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  1. Is the both 252 and STG worth getting, or just the 252?

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    2. ZXrage


      252 is a sidescraping god because the hull is just long enough to hide the LFP and peek while sidescraping. You can win games purely on armor usage and peek-a-booming because it's just that dumb

      STG is a boomstick medium, very weird tank to play like 416 but otherwise I like it

    3. nabucodonsor


      252 the defender? Sorry have not played in while but from what i remember its a beast as it fears only tier x tanks. If you manage to hide the lfp the rest of the tank is almost immune to any gun bar the two cupolas and another small weakspot in the mantlet.

      Yeah anything at tier 8 or lower cant pen you with standard and most tanks cant even touch with gold.

      Its a CW/SH staple for a reason.

      Cant say the same about the STG

    4. lavawing


      STG gets a big nope from me.

      390 alpha is pretty good but the gun performs worse than the stats indicate due to having fucked shell velocity (1000m/s gold round smh) among other things. Reminds me a bit of the CDA tbh.
      There are better options in every area like the UDES or the 130PM or the new 360 alpha heaviums. 

      252U is worth it objectively but you do have to ask yourself if you'd enjoy the playstyle.

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