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  1. Type 95: 14 M5 Stuart: 22SAu-40: 12AMX 40: 11B1: 11DW2: 7Pz 38 Na: 11Sentinel: 10Valentine: 4Pz III K: 11Matilda BP: 11Matilda IV: 10 M4 Improved: 14 Churchill VII: 10 +1 = 11 Played this turd when the jap. heavys came around. Hello gold spam. Its speed and the gun depression (-4) drove me mad. The low pen and the horrible alpha don't work if you are that slow. The armor dosen't even work against T6 reliably .TOG II: 14Achilles: 4ARL V39: 8Black Prince: 15 Challenger: 8 O-Ni: 5Sturer Emil: 7Type 62: 12 AMX 13 75: 9 - 3 = 6 Again not that bad. The camo is really good and the gun is workable. You are committed to scouting though, which sucks on most maps right now. FV201: 10T 34/100: 4Tiger P: 8SU-100M1: 4 AMX AC 46: 11A-44: 8TVP VTU: 4 FV4202 P: 4Löwe: 10T-34-2: 10Caernarvon: 7Kanonenjagdpanzer: 11Panther II: 5Panther 8.8: 10T95E2: 1059-Patton: 7T28: 9 T28 Prot: 5 VK 4502 A: 10AMX AC 48: 12SU-101: 7Foch: 4T95: 10Type 4 Heavy: 10AMX 50 120: 5Conway: 10FV4005: 16Object 268: 8 Foch 155: 9Type 5 Heavy: 4Maus: 2 121: 4VK 7201 K: 1
  2. Hope we are up to date now: Grant: 20 Type 95: 22M5 Stuart: 22 M3 Lee: 20SAu-40: 20AMX 40: 20B1: 20DW2: 20 +1 = 21 Only tank i ragesold. Poor gun, no armor and slow as hell.Pz 38 Na: 20Sentinel: 20 Valentine: 20Pz III K: 20 Matilda BP: 20 Matilda IV: 20 AMX 12T: 17Churchill VII: 20Churchill GC: 20TOG II: 21Achilles: 17ARL V39: 20 Black Prince: 20Challenger: 20 Chi-Ri: 18 O-Ni: 20 Sturer Emil:18 Type 62: 20 Panther:17 AMX 13 75: 20 - 3 = 17 I quite like this little bugger. Good camo and the gun is not that bad.AMX M4 45: 20 KV-3: 14 FV201: 20 T 34/100: 17 Tiger P: 21 SU-100M1: 17 AMX AC 46: 21 A-44: 20 TVP VTU: 20 FV4202 P: Löwe: 20 T-34-2: 20Centurion 1: 20 Caernarvon: 20Kanonenjagdpanzer: 22 Panther II: 20Panther 8.8: 20 T95E2: 2059-patton: 20T28: 20T28 Prot: 20VK4502A: 20AMX AC 48: 21 O-Ho: 17 Foch: 17T95: 20Type 4 Heavy: 20AMX 50 120: 21 Conway: 20FV4005: 21 Object 268: 20Foch 155: 20Type 5 Heavy: 20 Maus: 17 121: 17 VK 7201 K: 20 AMX 30 B: 20
  3. Next round with tier 7? Or is there not enough interest in the lower tiers?
  4. After i ping the map, the chat works. Also when i use a quick command (Attack, Defend, ...) the chat is working. Note these commands also write something in the chatbox. And of course you can press enter and click the chat box (while holding ctrl) like sr360 found out. Are you scanning for any keypresses or input strings? Seems like the Input String from the keyboard is fetched somewhere else and not in the chatbox IO stream. Maybe you have to define the standard io stream?
  5. Sweet, im going to test it. I don't use XVM anyway.
  6. Cheap laptop displays tend to have a blue-ish colortemp. There are only a few laptops out there that have neutral colors. But you can adjust the colortemp in 2 ways: through windows (needn't to work in fullscreen) directly through the drivers for your gpu (recommended, should work in fullscreen) It could be that your manufacturer adjusted the colors on the pre-installed windows (haven't heard of it before but that doesn't mean anything). Or it could be that your driver settings are off. Try to check with an external monitor if it gets the blue look too (than its the gpu). Or are you using an external monitor all the time? If the vga-port is loose sometimes the colors tend to shift. But than the blue tint should be in windows too. What laptop and monitor are you using? What are the specs of the computer? Was the blue tint there since you bought the computer? Try to make a picture with your mobile phone or camera.
  7. Pershing - 34 T32 - 8 -3 = 5 "worst" of the 3 left IS3 - 97 +1 = 98 go for 100
  8. SchwarzerPeter

    VK 36.01 H

    I'm no uni but I really liked the VK 36.01 H. The armor is pretty though for its tier. Its seldom played and the most pubs don't seem to know where to shoot. I played it with the short 8.8 which worked better for me. If you are up close you can go for the weakspots. The only problem: its ugly as hell. At least in my opinion. Tier for tier the T-150 is a much better tank. The baby tiger does the same thing than the VK 36.01 H, but go tougher side armor (and looks much better). For the t-55 mission i would take a T-150, T29, IS, Tiger 1, Tiger 2, IS3 or E75
  9. I somehow like the Lorraine. Its really fast, the gun depression its nice and the aim time got improved to 2.5 Gun handling is still not great. So I run Vent/Stab/GLD. Optics would be nice, but the tank not a spotter. The long reload between the shots is a bummer though. With 2.0s it would be awsome, but 2,7s is pretty long. You have to pick your fights. You are big and almost everything will overpenetrate you. Guess I will sell it when I unlocked the Bat.Chat
  10. If your ping is up to 150 you should definitely use the server reticle. I use it all the time, although my ping is around 30 (EU Server). It will prevent you to loose shots in buggy terrain. You have to wait one extra ping till the reticle is aimed fully, but you can compensate that with some practise for higher pings. For lower pings it doesn't matter at all.
  11. My advice is: - Set yourself small goals that are reachable within a reasonable amount of time (e.g. get the first crew skill to 100% etc). - If you don't want to spend gold on free exp, use the daily doubles to get through the stock grind without getting insane. Use premium ammo on shitty stock guns if you have to. - But don't bother with the daily doubles to much. Its better to keep playing one tank than to do tank hopping. You will get more familiar with the tank and get much more better. - Keep the tanks you enjoy playing. High tier gameplay isn't necessary more fun than the lower tiers. Use them as crew trainers for higher tiers. - Only play higher tiers with experienced crews. Sixth Sense makes the game much easier - its mandatory for T8+ imho. Its a long way till tier 10. I haven't unlocked one myself yet, guess i play to many different tanks. With 11k battles i just finished grinding through the most T9 tanks i like. The stock grinds in the most T8 & T9 are pretty heavy if you don't have a decent amount of free exp to unlock at least the gun. You will lose silver every match you play a T9 if you don't have a premium account. Normal T8 only make a small profit. So you need playing lower tiers or prem tanks anyway.
  12. I did the domination with 2 buddys of mine once with rental tanks. The other teams did team up against our poorly equiped tanks. It was a slaughter. That was even before the introduction of the t-22.
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