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  1. Matross is farming upboats with his memes lol
  2. That's why he brought me into the clan Also, MIT is a great clan, very friendly and very happy to help players improve, and very active (seriously their forums are like Cadillac levels of awesome).
  3. Welcome! I did the same thing you did, but on the '360. Add me if you ever wanna platoon, though I play late night usually due to my current work schedule, either West or East, doesn't matter.
  4. Welcome! I think it will take a couple hours or a day for the right stats to show up. It took mine about half a day if I recall.
  5. Thanks for the advice! Yeah, the T-54 is fun/comfy. I'll keep playing the T-54 then, since it will be around 500 battles to unlock both tanks.
  6. Well...what would be slow? Example: I did decent enough in my Obj 416 (114 battles, 1618 wn8, but an ~47% w/r solo) and so when I could I moved to the T-54 because the lack of depression and limited turret traverse was frustrating. Should I have played through the T-44 too, just to get more acclimated to t-8? And sorry to the OP, I totally hijacked your thread :/
  7. So what would be a "typical/average" dip statistically when one moves up to higher tier play? I ask for myself, as I am recently playing mostly tiers 7-9 and am getting stomped on significantly more then I was at tiers 5-7 it seems.
  8. I had the same trouble as you when I first got this tank (and the second I could get out of it I did). Partly my own fault, it was the first line I went up when I switched from Xbox to PC. I found I was more successful spamming 122mm HEAT like everyone else has said - smacking any tank for 370 is a nice "howdy", even in higher tier games. And it makes low tier games sooooooo amusing! Just RIP silver....
  9. I'm always up for platooning, and I'll teach you what I know - which isn't much but better then nothing
  10. He might have a hard time using the w key if he really is afk.... Also there is a thread on the first page about the top gun/turret of the IS-3...seems like he might find some answers in that thread as well.
  11. Hit points upgrade with tanks (Xbox is what brought me to WoT, and then PC WoT). The main difference is you can't pick what modules to research - the modules/path is chosen for you. Also...unless WOT on Xbox has changed recently, you can't see other players stats...which makes finding wn8 rather...irrelevant.
  12. I'm usually on morning Westcoast time, if you wanna platoon with a shitter, hit me up.
  13. Been lurking/sorta learning for over half a year, and decided it's time to commit to having a registered account here. Tanks wotlabs! WTF is wrong with my stats? I've gotta like atleast 800 more battles and a lower winrate then that crap under my name!
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