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  1. Ascension to the Ultra wide Masterrace


    1. PityFool


      o7 Fellow beer pong enthusiast

  2. Glad to know, I assumed you were at 1080p because of the Unigine Benchmark settings. Your results, along with other people's benchmarks at Ultrawide have made it clear which GPU I will have to buy. Im going to wait a month or two because the aftermarket coolers will be in supply, and amd might even have a competitive card for cheaper. I hope the 490, or whatever they will name it, will compete in the high end. I bought a LG 34UC87-C on Ebay a week ago for $850 CAD after shipping+duties. I did all my research and decided I'd bite the bullet and get the 34" 3440x1400, instead of 34" 2560x1080, or 29' 2560x1080. Also I read great things about the curvature increasing immersion, so thats another preference I ticked off with my purchase. r/ultrawidemasterrace was a very helpful community
  3. Just realized how taboo my profile pic is now ._.

    1. OOPMan


      You could do worse, a pic of Roman Polanski say...

  4. Looks like I might just have to get this or the 1070 in order to play games at med-high settings when I get my new monitor on monday... I suspect my 770 will struggle @ 3440x1440p... Thats the sad part. Theres so much foreign money in my city, someone with 'stupidmoney' will pay that much money for it.
  5. Thought id revive a gud poast about the ISU in light of the recent appreciation thread, and share some my gud results from when I was grinding the tank back in my GMONK days. Thankfully since the 0.8.6? update, you can somewhat predict the shell dispersion better. Its less of a crapshoot lol
  6. Someone on a buy & sell facebook page in my city listed a 1080 for $2050 CAD... I didnt know scalping transfered over to computer components xD
  7. Practically effortless to obtain 4k dmg in the T57 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Evroz621


      @SkittlesOfSteeI Ive started the grind, only at Tier 4 atm. I dont have the gold to convert the 700k or so free exp stocked up lol

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Rip. The Czech tier 9 practically plays itself, even a shitter like me can get 3.5k dpg

    4. Evroz621


      The 9/10 are autoloaders amiright? If its anywhere as good, or better, than the lorraine or t54e1, then im sure ill manage well

  8. Got my first Top gun since my return :3

  9. Gotta agree with Delta and everyone else, the tank is hilariously fun with the Bl-10. Another point is that its handy to train you on the playstyle required. If your can master the ISU, the 704 is better and easier to play when you do get it. That tech tree played a part of my breakthrough into becoming an outsatnding player. Following guides by Kewei, etc showed me the greatness that is camo/view range abuse. My stats were something like ISU152: 3k dpg & 704: 3.9k dpg. So have fun with the ISU, learn to love it, and before you expect, the 704 will be researchable.
  10. Been out of the loop a while, are czech tanks worthwhile? or is it a case of the Japanese meds again with only high tiers being playable?

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    2. Dodge94HUN
    3. Assassin7


      The tier 6 is good, the rest are pretty shit. The tier 9 and 10 are OP as balls.

    4. Korb3n_Dallas


      I heard how bad the 8 was, I hated the 7 so much I just skipped them.

  11. My mind is telling me noooo but my body, my body is telling me yeees


  12. I bet im the only Wotlabber living in Vancouver thats not asian :^)

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    2. MagentaPanda


      Victoria a white... does that count?

    3. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      well I'm in Vancouver and a Slav, but that's Vancouver WA.

    4. Fulcrous


      So many fellow vancouverites/close-enough.

      o7 from new west

  13. When are these crucial battles for FP starting? Im a tad out of the loop
  14. I should probably play the 75 140 games still left to do..

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