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  1. Yeah i know , i do have 6th on IS3 but right now its all assault, Stab/Ram/GLD. I might be horrible at this game but that doesn't mean i can't read a thread by Keweii
  2. Yeah biggest thing thats getting me is that if you do 2500+ damage in IS it actually feels like a victory, compared to KV1S where it just feels like cheating
  3. So looking in my garage i have 1 tank i know of that i could live without. However i massively prefer the challenge and reward of the IS vs the KV1S (which i am only keeping for platooning with friends really) I am way more interested in the IS3 i have now, even though i have only had a few good games in it (good games for me are 3k+) I find its armor in general more challenging and the gun way more eager to work with me. The ONLY reason i would sell IS is because i would like to put the money towards half off equipment that will be going on till 6AM today (est) I do better with the IS then IS3 but I've only had it for like 30 games or so. I would really like to stack up a nice pile of Gun Laying driver and Optics but i don't know if i will regret having the "legitamate" KV1S upgrade the IS is. Tiger will be my only tier 7 heavy if i sell it. So i won't have a proper assault heavy if i do. Do you consider the IS a legit fallback if I'm working on getting better in IS3? or should i just play IS3 as its armor seems to work completely unique to itself and itself only?
  4. I like this tank, but it has to be the simplest tank ever, perfect noob tank. Know somebody who just started playing and they need credits to expand their garage lineup? Churchill III handsdown. This tank doesn't have a range of depth, just like i thought! But it does consistently pull its weight and print me 20-35k after repairs. If i was going to trust a 5 year old to play my game and make me credits while playing with "boom boom tinky tonks" i would have him strictly drive this tank and he would probably make me a WOT multi-millionaire in about a week. With that said location is still important and it is still possible to do better in this tank, its just not like a T49 where your damage multiplies if you apply yourself, damage to self application is linear in this tank, with the difference being that at its worst it still does 500 damage just by way of armor and fast firing gun.
  5. One thing i like about low tier huge ammo-load machinecannons is they frag my FPS so hard i never look back on selling gift tanks with them With that said this thing does seem way more usable then the T7, the pen is a big boon. But if i need some low tier lols i still prefer a PZ II G platoon. 90 Pen in a tier 5 match is way more usable then 25 pen in a 3 tier match filled with T18 rapist tanks
  6. I'm writing a long piece about one of my favorite cars I ever got to drive on a track, this car won a place in my heart. Although as someone who isn't very mechanically inclined i am happy i was never foolish enough to buy one. The sexiest car that i think most non-car people would prefer not to look at , and the car with a more intricate personality then any other I've ever driven. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 Styling It was once explained by Jeremy Clarkson in a article about the RX-8 that Japanese car stylists have a cultural tendency to focus more on the bits and parts that add up to the whole, where western styling culture usually emphasis the shape as a whole and then adds bits and parts to freshen it up. This is one Italian car that i think fits the former more then the latter, especially if your a Giugiaro nut like me. Strange overall shape even if you love it, but so many little things to admire if you do. Most interiors are designed to look good when looking into the car at a auto-show, or built and styled to feel well made(German.) Guigairo styled cars in general are probably the only affordable cars i know that feel like they were actually designed to be enjoyed from the drivers seat perspective in a unique and very well thought out manner. That include the look out the rear-view mirror and the way the C-pillars curve and the rear-windows outline-line. Alot of muscle cars feel really cool on the inside because their from another era, this baby takes it way beyond that, but there isn't a picture on the internet, or video for that matter which describes what I'm talking about. Same thing goes for the engine sound and the handling. Handling could best be described as almost as easy to dive into a corner and invoke a drifting by trail-braking as a Miata (very slightly more understeer then miata), but difference being the Dedion suspension gives even more comfortable power-oversteer coming out of the corner then a solid-axle car would. All that with way better steering feel then a Miata, although thats one of the Miatas only weaknesses. With that said the steering is about as heavy as parking lot speeds as a normal car with a broken power-steering pump, it is THAT heavy at 5mph. The suspension is actually a direct copy of some obscure 1950s Italian hillclimb racer but its been ages since i have been around Alfa Romeo nuts so i don't remember what. The Engine sound always gets labelled "one of the best sounding engines ever" which sounds kinda hard to believe, but after driving one a couple years ago I think it might actually deserves the title. It rumbles sorta like a cammed v8 at idle, gargles through the torque band at 3-5, then at 5-7500 it starts this wonderful yowl that is absolutely the best thing this side of a actual supercar, in some cases even better. I was so infatuated with the sound after driving the car i wanted to figure out some of the science behind it. Basically besides the individual throttle bodys and the Hemi compustion chamber, the two HUGE things that make the car sound the way it does that i've never seen anybody mention on the internet is this. A. Valve sizing: Intake to exhaust area, exhaust is VERY large, 85% the area of intake, this is part of what gives it a huge contrast between RPMS and such a rich sound at high revs. You can hear this exact same effect as well in a original 1.6 VW Rabbit engine, but without as good of a overall sound. B. The exhaust ports are almost COMPLETELY straight. Neither of these things are "technically" perfect, but this is one of the only 2 valve engines i know that in race tune seems to make similar hp to liter ratios as a 4 valve engine, I.E. 110hp/liter+ Sample picture of the exhaust port of wonderment and magic I could probably go on about his car but I've already got carried away.
  7. Not on this tank line, just quick question about current game meta. based on Tier and matchmaking etc: E50>E50M?
  8. Tell me if I'm wrong but you had to have been hit harder by WN8 then anyone else i know. I swear you used to have a pretty sweet WN7. Tonight I played IS/Church III drunk on vodka as as a experiment and my WN8 for tonight is higher then your 60 day Swear to god you used to be near Unicum in WN7, but my memory is awful sooooo..... Any idea what happened/changed? Personally I'm just happy i have less red
  9. I see your a noob like me! You want a IS6. I dont have one but i can tell at your point, since your here and interested in learning, the best thing you can do is get a tank that plays dynamically. The Lowe really doesn't. It got a recent buff, so it can sorta angle, sorta sidescrape, if nothing else it can go hull-down a lot better. All those thing are really basic ideas you should pick up by the time your at 3-4k battles. But the biggest problem is speed, and if you read hear more you'll learn how important it is to atleast have some speed. The main difference with the IS6 is it teaches you all about how important more advanced angling is in this game. Especially if you go further down the IS line. Not just the standard "turn your hull 25-35 degrees automatically" and hope they don't penetrate. Furthermore learning how to use slightly iffy pen and find weakspots may sound like a pain, but it helps in the long run. To elaborate a little, when i went through my Super-Pershing gold shell spamming phase (256mm pen which is near standard pen on alot of tier 9s you'll face) the IS6 was the ONE tank i had to actually think about what exact plate to shoot at, and if he rotated the hull properly i would usually have to aim again. Their are 3 angles on the front and if you don't shoot at a IS6 the right way you'll bounce off it alot, even when firing 256 pen. Figure out how to be that jerk who never exposes a good angle to shoot at. I'm assuming you spent money on premium time to go with your premium tank. If you didnt, do it as soon as you can, this makes running a fair amount of gold reasonable and profitable. Try to only use it on tier 9 tanks, or in critical situations. Look up some good IS6 replays if you can, using the armor to its fullest takes some forethought but has probably the biggest potential out of all the premiums. Where your at take the time to try out "side scraping" / "Reverse Angling" in one of your KVs if you haven't already, Further down the Russians line you'll find out the trademark seems to be Big unsophisticated guns with probably the most sophisticated armor angles in the game. High potential in right hands but easier to get wrong compared to say Germans. Basically it is better, particularly hull-down, but its more along the lines of "my Lowe is kinda playable now" rather then "ZOMG LOWE FTW WTF?!!1!!?!"
  10. Ottobon

    Luchs Loving

    This was the first tank i fell in love with in this game, unfortinetly i had no idea what "scout matchmaking" was and continued playing it because i remembered how good the first 5-10 battles were. Its completely responsible for me playing 41% light tanks in my history in WOT, some people should say i should hate it for that, instead i bought a T71 (probably the closest thing to a serious version of this tank) Personally i have seen better damage results with the 5CM in purple replays, BUT i think if your not a amazing player, and you don't own atleast 1 tier 8 premium and play it well enough to load a full gold 5CM loadout, just use the 3cm FW 190 cannon with uranium tipped rounds . Besides being fun as hell, if you can memorize fuel tanks/engine locations (or just shoot people in the butt) this gun probably has the highest probability of setting a tank on fire of ANY gun in the game. I might be wrong, but i seriously doubt it. Plus drifting. No more T50s so, This is the new AE86 of WOT If you CAN figure out how to use the mk 103 the Leopard becomes a Joy to use as well,i know everyone hates it here at wotlabs, but its one of those tanks that when it works it pulls out 1800 damage games and you actually contributed in a way that not only surpised everybody else but yourself, i love the mk 103. 1 thing about the Leopard, get offroad driving. No idea why but it works better on that tank then any other tank i've tried it on. Turns leopard into a big luchs instead of a big slow retarded luchs that gets shot all the time for being a slow fatty The one thing that gets me about this tank and the Leopard-scout is which equipment to run, obviously Net/Binocs/Optics would make logical sense, but both these tanks with either the 5cm or 3cm are begging for a GLD, arguably more so with 5CM as the 3cm will only ever work at close range and in rapid bursts. Its the shot dispersion that kills the 5CM for me, maybe a GLD would help but i don't know. Best bet I have is to drop camo net once you get camo skill and 6th then add GLD, assuming your a crazy person like me who actually drives this tank for fun.
  11. Does anybody have any tactics that might apply to this tank, i have no clue what mindset i should be in when driving it. I just bought this tank and I'm liking its consistency, but, and tell me if im wrong, this tank has that whole (i might be saying this wrong) high skill floor, low skill ceiling thing going on. Basically i don't think this tank has many tricks up its sleeves, its basically at the mercy of people not knowing to shoot it in the turret, but if they dont, then you can consistently do damage, make money, and get xp. I'm trying to figure out a more sophisticated way of playing this tank, and there very well may be a strategy, but it seems like this thing delivers the goods on demand, but increasing the goods in it is more about either spamming gold (which loses you money, the reason you bought it) or getting lucky and picking on all the people who are bigger noobs then oneself. Where and how should this tank be employed? What type of playstyle should i be looking to perfect to get the most out of my experience with this tank? I'm sure there is something one can do to make the most of it while using as little prem rounds as possible. Checking this tank on the new "ivanerr" tank stats graph its completely balanced until 54%ers get a hold of it and seem to do no better with it all the way up the graph, but then this is probably one of the most popular first tanks in the game so the graph might be a bit scewed (like when looking at IS7 stats on RU server)
  12. I think I'll just get myself a Mr. Churchill Small recap of my current grinds and improvement: My main obsession is the IS3. I was able to get myself a T71 and a cromwell awile back instead of skipping to a IS3 (which skipping to all together would have probably been a horrible idea) -After taking the camo net off the T71 and working just with 100% camo crew and 6th Sense I've learned way more things then passive scouting ever taught me. -The Cromwell is a tank that by myself I only do decent in, but with either well cordinated team-mates (it CAN happen despite the popular belief) or with good platoon mates can absolutely change the course of a game. Me and the guys at CIRCO actually had a run of something like 80% Winrate runing Cromwell/30.02M/Hellcat! Its a fantastic little flanker and teamwork encouraging little tank and I'm happy that i went that route. I've come to the realization that the IS is probably my best bet on preparing myself for the IS3, so Im grinding XP on IS to unlock the IS3 and saving free xp for Turret/Gun. The IS3 seems like its a unique enough tank i shouldn't worry about how different a Church III is. I was initially worried that the Churchill III will lead to bad habits (horrible turret and high ROF, vs mediocre hull w/ sluggish but deadly gun), but I'm at the point now that i actually know how drive different tanks and properly observe the difference and reveling in those very differences is whats fun now. So in short the Churchill III seems like the perfect rapid-fire-hamfisted-fun fest that would be easy enough to grind and just make credits/exp, and now that i actually have a idea of how different tanks should engage differently i can't imagine it would hurt anything. Will update once I've taken the plung and got myself one. Thanks guys!
  13. Really interesting stuff even for scrubs Not the most intelligent question, but how many Professional grade players that you can rely on have you encounter that... Lack sobriety? Stoners or drinkers Surprised a stoned caller can work at all but i suppose thats more a tell of his quality and experience then anything else. And do said smokers seem to lack anything in reaction time when tanking themselves? or is that just government funded propaganda?
  14. So this includes all the tier 5 premiums if i missed something. But as is this is a short list as i did my research and narrowed it down to two tanks. Churchill III T-25 I believe the Churchhill III is the simple answer, my problem is I believe its so slow it discourages learning (atleast for someone at my level.) I had a super pershing before it was sellable, and it taught me all about which tanks can be penned tier 7-9 with 170 pen AP rounds, weakspots, angling, etc which is great. But it was so slow i just drove straight to the heavy tank line, regardless, and literally learned NOTHING about the maps. I'm 4k battles and all i seem to do is "pull my weight" when in anything besides T49/Hellcat/T71 which i do decent in enough of the time. The only other option i believe is the T-25. I'm not that turned off buy the slow traverse or turret as these factors actually help my play (very low FPS in sniper, means Hellcats/T49s are actually easier to aim, as there is less jerking so the dispersion gets less out of wack=better aim time) I already run cheapscape roving Binocs/Camo nets on all my sniper tanks, and although fairly different then the American TDs, I'm working on Sniper tanks in general as i just got my Tiger upgraded Personally i feel like the T-25 would be a little better for learning and encouraging tactical thinking and map knowledge, but the Church III has two really strong points. A. Tier 6 Maximum Matchmaking B. I'm focusing on Russian heavies at the moment and all the earning would go towards new, beautiful, curvy pike tanks on the IS line, and it would help with crew training in the process. * I also have a friend with 45% Winrate, and basically the only two tanks he pulls above slightly average stats in are his AT2 derp-bunker and his Church III, so i have a feeling it may be a bit bland but its atleast reliable. So my primary questions. Which is a better earner/ needs less gold? and the BIG ONE Is it possible to learn anything while playing a tank as slow as a Churchhill III? Or is that a tank for numptys and i would learn more about intricate sight lines, decent hull down locations, and general map knowledge in a T-25 while still making similar money? (in which case just ignore Russian crew training potential) Other suggestions are valid so long as the tank requires as few gold rounds as physically possible (ideally less then 5-10%) any nation valid so long as its $5-7 during the Christmas sale. Maybe i overlooked the Japanese since that tank didn't exist last time a question like this was asked! I have a huge craving for a IS6 but i feel like spending $44 on a pixel tank is stupid unless you live and breathe this game. I'm interested in getting better, not selling a weeks worth of food money for 1 example of Russian excellence which someone of my skill will just potato in.
  15. Cooler IS3 picture repost from similar WOT thread about IS3 side armor Thread here This probably why when you shoot a oblivious IS3 in the upper-side and its parked slightly on a hill you think "aaah your armor is flat now, I'll totally Pen" and it bounces like no tomorrow Gold or not.
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