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  1. Yeah i know , i do have 6th on IS3 but right now its all assault, Stab/Ram/GLD. I might be horrible at this game but that doesn't mean i can't read a thread by Keweii
  2. Yeah biggest thing thats getting me is that if you do 2500+ damage in IS it actually feels like a victory, compared to KV1S where it just feels like cheating
  3. So looking in my garage i have 1 tank i know of that i could live without. However i massively prefer the challenge and reward of the IS vs the KV1S (which i am only keeping for platooning with friends really) I am way more interested in the IS3 i have now, even though i have only had a few good games in it (good games for me are 3k+) I find its armor in general more challenging and the gun way more eager to work with me. The ONLY reason i would sell IS is because i would like to put the money towards half off equipment that will be going on till 6AM today (est) I do better with the IS
  4. I like this tank, but it has to be the simplest tank ever, perfect noob tank. Know somebody who just started playing and they need credits to expand their garage lineup? Churchill III handsdown. This tank doesn't have a range of depth, just like i thought! But it does consistently pull its weight and print me 20-35k after repairs. If i was going to trust a 5 year old to play my game and make me credits while playing with "boom boom tinky tonks" i would have him strictly drive this tank and he would probably make me a WOT multi-millionaire in about a week. With that said location is stil
  5. One thing i like about low tier huge ammo-load machinecannons is they frag my FPS so hard i never look back on selling gift tanks with them With that said this thing does seem way more usable then the T7, the pen is a big boon. But if i need some low tier lols i still prefer a PZ II G platoon. 90 Pen in a tier 5 match is way more usable then 25 pen in a 3 tier match filled with T18 rapist tanks
  6. I'm writing a long piece about one of my favorite cars I ever got to drive on a track, this car won a place in my heart. Although as someone who isn't very mechanically inclined i am happy i was never foolish enough to buy one. The sexiest car that i think most non-car people would prefer not to look at , and the car with a more intricate personality then any other I've ever driven. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 Styling It was once explained by Jeremy Clarkson in a article about the RX-8 that Japanese car stylists have a cultural tendency to focus more on the bits and parts that add up
  7. Not on this tank line, just quick question about current game meta. based on Tier and matchmaking etc: E50>E50M?
  8. Tell me if I'm wrong but you had to have been hit harder by WN8 then anyone else i know. I swear you used to have a pretty sweet WN7. Tonight I played IS/Church III drunk on vodka as as a experiment and my WN8 for tonight is higher then your 60 day Swear to god you used to be near Unicum in WN7, but my memory is awful sooooo..... Any idea what happened/changed? Personally I'm just happy i have less red
  9. I see your a noob like me! You want a IS6. I dont have one but i can tell at your point, since your here and interested in learning, the best thing you can do is get a tank that plays dynamically. The Lowe really doesn't. It got a recent buff, so it can sorta angle, sorta sidescrape, if nothing else it can go hull-down a lot better. All those thing are really basic ideas you should pick up by the time your at 3-4k battles. But the biggest problem is speed, and if you read hear more you'll learn how important it is to atleast have some speed. The main difference with the IS6 is it
  10. This was the first tank i fell in love with in this game, unfortinetly i had no idea what "scout matchmaking" was and continued playing it because i remembered how good the first 5-10 battles were. Its completely responsible for me playing 41% light tanks in my history in WOT, some people should say i should hate it for that, instead i bought a T71 (probably the closest thing to a serious version of this tank) Personally i have seen better damage results with the 5CM in purple replays, BUT i think if your not a amazing player, and you don't own atleast 1 tier 8 premium and play it well e
  11. Does anybody have any tactics that might apply to this tank, i have no clue what mindset i should be in when driving it. I just bought this tank and I'm liking its consistency, but, and tell me if im wrong, this tank has that whole (i might be saying this wrong) high skill floor, low skill ceiling thing going on. Basically i don't think this tank has many tricks up its sleeves, its basically at the mercy of people not knowing to shoot it in the turret, but if they dont, then you can consistently do damage, make money, and get xp. I'm trying to figure out a more sophisticated way of pl
  12. I think I'll just get myself a Mr. Churchill Small recap of my current grinds and improvement: My main obsession is the IS3. I was able to get myself a T71 and a cromwell awile back instead of skipping to a IS3 (which skipping to all together would have probably been a horrible idea) -After taking the camo net off the T71 and working just with 100% camo crew and 6th Sense I've learned way more things then passive scouting ever taught me. -The Cromwell is a tank that by myself I only do decent in, but with either well cordinated team-mates (it CAN happen despite the popular beli
  13. Really interesting stuff even for scrubs Not the most intelligent question, but how many Professional grade players that you can rely on have you encounter that... Lack sobriety? Stoners or drinkers Surprised a stoned caller can work at all but i suppose thats more a tell of his quality and experience then anything else. And do said smokers seem to lack anything in reaction time when tanking themselves? or is that just government funded propaganda?
  14. So this includes all the tier 5 premiums if i missed something. But as is this is a short list as i did my research and narrowed it down to two tanks. Churchill III T-25 I believe the Churchhill III is the simple answer, my problem is I believe its so slow it discourages learning (atleast for someone at my level.) I had a super pershing before it was sellable, and it taught me all about which tanks can be penned tier 7-9 with 170 pen AP rounds, weakspots, angling, etc which is great. But it was so slow i just drove straight to the heavy tank line, regardless, and literally learned
  15. Cooler IS3 picture repost from similar WOT thread about IS3 side armor Thread here This probably why when you shoot a oblivious IS3 in the upper-side and its parked slightly on a hill you think "aaah your armor is flat now, I'll totally Pen" and it bounces like no tomorrow Gold or not.
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