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  1. @warrends, You can find your local severs name and / or IP by going to, http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Servers So for you it would be US East - Washington DC, USA ( & US West - San Jose, USA ( I guess. You can use the IP address or the name both will work. C:\>nslookup Name: dc11-sl-b21.worldoftanks.com Address: And C:\>nslookup Name: sv4-sl-b57.worldoftanks.com Address: Regards
  2. For those that are interested in this stuff. You can do a who.is on the last hop in the ping plotter list to find the ISP with the issue. https://who.is/whois/core.pw Most of the good ISP's have a service status page, sometimes with an indication on when it might be fixed. (unfortunately not on this occasion) This leads us to, http://gcore.lu/ who are indeed are in cahoots with Wargaming. If it goes on much longer I may drop them a mail to find out an ETA on a fix. You'd be surprised at how prepared they are to respond to inquiries as long as you can string together a factual and coherent email. Regards Message received and understood. Please accept my apology I meant no disrespect.
  3. Just thought I knock up a quick ping plotter guide for those not quite in the know. Before a nights gaming I take 5 minutes to check the quality of the path between my home here in Blighty and the two WOT servers login.p1.worldoftanks.eu & login.p2.worldoftanks.eu You see round trip time isn't everything! EU2 has always had a shorter round trip time and fewer hops but sometimes, like for the last couple of days, one of the hops has been dropping packets causing in game LAG. Although EU1 (for me) has more hops and a longer round trip time it makes for more stable play and less in game LAG at least until the folks at fe.core.pw get their act together. There really is nothing you can do about a remote hop dropping packets and if they could route around it they would have. This is usually the result of a network outage and extra load on the remaining good infrastructure. Also the kit at the ISP end is stupidly expensive and complicated and is usually only swapped out during a scheduled maintenance window. 1st Download Pingplotter: https://www.pingplotter.com/download.html And then type either login.p1.worldoftanks.eu or login.p2.worldoftanks.eu into the Target Name box and click on the green arrow / button. Leave it running for 5 to 10 minutes and you want the one with the least packet loss. Ignore the ones with 100% as these are just routers that do not respond to a ping. In my case EU1 is behaving the best despite having greater hops and round trip time. MOD's please remove post if of no use to anyone. Regards
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