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    Tman450 reacted to Katoleras in Supertest: CHIMERA (Tier VIII British Medium! with 490 alpha!)!   
    Gets the highest alpha of any medium tank in game including tier 10s... And it somehow gets good accuracy and aim time as well??
    It also has good armor and is faster than most tier 8 mediums.
    What is powercreep?!
    Ps. Just noticed it gets -10 gun depression as well lmao
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    Tman450 got a reaction from Deus__Ex__Machina in Italian Tanks: Progetto M35 mod 46 (vol. 1 and 2) and New Mechanic   
    The buffs will not fix the reason the tiers 9 and 10 are so bad- Lack of DPM.
    There's basically zero reason to choose them over the Skoda T50 or TVP
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    Tman450 reacted to Katoleras in Italian Tanks: Progetto M35 mod 46 (vol. 1 and 2) and New Mechanic   
    Simply not worth it because of the bad alpha and bad dpm mix. 
    You only have 30 more alpha  compared to a 140 or 907 but your reloads take 50% longer even when you are playing it as a single shot tank.
    Your tank is practically huge and it has no armor to make the matters worse.
    Also you can't switch from regular to gold ammo without reloading the whole thing. This is very problematic in tier 10.
    I don't know what the camo value of this tank is but if it is decent, it might be able to replace leopard since you can play it as a double shot autoloader to maximize the damage output during a small period of time. Leopard already has the second lowest winrate in tier 10 though, so I am not sure what kind of an accomplishment that would be.
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    Tman450 reacted to LeoAegisMaximus in Armored Loot Box Warfare   
    Hey you know how world of tanks has issues, well I've got one to one up that shit. Say Hello to loot boxes in Armored Warfare. Yes you heard that shit. These assholes are sick of selling re-skins so they are now selling loot boxes. 
    "Okay I've seen stupid but this is advanced stupid, I think alcohol won't solve this, god war gaming looks like saints compared to this shit going down why have competition if all they do is shoot themselves in the foot. I can't even think what the marketing department was smoking or drinking maybe they are playing 4th dimensional Chess." 
    Oh you know the campaign exclusive Abrams AGDS yeah they couldn't resist money grubbing it, You know the Armata with the 152mm gun selling as a premium, LOL chinese server exclusive Type 99A2-140, being sold and the Object 640 black eagle. 
    And then they heavily discounted the boxes which pissed off the suckers who brought early

    And then they fucked up what dropped from the Boxes

    They Fucked up so much that they had to close down their gambling operation and offer compensation to fix this shit and call off the day sales for the whole week.
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    Tman450 got a reaction from BlitzReaper in Looking for platoon mates T9   
    It most likely said it didn't post even though it did, so he tried again. Had this happen before.
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    Tman450 reacted to Never in Issue Updating Stats Fixed   
    Recently we had an issue updating the statistics. This was caused by the database server running out of space due to a logging error. The database has been cleaned up and statistics should be updating again, with plenty of room to spare.
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    Tman450 reacted to lavawing in M103 - M4 51 - Conqueror - A Guide to the Besterest and Baddest 120 mils of Tier 9   
    I honestly believe that this game is at a stage where there are so many lines that it's next to impossible to introduce something new without invalidating something else that is old. If the 103 and E5 had no cupolas, they would still be uncomfortably similar to the Conquerors. If they went any faster, they would be encroaching on Patton territory. One of the reasons I think there have been so many extreme and gimmicky tanks in the last few patches is that this is the only way to get people to grind them. The Chinese TD line was an utter failure in terms of getting people to play them despite not even being bad; the Emil line OTOH is decently popular despite not being that good.

    Write-ups like these were fairly common a few years back when the game was still kind of growing. A year or two ago, the game started to stagnate. Maps became more corridory, and there was a slow but steady removal of frontal weakspots from the game. these changes favour gold-spamming players and players, who, quite frankly, aren't the best at the game. Naturally, wotlabs became went a lot more quiet as vets left. Then there were the new premium Tier 8s which were straight up better than tech tree tanks. Then Tier 8 MM got destroyed so that retards at Tier 10 could feel good about stomping unis and blues at Tier 8. I think it says something about the state of the game when the benchmark for balans, as others have noted, are tanks like the Super Conqueror and the 5A, or the Defender or Patriot at Tier 8. It also says something about our developers that the best tiers to play, if I may say so, which are 7 and 9, are the tiers where they have effectively left untouched.

    Right now, Wargaming's way of keeping players is to introduce more and more FotM gimmick tanks which even the baddest of the bads will find quite unique and enjoyable to run. But we are already at a state where something like 10/15 Tier 10s in every match are gimmick tanks: broken as in like the Badger or Super Conqs for hulldown, the 183s, the Jagdzilla, the Grille, the 268 v4, Type5, the STRV. Every one of these tanks is extremely good at their roles and excruciatingly to frustrating to fight when in their element. IMO, this, coupled with goldspam, is what makes Tier 10 cancerous to run.

    To make new tanks appealing, WG makes them broken and gimmicky. As the cycle continues, you end up with more gimmick tanks than 'normal' ones. And when  broken tanks become the measure of balance, the game becomes frustrating for all parties involved. As of 9.22, we are pretty much there.
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    Tman450 reacted to hall0 in Obj 430U   
    So if the borderline OP SConq and 5A is now the new standard for being balanced I think we crossed a line. 
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    Tman450 reacted to hall0 in Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?   
    This is pretty much all I have to say right now. 

    No idea what the russians were thinking with this one. 
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    Tman450 reacted to Fabunil in Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?   
    Once upon a time a man named Murazar once saw a high damage replay on youtube where a retard yolorushes a bunch of imbeciles in a 263.
    The following night he had a wet dream, a brilliant idea for a new great addition to the game that is called World of Tanks.
    He was he went to work on it soon after and turned his wet dream into reality but alas, as zealously as he was he wasn't a very smart man.
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    Tman450 reacted to Fulcrous in Team voting for turning bots blue   
    I can find tons of reasons for people to abuse this process over their hate on unicums.
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    Tman450 reacted to tajj7 in God Have Mercy On Us (WT E100 P)   
    Whether it's competitive or not is kind of irrelevant, what it is going to be is cancerous, and tier 10 already has enough cancerous stuff as it is.
    We've got Type 5s, half the tanks being hull down invincible pretty much, HE spam right left and centre, base camping tier 10 TDs ready to take half or all your HP for daring to move out of your own base, Swedish TDs that you can't spot firing at you from 150m and half the tanks on tier 10 can't pen and still far too much arty about.
    Plus I reckon there are far more base camping ledges and broken red line spots about on maps these days that the Waffle E100 could easily take advantage of that probably didn't exist when it was around and looking at the HD maps there will be even more of these stupid spots.
    So once you have battled through the hull down Bagers, the HE spamming Type 5s, the 3 arty focusing you all game, the never spotted Swedish TD spamming you with 350 pen APCR every 5 seconds, the odd yoloing Bat Chat..........
    Then it'll be great fun to add the 2800 damage in 8s as more variety to being hit for 1k by some bot in a JpE100 or 1.5k by some bot in a 183, in an elevated, bush cover/hard cover, unflankable spot that he had to drive 50m to get and that is all he has done all game.
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    Tman450 reacted to CraBeatOff in Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?   
    Highlight - every T49 pen
    Lowlight - reorganizing your threads. 
    Moving to some. other. subforum.
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    Tman450 reacted to Errants in Credits for nothing and tanks for free!   
    So, if you've gotten your garage up to 10, you've got several discounts waiting for you... And the Tier II-VII will all NET you credits on use (buying tank for 60-100% off, then selling back immediately for 50% of full price). So, what's a credit-grubbing player to do? Consult the following guide, where I'll spend way to much time on figuring out how to net ~1 million credits (guessing) for free.
    Tier II - H35 - 2.1k
    Runners up at 1.5k - Strv m/38, VAE Type B, Chi-Ni, LT vz. 35, FCM 36, Loyd GC (after On-Track), UC 2-pdr
    Tier III - SU-26 - 26.5k
    Runners up would be ANY of the Tier III arty, though as they are all 22.5-26.5k. Non-cancer would be: Type 91 @ 23.25k or the Pz 1 C @ 22.9k
    Tier IV - B1 - 92.5k
    Runner up is the D.W. 2 @ 85k
    Tier V - O-I Exp. - 222.5k
    Runners up of T1 Heavy @ 217.5k, Type T-34 @ 215k, and AT-2 @ 212.5k
    Tier VI - M4A3E2 "Jumbo" - 195k purchase, 487.5k sale, 292.5k net
    Runners up of Churchill GC @ 289.5k, M18 Hellcat @ 285k net
    Tier VII - O-Ni - 596k purchase, 745k sale, 149k net
    Runners up T29, US Lights, M12, IS, S-51, AT 7, Churchill BP, Crusader SP, Lorr. 155 50, T-34/100, Chi-Ri, non-LT CN tanks, Swedes - all are net of 140K or more
    So, for a total cost of 791k, you'll get back 1.595m, or a net profit of 804k... Wow. Not that great, but making money.
    But, we're already in the rabbit hole, so let's look at the higher tiers, and try to get the biggest savings (and see how much of our profit we lost)!
    Tier VIII - FV207 - 1.365m purchase/sale, net 0
    Runners up - SU-14-2 @ 1.36m and M40/M43 @ 1.35m
    Tier IX - 212A and Type 4 Heavy - 2.22m purchase, 1.85 sale, 37k loss net
    Runners up - Foch @ 2.202m, Object 704 @ 2.196m, M103 @ 2.184m; Strv 103-0, Type 61, Conqueror, G.W. Tiger, T54E1 @ 2.16m
    Tier X - They're all 6.1m, so 4.27m cost regardless.
    Now, the secondary reason I'm doing this... help figure out where I'm spending my Tier VIII-X discounts. ^_^ Spoilered, 'cause I don't think most care.
    Thanks for your time, hope this helps anyone else out who's looking to make some free credits... or save some.
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    Tman450 reacted to Sidus_Preclarum in Intel chip flaw forces OS kernel redesign - 5-30% performance loss predicted   
    *cough* insider trading *cough*
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    Tman450 reacted to Haswell in Intel chip flaw forces OS kernel redesign - 5-30% performance loss predicted   
    More technical stuff:
    Summary of attack vector https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16001476
    AMD chips seem unaffected https://lkml.org/lkml/2017/12/27/2
    @Folterknecht @OOPMan
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    Tman450 reacted to king_spaniel in Tier 7 premium PANTHER/M10 worth it?   
    I'm probably in the minority that actually enjoys this tank (for what tier 7 is worth)
    It does have a large HP pool: 1300, which is no joke at T7, plus with Pref MM.  The tank can ram and survive alot of punishment, but it is somewhat sluggish in acceleration and turning.
    If you're facing tier 8's, expect to shoot gold, and against the heavily armored (defender, is-3, etc) you should not be engaging them frontally if you want to pen.
    If you're facing lower tiers, you will still bounce the random shots against things like KV-2s, 150's, though you should be playing this as a flanker most of the time, while occasionally being a secondary front liner (when you're top tier).
    The rate of fire is great, so if you know how to flank and play off angle attack, the tank can accomplish alot.  To me, it's a fair-to-decent tank that has some tricky elements to overcome, but in the right hands plays just fine.
    In comparison, being a Mutz or Panther 8.8, you'd be up against tier X's alot, and straight up getting crushed (low alpha, no armor), so this is one of the best options to up your German med crews.  This is what I trained my female e50M crew in.
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    Tman450 reacted to Madner Kami in Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?   
    See that's the funny thing about scouts. Your job is precisely not to be the first tank ahead all the time. Everyone who demands that their scouts do that, ultimately does not understand the mechanics of the game. A scout is, thanks to WarGaming's infinite wisdom, never going to burn through the camo of a bushcamping TD, unless that TD fires and guess what the TD, that has a high enough combined camo value to force you into it's viewrange, is going to fire at, if you are trying to scout it out headon... The real job of scouts is having an eye on enemy movement/deployment and opening up vision lanes where the team has none and, consequentially, spot bushcamping TDs by going around them, to negate the bush in front of them.
    That WarGaming is so desperately trying to force light tanks into close combat range is a good sign that they do not understand the mechanics of their game either.
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    Tman450 reacted to bolagnaise in Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?   
    The T92 LT is shit. 150 alpha and 210 heat pen when you are facing tier 9 and tier 10 almost every game is pure fucking aids. Combine that with 1000hp and your a 2-3 shot for most Tanks you will see. Combine all this with you getting Kharkov, Paris, Pilsen, ensk, stalingrad more that you see any light tank acceptable maps and you will soon regret your purchase decision. It either needs an auto loader or the gun replaced with a 240 alpha 90mm.
    EDIT: FYI I have one on my account now for trial.
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    Tman450 reacted to leggasiini in Supertest - 2nd Round of Changes to Obj. 263 Line   
    ...so 263 and 268 V4 remains unchanged
    So they literally completely ignored the massive negativity by Russians towards this change? The line changes has gotten literally only negative feedback, literally, by Russians, the community that matters most for WG.
    Murazor has to stop eating thise fucking crayons 24/7
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    Tman450 got a reaction from lavawing in Does WG deserve the Golden Joystick?   
    Yes. I mean I've taken breaks, but it's coming up on 6-7 years of me playing this game, which is obscene. I'm 20, so I've been playing WOT for like 1/3rd of my life.
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    Tman450 reacted to kolni in Does WG deserve the Golden Joystick?   
    Yeah I think so, the game might not be where I want it to be but I’m still here playing as my main game for several years so can’t exactly call it wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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    Tman450 got a reaction from tango_delta in FV215b (183) - another special vehicle and finally (after like 6-7 years?) single shot high tier French HTs   
    The Cupola on the first pictured french heavy is already making me tilted.
    183 should have been removed a long time ago. Now they're just milking it for gold.
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    Tman450 reacted to dualmaster333 in November Tank Marathons   
    I'm bored, so I'm starting this thread to have a place to complain when we're grinding stupid missions for tanks we don't really want. We can also laugh at the Euros who don't have the event (even though they'll probably have it in the next month). 
    The Good:
    You can get a Mutz, T34, or IS-6 for 15 days of moderate grind If you don't want these tanks, the T34 would be worth 6000 gold on a future trade in The first 10 days of grind are only 1-2 hours of play The Bad:
    The last 10 days start to be a grind so screw you if you miss the first 10 days You get a Mutz, T34, or IS-6 which are not great premiums Going for the Mutz
    The Mutz is okay as far as 240 alpha mediums go, but that class is pretty bad overall. It's a raw damage grind which means you want to play tier 9 or 10. Some people are saying it is the worse grind, but I think it is the easier one. Because it is based purely on your performance, you can have a clear picture of how much time is required to finish it. Just take your average DPG in a tank, calculate the number of battles, and figure 7-8 battles an hour. Even with sucky teams you should be able to do it consistently.
    Difficulty is obviously dependent on skill level. If you can put out 3k average in a tier 9/10 that's 5 games the first day, ~14 games the 15th day, or 1-2 hours a day.
    Going for the T34/IS-6
    About half of these days require winning battles; the other half is an odd mixture of stuff. Having to win battles can be rather frustrating as even good players can get bad streaks (the other day I started a session by going 1 for 7). By later days these missions become more time intensive than the Mutz missions. By day 15 it requires winning 18 battles which can easily be 25-30 games. Platoon up to make life easier and hope for the best. Note the last 3 days are actually not too difficult for a skilled player: Top XP in 3 games is great for mid tier lights, Top 10 XP in 30 games is a straight grind, and destroy 5 in one battle shouldn't be too bad with good tank selection.
    Tips for damage missions:
    Not much to say here, play your highest DPG tanks Play any tank you enjoy Grind out a new tank so you don't realize you're actually wasting your life Play tier 8 premiums with credit boost and bask in piles of silver Tips for winning:
    Platoon with someone better than you Tier 4-7 is easier to win. Tier 5/7 prefs are particularly good Tier 4-7 has faster games; I usually get ~2 more games per hour here than at high tiers Gold rounds, premium account, autoaim, OP tanks, and any other hacks that make u gud Play T49, because even when you lose the battle you still #WIN the game Tips for getting kills:
    There's only a few missions for this, but I find mid tiers are easiest for this. Some of my Tier 5 prefs have almost 3 KPG --------------------------------
    I'm personally going to head for the IS-6 because I don't have one and have always been curious. No, I don't expect it to be any good. I doubt I'll have the motivation to do either of the others but once day 10 arrives I'll see where I'm at with the other two.
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