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  1. @MokeyLOG if ur interested ill happily do a bit of replay analysis with you or if you have the internet for it watch and discuss some games your playing over discord.
  2. Just came across this thread now, its really impressive even if i am a little late to the party. Also it's somewhat topical now with the equipment changes coming in. The discussion of accuracy against dispersion is all the more important now with equipment being able to affect both. <3
  3. @hazzgar give me a link to your stats that works then mate
  4. Hey all. I've helped a couple of people out in the past with some formal coaching sessions and a couple of informal ones too. My experience as a teacher is somewhat limited although I'd consider myself a competent wot with 3.2k recent wn8 playing primarily tier x vehicles. As I fall somewhere on the lower end of the autistic spectrum I analysise problems in a formulaic manner and have a low tollerence for stupidity (not inexperience). My sessions are (as mentioned) aimed at players trying to improve their performance in high tier vehicles (not arty for obvious reasons). For it to b
  5. I'd love to help you out but sadly I think with only 2k battles under your belt you'd be better off grinding some random battles and looking for some platoon mates (just so you can learn about the game. They don't even need to be particularly good). But if you still want help and you've got a good 3 or 4 tier x vehicles in your garage Is be more then happy to help out. So when you get there just message me (yranna) in game ps what's your username?
  6. I taught someone else an he'd stream a game we'd chat abou it. Repeat a couple of times then decision making focused tier x platoons
  7. Yes I guess but better for you to stream a game and then us go over it immediately after on ts And time zone fucks with that
  8. @hazzgar are you looking for help mate? happy to do some gameplay analysis and toons over ts if you like? My ign is yranna
  9. id happily give you a little 1 to 1 tuition although typing is extremely inefficient so if you add my in game ill give you a ts ip we can talk on (do some toons give feedback watch you play a little explain what id do and why and ask you to explain yourself hope your interested, good luck on the battlefield
  10. @Orrie i think ive just fallen in love with you... <3
  11. okay dude id be willing to tutor you a little although sadly I'm on the eu server which makes it that little bit harder although now that I think about it really shouldn't be too much of a problem save for the time difference. I have access to a TeamSpeak server where we could talk. my plan would be to get you to stream (via twitch or a similar service) your battles without a delay. during the battle you can ask for advice and also with questions I will encourage you to think. after each battle or so we would review your decision making so you know where your going wrong. also you could analys
  12. I'm going to talk solely about tier 10 for the purpose of this to try and keep things simple. First off, all the tier 10 heavies aside from the grille 263 and e4 are very inflexible giving a much lower skill cap. With ALL other tds it is extremely important to just get shots off with your boomstick at medium to long range and rely on your armour or cover to keep you safe from being rushed or the enemies peeking back out at you and returning fire. the remaining 3 td's all play out fairly differently the e4 is basically a heavy tank, with its turret it allows you to peak around co
  13. Would it be possible to have an updated table compiled of the most recent version of wn9, wn8 and percentiles of players for both overall and recent so I can better apply it to recruitment purposes. also if it is easier a scatter graph that shows wn8 against wn9 for thousands of players would also work even a formula for transforming wn9 into wn8 like numbers would work for me too eg something like wn9 to the 1.5, times 2 (i know this will be wildly inaccurate but you get the picture) my brain still works in wn8 despite my best efforts so I'm trying my best to find a workar
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