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  1. Object 257 is so useless. No gun depression, pennable front...what's its role again? Ah yeah, reverse sidescrape in 2 possible spots and hope the enemy is a retard


    1. BlitzReaper


      "hope the enemy is a retard" 

      that usually happens... except they're on your team

    2. hazzgar


      It's role is being really hard to kill while being circled by light tanks 

  2. Hmm, came back after 3 months to try and have some fun...well, 3 battles -- 3x killed by arty, guess I'll come back later...

  3. Gotta learn to camp hard I suppose, otherwise I am the only one (or one of the very few) who try to contest positions and get insta arty rape... 6 out of 11 games gg

  4. Nedobrak

    Elimination: Tier 8

    110 - 17 AMX 50 100 - 28 Rhm.B WT - 18 Jagdpanther II - 26 T69 - 10 - tried to like it, but as someone said earlier, I don't fear this tank much when I meet it and don't feel very comfortable driving it Pershing - 47 - oh yeah baby, give me some hills and ridge lines and let the enemy weep T32 - 35 Obj 416 - 31 T-44 - 15 IS-3 - 60
  5. Well the Pershing is simply more than the sum of its parts. Individually they might not be something to write home about, but every part is functional and at your disposal. The gun is trolling you and you miss 2/3 of your shots and the rest does no or low dmg? Well just troll the enemy back with your mantlet while your buddies shred him. Are there hills/dunes and all your enemies have much higher alpha than you? Well who cares if they cannot shoot back while you dive behind cover only to shoot them for 240 every 8 secs. Pershing is sexy, my first tier 8 med and still one of my favourite tanks in Wot. Definitely a keeper. The Korean prints money, sure, the AP pen is a bit more comfortable. but overal the original is the better tank.
  6. Get enough xp to convert to free with the German parade xp conversion bonus on Monday, check. Get through the Konstrukta grind marathon to finish it an free xp the VTP in order to get T 50 on Tuesday, check. Reduce winrate due to constantly being in t9 battles, check. Glad it's over.

  7. Nedobrak

    A44 or T43

    I'd recommend T43. I was quite afraid of this tank given the hate it gets from some people, but I ended up liking it very much and enjoyed the whole grind. It just clicked. Added bonus is that people tend to underestimate you and prioritise other targets, which is something you appreciate on 3+ arty teams...
  8. Hm, seems like WG implemented limited MM for M46 KR, however this time it is tiers 9-10 :)

  9. Nedobrak

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    After promising myself I would not try to compare it to the Witcher or Dark Souls franchises I decided to give it a try. I really like the companion system and the tactical layer it offers (also that they don't bitch after being dismissed). I would appreciate some sort of fast/faster travel - doesn't have to be a teleport, just some movement boost (horse) to cut down the travelling between zones. Anyway it seems to be a fun game with its own unique take on the fantasy epic genre, definitely gonna give it a longer look when there's time. Oh and yeah, those cheesy video cutscenes:)
  10. Platooning with my friend at Fisherman's bay, decided to go to city along with 2 other tanks. While winning our flank, got accused of being noobs, lemmings, bots and getting reported by the other platoon in our team. After proceeding to clear our base and winning the game as the two sole survivors, while doing a total of 9 kills and tons of dmg, we asked the more vocal of those guys what was his problem. His reply was we were shitty premium noobs winning the easy fight in the city and leaving the hard work on them, thus he died and evidently couldn't put his leet skills to use. People these days:) Wish I had a bot that was as good as my mate;)

  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and glad it made you laugh... laughter can be hard to come by in this game sometimes:) Batchat is planned, but it may take a while to get there:) Hopefully by the time I get into it I will be a better player:)
  12. Hi everyone, been lurking on these forums for a while and first of all I would like to say thank you for all the helpful content, it's really been invaluable for my (albeit slow) improvement. I started with the US heavy line, then the tds and well for the past year I have been discovering the fun medium class which i find suits me the best. Lately I have been having increased issues with arty, who seems to target me more often than before, my friend pointed out that it might have to do something with me changing my xvm colour from green to teal (I didn't notice it as I play without activated xvm stats to preserve my sanity and blood pressure and to keep some optimism by hoping that some of the grey guys on my team might not be deep red yolo suciciders:)) If that's the case you guys must have nerves of steel as I imagine being purple is something as a "I must click this" sign for clickers. I know it is a game mechanic that won't go away but that doesn't make it any less retarded imo, just some guy rolling the dice in order to ruin your day... well, not my style. I wonder if WG would listen to a reason that involves money - imagine the option to buy ultra premium time or some package that would allow you to enter matchmaking without arty... I would buy one immediately:) But that's just a deranged fantasy as I have been one-shot clicked three times this evening already;) Anyway lately I have been trying to improve my play with soft tanks (FCM, Patton) but i feel like my skill is still lacking, hoping to improve there. And yeah, bought the IS 3 and having a hard time making it work, which is probably silly because everyone seems to make it work:) And yeah, my win rate over the holiday period has been worse than if I were a bot, I sincerely hope it will recover in time. Thanks again for posting so much advice in here for us less gifted;) N.