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  1. Dat feel when you missed LT mission 15.2 just by 500 damage...  :brokenheart:


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    2. mort_CZ


      That shouldnt be problem for my 13 90 then, I got 4 skill crew, coated optics, vents and egl. Camo on that little beast gets rdiculous when you get full camo crew indeed.

    3. no_name_cro


      Why are you guys so focused on spotting? Easiest way is to rack up damage and spot some shit later when there's a few tanks left.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Racking up damage in a light is a bit hard in early game, unless your enemies are complete retards..

      You can farm their LTs for sure, but you'll get what? 1k? And then you're too low on HP to farm the last ones -> cry when last tank bumps into you and kills you..

      Damage is good, not in the first 3 minutes though..


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