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  1. Ok so that kinda answers my question...
  2. Returning to the game after a break of several years, wanting to platoon with some decent players to ease my transition back into this while helping me get through painful shitty tanks (the IS) to get to stuff that's CW viable. Wanted to check in here before I bother putting a lot of effort into that post in case nobody's really here anymore to actually read it.
  3. Alright, this is gonna sound lame but...how to play the WTF-100? I got it equipped yesterday and I absolutely hated it... First match I got out 2300 damage before getting absolutely focus fired. Second match was on Steppes and I got lit before I got to where I wanted to go and was slowly picked apart by an M60 and 13 90 that my gun refused to hit. 0 damage. Third match was a 3800 damage game with 1 kill on Swamp and was worth about 2300 WN8. I'm not used to how I should be playing this tank; I need to get monstrous damage to do well in it, yet I have to sit in the back a
  4. Any suggestions? I currently don't have any American mediums so I'm not sure how useful the SuperP would be. I own the IS-6, 50t, Jt88, 122-44, E-25, Pak40, T-127, Churchill III, T14, and Excelsior.
  5. Do you have that one video where you teamkilled hardest in your Waffle and had Junkers watch it? I can't find it anywhere and his laugh when hardest pulled up his own stats absolutely killed me
  6. I haz 2 qwestshuns; 1. What are the best tournament tanks by tier? And could you include multiple classes in case there are restrictions? I'm trying to have a decent garage of tanks for tournament play to supply me with mad goaldz. 2. I just got 14k from a couple of recent tournaments and I bought myself the the Jt88, FCM 50t, and I've owned the IS-6 for a while. I'm considering just collecting the premium tanks and I was wondering if I should buy the T34 next or spend the gold elsewhere?
  7. Use XVM, don't play unplatooned, help the main push rather than defending a hopeless flank alone, think of the games in terms of trading health and damage rather than kills, don't fucking play artillery, free XP shit tanks (Sturer Emil), and take a break if you're having a bad streak (for me, 3 losses in a row while having crappy WN8)
  8. JT88 equipment? I'm kinda just methodically buying all the tier 8 prems as I get tourney gold to do it with.
  9. I'm playing to get tier 10s and earn mad goaldz by raising my stats to a really competitive level for clan wars.
  10. Well the French medium line for starters. Otherwise no line in particular, pretty much just the CW viable lines.
  11. You have the Junkers' video where hardest looks up a "legit player's stats" and Junkers loses his shit? I need to hear dat laugh
  12. Also, with the sale on tier 8 premiums, what should I buy? I already have the IS-6 and was considering the T34 or FCM 50t, but wanted your input.
  13. What tanks are so bad that they should be free XPed, or what lines? Like the Pz. Sfl. V Emil comes to mind, but what else?
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