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  1. Need mentoring help with dealing with Japanese heavy tanks and site scraping in general. If anyone could please message me and let me know thanks!

    1. leggasiini


      played entire JP heavy line, so i pretty much know all of their weakness


      1. Magical "2" button is arguably best counter to tier 6 - 10 JP heavies. Its pretty simple as that. Although works against same tier and sometimes even higher tier JP heavies dont expect that T-43 pens Type 4 frontally with APCR. While most simple and effective tactic, its disliked by some tankers for some reasons ("i dont want to be gold noob"-syndrome or just too expensive).


      2. Fight them from range. They have literally no camo so they are spotted easily, are easy to hit at even very long ranges and they generally have very inaccurate guns which protects you further when you are at long range. High pen + good camo (most TDs) machines are especially effective against Japanese heavies. Combining point 1 with this point just increases effectiveness against them.


      3. Flank them. They are gigantic and slow. They also have very weak sides up to tier 7 which further makes flanking attack more effective.


      4. Side hugging. Its however very risky tactic because one ram from JPHT can deal massive damage to everything and their guns are potentially rather dangeorus. Basically, you need low profile and quick tank to do it effectively. ELC is good example because its super tiny, super fast, and packs punchy gun. Its still risky; one mistake and ELC is easily dead.


      5. Or just avoid contact. Doesnt really help you beat them, but if you just cant destroy them, you can atleast avoid fighting them. Especially if there is arty in the battle, just go to (even semi) open areas. Japanese heavies hates open places more than anything else (expect maybe gold ammo). Really, who is stupid enough to go with Japanese Heavy to 1-2 line when there is many arties in one match at Highway? No one, and if there is someone stupid enough, he dies and quickly. Although going on open areas can be risky if you are playing heavy tank... Reatreating from JP heavies is not hard either (unless we talk about O-IE, tier 5) because they are basically turtles. 


      here u go

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