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  1. When I first joined this forum a few months ago I was pretty terrible at this game, a proud citizen of tomatotown. Since then, by getting more experience and by reading the advice of the purples here, I managed to find my way up to green overall and dark green recent wn8, and recent wr% that fluctuates between dark green and light blue (52-55%). But I feel like I'm starting to get stuck and level-off. Lately, I've been really struggling to have days that are better than my recent wn8, and I've had about 1400 for over a month now. For the first time since coming here, I'm failing to actuall
  2. Not like my avatar is a reference or anything... GET HYPE
  3. This is a little dated now, but still worth a read if you haven't already. http://wotlabs.net/articles/best-tier-10-tanks/ If you care about winning, and want a flexible tank to carry with, most would recommend the T-62A. I played it on the test server and can confirm it is capable of anything. Also if you like pointing your gun at something and immediately firing without waiting and having the shell hit exactly where you intended, the T-62A does that.
  4. If you're a green* player who posts or lurks here and are looking for a march mapness tourney team, shoot me a pm. Currently have 3/6 spaces to fill. *I mean if the unicums on here want to join I wouldn't say no but I doubt you want to be on a team with a bunch of shitters.
  5. Only on the 12t is it extremely bad. Mostly because in addition to being frontal, the engine has like no health and a huge fire chance. The 13 75 and 13 90 can get shot in the engine but it is much rarer (for me anyway) and less of an enormous problem when they do.
  6. Just did this on the test server.  My damage record on my actual account is ~3k, should I get the 30B?  (Currently have a 13 90, thinking of getting a batchat)



    1. engineered


      Get Batchat first.  It's much better.

  7. I would recommend picking a tank that you already have (preferably one you have all the modules for) that you like to play, and playing exclusively that for a while. When you play too many different tanks you can find yourself not ever really learning how to play any of them. So pick one you like, and then do some research. Watch some vids of unicums playing that tank. Go to www.tanks.gg and look at the armor models of the tanks you can encounter and see where you can pen them. In my personal case, I got a Type64 when it was on sale at Thanksgiving and played about 400 battles in it a
  8. Have you read lert's guide? It helped me immensely: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/186917-lerts-collection-of-guides/
  9. I think people are just butt-hurt about French aim times being so bad. Presumably your crew has to wipe croissant crumbs out of their mustaches before aiming the gun. The gun itself is quite accurate however, so snapshots can be pretty successful and camosniping works well. Also having 212 AP pen on a medium is nice. In general you don't really have to worry about not being able to scratch people because you're fast enough to flank anyone you can't pen in the front. I like the tank...
  10. I've been wanting to get into more organized play for a while now but have been concerned about having the time. Do you have any requirements? (i.e. would a noob like me be welcome?)
  11. I thought it reduced all HE damage, not just non-penning. Therefore it might have been useful protection against derps and cancer. Sadly it appears not. Sorry for the noob question.
  12. Oh. Well then yeah that is totally useless. Thanks for the help.
  13. I'm currently running the standard Vert Stab, Rammer, and Optics. Is it worth it to replace one of these with a spall-liner? If so, which one and why?
  14. Technically green wn8 is "above average," although that may be more of a statement about how bad the average player is! Anyway welcome to the quest to leave noobtown!
  15. Chat seems to be working for newbs like me.
  16. I shall take these to heart! I know that playing my 12t as a support medium that hid behind heavies and poked after enemies fired ended up being a really good strategy for that tank so I shall try that with more tanks and try to "retard properly" while I'm at it. Thanks guys.
  17. Because he wants to be a troll? On an unrelated note: good luck soviet! Be confident and flirty (in a guy kind of way, obviously) and they lap that shit up.
  18. Hi all, As I go along, playing way too much to be considered healthy, I'm finding that I'm slowly getting better at things like 1v1s and generally not being completely stupid (although I have my moments). However, there's one thing which I feel I seriously lack confidence in: where is the best place to go at the start? To that end, I was hoping I could waste the time of some of you purples and blues to critique some of my choices. I have here 5 situations (my 5 most recent games) and what I chose to do. It would be A+ if you could look at a couple of them and tell me why what I di
  19. I guess a more specific question would be which artillery is most accurate? (If that's a thing) Or if not accurate, is very splashy. Taking a shot every 30 seconds and having them all miss when trying to even do something simple like hit heavy tanks for 1k dmg is incredibly aggravating.
  20. I thought it was for little boys who want to watch porn...
  21. Enlighten a noob will you? Why is north considered a bad idea? I have in the past gone that way in meds and found it possible to push from there to the cap and eventually flank the heavies who went east. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if that had only worked because the enemy team was retarded and can't read the minimap to see 3-4 meds wrecking the TDs who camped base.
  22. Lol. Colour me "I don't get it" with regards to ponies/bronies.
  23. Shaming myself for participating in a fast-cap on Murovanka. http://imgur.com/XjQ0rwu Edit: Game was over in under 3 minutes.
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