exceptional players (and my friends). Come join, make friends, rub elbows with other blunicums/unicums, platoon, do tournaments, or pretty much anything you want. There is no agenda here, except having a fun community of goods where you can come and go as you please.

    Stat requirements are a must so that not just any old skrebs will join, so here they are:

    WN8 overall: 1800

    WN8 recent: 2500

    Reqs are not set in stone, so if you're a chill tanker and really want in hit me up.


    So come, join me on this amazing journey to whatever it is we may be doing soon.

    Clan wars taking too much out of you? This is how you tell them 'I quit'!

    Some pub insults your style? Show them who's boss!

    But most of all, keep the way of the panda, and I know you'll prosper in this life.

    Stay fluffy, my friends.
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