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  1. Welp, relapsed and made a sexii reroll account.

  2. Hi, are you looking for some ding ding dongs as well ?
  3. IMO, there are generally two types of "bad" players. One group just commits suicide and rushes into the opponent, resulting in early death. The other group is afraid to die or lose any health and sits there, waiting for something to pop up. The similarity between the two is that they don't know what to do.
  4. I am not going to be playing this game anymore, so if you want this account, PM me. (I won't be giving this to anyone random so that he/she might grief others)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nova123311


      Alright someone got the account already. Happy tanking!

    3. KnobbyHobbGoblin
    4. hallo1994


      Wow that was fast

  5. Anyone know good resources for learning html? I'm using w3schools right now.

    1. shwedor


      Your local library.

    2. nova123311


      Thanks, I appreciate your completely valuable opinion.

    3. Kitten


      Google, really. It's not very complicated.

  6. rip tanks, hello runescape :)

  7. ..........................................................................................................I am intrigued................
  8. Who's your friend? He must be really nice to gift you an IS-6 worth $50 to get you into this game. I wish someone had been nice enough to do that for me when I started.
  9. Someone should make a clan called GOOSE.

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    2. onceuponaban


      I'm still looking for [ARSTZ] (Arstotzka) and [KLCHA] (Koliechia)

    3. Kitten


      Is there a [sIMKA] Siemka?

    4. onceuponaban


      *of course I meant Kolechia.

  10. Welp, can't play because I must study for SAT :P. My critical reading is so terrible.

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    2. PumpkinSpiceOctavia_


      Funny thing is that my reading on the SAT was 700 while the other two were meh/above average

      I didn't study for it btw =P

    3. Cunicularius


      I was 99%Sci, 95%Math, 85%Lit (Percentile) without any studies or tries :|

      Either, I'm gud at skrewl or New Jersey Sucks... I suspect its a bit of both.

    4. KnobbyHobbGoblin


      ^ You must be thinking of ACT. SAT doesn't have science. Don't study for SAT you're waisting your time

  11. Ah, so that's why I start playing so much worse when I go East. I've always wondered why the gameplay is so much more jerky when I play there.
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