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  1. Is it me or are the zones too open? Seems like no matter where you go, you can get shot from all sides.
  2. , but constant, lag spikes...

  3. Great. I can't scroll out of sniper mode and I have the box unticked... hmpf.

  4. Man oh man. When it was a medium it was downright ridiculous. A good sniper that bounced pretty much whatever gets thrown at it. It's my most played tank; I haven't touched it since it was changed to a heavy. Plus, it's a cool looking tank.
  5. "Don't play WoT when you are annoyed"


    Well, if I don't play now, the grinding is going to take even longer...

    1. TheEmptyLord


      but you're not gonna play well if you are on TILT. And not playing well means that a grind you already don't like becomes even worse...

      Honestly tho: Why play if not for fun? If the game isn't fun anymore take a break or try something else. :happyfish:

  6. ribena

    Jag 88 Buff

    I almost feel bad doing that... almost.
  7. VKm to Panther: 53k xp

    T-150 to KV-3: 34k xp

    Really? Over 50k? Because that's not going to take me 3 years...

  8. ribena

    Jag 88 Buff

    That reload. You can trick enemies easily; it's surprising how many people don't know the reload on the machine. Shoot when they're near you, then they pop out. pew-pew-pew all the way to the bank.
  9. Chinese lights need a log buff.

  10. Shit son, last time I played was 2004. I heard it's changed a lot. Oh, and this was epic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Qo2QZ8NE8&list=PL2CD9D6BAC4D8475E&index=1
  11. After reading these replies, I have taken the radical step of just enjoying what I got. I won't even think about the next tank (within reason). I should take this game for what I have put into it: a free game that's supposed to hold my attention for only a small amount of time.
  12. There's one thing which effects the amount of enjoyment I get out of this game. It isn't arty (as having competent enemies isn't too common) and it isn't gold. It's grinding. I understand that grinding is integral to this game, especially due to the business model of the game. This game is free. You progress up a tech tree which takes you exponentially longer as you ascend. You can pay real money to alleviate that, however it only works to a certain extent. The amount of time to grind out a line is purposefully set that way in order to make a player want to shell out real life currency. This is fine. Wargaming is a business, and I don't expect something for free; hell, I've bought premium tanks and gold lots of times. The problem with the grinding can be illustrated with a case study. Meet ribena (me), he has a job working 9-5 Monday to Friday. He can only play tenks for an hour or two a night, and even then he just gets his doubles and plays something else (Pillars of Eternity lately). On weekends he spends his wages in the pub etc., only playing the game for an hour on Sat and Sun. ribena sets himself a target tank. He doesn't care for tier 10, but he wants tier 8 and maybe tier 9. Only playing 5 games a night in a tank doesn't really propel him through the tech tree (especially because he is shit at the game). He starts to wonder if any of it is worth it. Is there any point in playing a tank he doesn't like or does well in, just to play something he would like? I'll stop before this story gets out of hand, I just wanted to raise the point of playing the game. I play a game to have fun. Don't get me wrong, I have fun (most of the time) in World of Tanks. But having to play tanks that I don't want to, in order to play tanks that I actually do want, is draining my fun. I perform crud in a certain tank. I don't want to play that tank. I don't get respectable xp in that tank. It's going to take years to progress up. Has anyone got any advice on how to stay involved and interested with this game? I don't know... It just seems like I'm trying to play a game that I don't think I'm ever going to achieve anything in. I'll follow up this post in 4 years time, once I've reached the E-50, Centurion 7/1 and the WZ 120.
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