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  1. Yes, I did. Played about 200 battles in it after it was nerfed. Got penned through the mantlet more than before. But a ppart from once getting penned there by a moving IS using auto aim at 200 metres its still effective. I guess I know what Im talking about then...
  2. Dat feel when you missed LT mission 15.2 just by 500 damage...  :brokenheart:


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    2. mort_CZ


      That shouldnt be problem for my 13 90 then, I got 4 skill crew, coated optics, vents and egl. Camo on that little beast gets rdiculous when you get full camo crew indeed.

    3. no_name_cro


      Why are you guys so focused on spotting? Easiest way is to rack up damage and spot some shit later when there's a few tanks left.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Racking up damage in a light is a bit hard in early game, unless your enemies are complete retards..

      You can farm their LTs for sure, but you'll get what? 1k? And then you're too low on HP to farm the last ones -> cry when last tank bumps into you and kills you..

      Damage is good, not in the first 3 minutes though..


  3. No armor on JP2 you say, have you played it? And if yes, then have you tried hull down? You dum dum...
  4. No, you definitelly didnt say anything like that, Im terribly sorry.... oh wait nice roast, 11/10 would do it again
  5. Sorry for having 30k less games than both you and @Felicius combined, I managed to find wotlabs earlier so I dont have that much experience with most of the tanks ffs. Nvm. It actually IS pretty bad, nothing special about it. Its just mediocre, plain boring to me.
  6. 110 - 18 AMX 50 100 - 26 Rhm.B WT - 15 Jagdpanther II - 26 + 1 = 27 Already said my opinion about it. Its a great, flexible platform able to pull off some bounces that wields da boomstick. Sweet combo. T69 - 13 Pershing - 46 T32 - 36 Obj 416 - 31 T-44 - 9 - 3 = 6 Havent played it, but heard some pretty bad things about it. Its pretty mediocre with many flaws. Imho the worst one of the remaining. IS-3 - 61 <= this is going to win anyways
  7. @hazzgar But I think that it was you who said that you can bounce almost avery t10 tank in your T-10 when played properly... I just said that its bullshit, not that its a bad tank.
  8. Well.. only few times on friends acc. But I just stated my opinion, I get what youre saying. Its my problem that I cant handle slow turning-turretless-nonresponsive tanks. Dunno, its scary for me in randoms. Hate fighting against it, but when I get the opportunity to use its long-ish reload time, Im able to kite it even with some heavies. And I already said that I know that its not the worst out of the remaining tonks.
  9. Does not matter, ufp on T10, unless really well angled, cant bounce shit at tier 9, hell not even at tier 8 sometimes.
  10. Dude, yesterday I penned T-10 in my T54ltwt. with standard AP straight to the ufp. An blew his ammo for 970dmg  And if youre curious, AP on ltwt. had 175mms of pen.
  11. @Felicius Whats wrong with my statement? Its just my opinion and I know that there are still some worse tanks on the list. But if I wrote something wrong, please correct me.
  12. 110 - 15 AMX 50 100 - 24 Rhm.B WT - 23 Jagdpanther II - 24 Indienpanzer - 9 Tiger II - 14 STA-1 - 17 - 3 = 14 Charioteer – 9 T69 - 18 Pershing - 38 + 1 = 39 T32 - 33 + 1 = 34 Flexibility you say? Decent mobility, okay hull, gun has bad pen but pretty nice handling, great view range, awesome gun dep and god like turret (even from the side) ISU-152 - 15 - 3 = 12 Propably one of the most unbalanced tanks in the game. The gun is absolutely broken for its tier, just ridiculous combo of pen, reload, alpha. Bit everything else (appart from camo) on this tank is shit. Turns like a boat, low-ish HP, bad bad acceleration awful armor, bad view range.... Gun alone cant make shit platform good. Obj 416 - 30 T-44 - 20 IS-3 - 52
  13. T-34-2 - 10 110 - 20 AMX 50 100 - 24 . Rhm.B WT - 22 Jagdpanther II - 24 Ferdinand - 17 Tiger II - 21 STA-1 - 18 O-Ho - 10 Charioteer - 17 T69 - 18 Pershing 31 T32 - 30 + 1 = 31 Go my child, catch up with the IS3! ISU-152 - 21 SU-101 - 11 obj 416 - 28 T-44 - 20 IS-3 - 45 KV-4 - 7 - 3 = 4 Researched it a while ago, no interest in buying it whatsoever. Slow, huge, rather underwhelming gun and even though the armor is thick, its flat and boxy which makes it easy to pen with HEAT and makes it useless when lowtier.
  14. And that made you choose it as the worst t8?  Its still great, that speed with boom stick is 100% get. Time to upvote it again...
  15. T-34-2 - 20 110 - 20 AMX 50 100 - 23 Rhm B WT - 21 Jagdpanther II - 25 + 1 = 26 Mobility of a fat medium with monstrous 128mm gun and troll superstructure, 11/10 would bang Ferdinand - 20 VK 45.02A - 12 Tiger II - 23 Panther II - 5 Indien Panzer - 17 STA-1 - 21 O-Ho - 21 AT-15 - 20 Caernarvon - 5 - 3 = 2 Mediocre mobility, bad hul armor, only the turret is somewhat useful, crap dpm with the lowest alpha of all t8 heavies... pls stahp Charioteer - 17 T69 - 18 Pershing - 26 T32 - 28 ISU-152 - 20 SU-101 - 17 Obj416 - 25 T-44 - 20 IS-3 - 35 KV-4 - 21 Absolutelly love T32 aswell, but cant upvote it anymore today. Also, I didnt upvote IS3 because I actually havent played it (only once on my friends account). But believe me, I would upvote it because its just ridiculous. It has almost medium-like mobility, arguably the best gun for a non-prem t8 heavy and armor so troll that even Chuck Norris cant scratch it. All the pubbies are like:"But.. but.. but the aim time is shit!" yeah, it is, but theres accuracy and then theres russian accuracy. "The roof can be overmatched you dum dum! Such an easy pen you noob! L2P!!!" gl hitting it. "It has poor view range and bad gun depression, so stop fucking complaining already!" oh, bad view range you say, like if it mattered anyway in todays corridor meta. And that gun depression isnt much of a problem since you can always send some disidents to gulag, pray to Stalin and go full yolo mode over the ridge line and still bounce every single shot.
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