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  1. You can add me... obviously my stats speak for themselves. Hit me up when you can't find anyone else lol!
  2. You can add me if you'd like. I have an overall positive WR and I promise not to steal your damage
  3. Just unlocked my first Tier X... the IS-7!!!!  Super Pumped!!!!

  4. You can add me! I'll hit you up whenever I'm playing my pref 8s.
  5. Had a bunch of fun tooning with @A_Fuzzy_Velociraptor [Y0L0] and @TheCuro [SNPAI] last night!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm looking for ppl to join me grinding out my two tier 9s (T-54 and T-10) as well as my 8s for creds and future 9s. I play late just about every night 11PM est. Mostly I'm looking to have fun while grinding and win, so please respond if you have 50% WR and higher than 1100 WN8. Also, I promise to stop sniping off of everyone else's toon threads and will only add ppl who reply here
  7. I'm totally down if you want to add me! I have IS-6, Super P, and FCM for prefs.
  8. I'm a must add as well. I've been grinding my T-54 and T-10 as of late and could use a platoon mate to help out with that! That being said, I'm adding everyone who is responding to your thread
  9. As a fellow green, I've only just broke out into blue recent stats b/c I followed DirtyACE's advice. Watch the streams. Watch how good players do in good games, but probably more importantly... watch how they do in bad games.
  10. Am I the only one who has been thinking this whole time that Jesus really did start crossfit?
  11. The best map tactics that I've seen on the internet! Thanks for putting this together and obviously spending so much time on it. Maybe in the future, you could work on the other battle types (the ones that I stay away from b/c I don't know how to play them ). Thanks again for putting this together!!!
  12. Hey everyone! I've been surfing these forums since I started playing tanks last winter and I'm just now finally getting around to posting here. I just want to say that I wouldn't have nearly as much of this game figured out without your help and dedication to the community. I get better everyday and its because of you guys! Hope to see you around! (Also, I'm new to forums and stuff so be ready for me to do some dumb stuff )
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