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  1. Wtf is this shit...


    7k dmg and 1.5k base aren't enough,to get M on the T50 Skoda, OK....

    1. bolagnaise


      @Saffee did 7.5k DMG, 7 kills, 1511 base XP on his stream and no ACE tanker. Skoda T-50 on vbaddict currently has the second highest average XP after the the T-22. Currently ACE for Skoda sits a t around 1700 base XP for ACE.

    2. FavreFan4ever
    3. Fulcrous


      More like high skill tank has high skill ceiling..

  2. The idea's them self aren't bad but the Minsk office is resistant to any kind of "learning". Михаил Живец (aka. Storm) said when a player proposed a few changes (like arty number limitation per battle): We could do everything, but what for? Back to the topic, the no team damage idea sounds really nice.
  3. You will be able to see your "true stats" within a few days. Welcome btw.
  4. Very nice game but the beginning (with the T32) was kinda odd, all out of repair kits I guess... Anyway, will you upload the other 4 games aswell?
  5. @Roku, sir you have my respect. I've rarely witnessed how such a simple provocation (new smiles and backgrounds) got this much attention. As a (lets call it) "side effect" we got huge new threads, and also an overly autistic posting activity. I think you would be a great publicity manager, for anybody and maybe even for a certain "overlyblondpresidentialcandidate". Kudos to you.
  6. Exactly, but since you handled the 430's gun pretty well it would be fun to see how you handle the next level of "potatones", but Czech tanks are interesting as well (just keep them replays coming).
  7. Hi X3N4, thanks for posting the replays, much love to you sir. It amazes me how you never run short of ideas where to go, when to switch positions or simply to run away. After a few m48 replays I had the sudden urge to watch the old Xena tv show... nvm that, do you have plans on getting the stb1 any time soon?
  8. It's that time of the year again...
    The 5Xbotpocalypse won, like they always do... :feelsbad:


    1. KenadianCSJ


      How the fuck are there so many medals between both teams.

    2. ginchan


      Thats what I would like to know.

  9. The 285 looks pretty good to me, I think it's the best bang for you buck. If you buy one pls make sure to run a gpu stress test, but don't forget to test it with wot as well. My previous gpu was a 7970 Ghz... (which is basically the older brother of the 285), it handled Witcher 3 and other games pretty well, but it totally failed in wot. The vram had the annoying habit of producing artifacts when I played more than 20 games in a row, undervolting/underclocking didn't help.
  10. Hello and gl on you way towards becoming green. May the beautiful, slim and wise leader guide you.
  11. On the EU server things are similar, with the usual Cluster**** at C and B1. In my case we had an M46 who thought he was a heavy, the Leo1 did run away for some reason (maybe I should have done it as well) leaving me alone on C2 against a is7 and m60. To be fair however I have to mention that my own performance wasn't great either.
  12. Hello everyone, after a lot of work I was finally able to sing up (for some unexplained reason the sing up system didn't like my old German email address), and it feels good to be here. I'am from Germany and suffered in this Belorussian sh...... *cough* masterpiece since mid 2011, doing solo random most of the time (with some breaks ofc). Lurking on this forum became something like a hobby for me, and it kept me busy and entertained for quite some time now. I spend most of my time (on this forum) in the "Name and Shame I & II" and "X3N4's Half man half amazing" section (the e50 replays h
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