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  1. That makes so much sense, and I'm sad that I was oblivious to it. Thanks!
  2. I still seem to feel that the cupola is just so easy to exploit. The gun is great now, and my opinion is like nothing compared to unicorns but still. Just going up against it the cupola is just such a big/easy target.
  3. Thank you! Would you recommend that I get away from the tier 7/8 games and go back down to tier 5 and 6 just to get better? This is probably a given, but I love my Pershing so much and I do well in it.
  4. I know most people have a tank that they can go to that they always seem to get nice WN8 scores with ... But I don't think that I'll ever get to 1600 ... Oh well.
  5. Yea, that seems to be perfect for me! Any website I can go to? This is awesome.
  6. I'm playing a lot of meds and heavies, and I can't seem to make the right decisions to help improve my stats. Just looking for a little help, as well as a buddy to enjoy the game with. Thanks! Specifically playing the Pershing a lot, and the Tiger 2.
  7. Not the best, but am looking to improve. I'm usually on for a few hours at a time each week at the end of the day, around 7 or 8 most of the time, central standard time. Thanks!
  8. I'm currently about 2.5k battles in, and I enjoy QB and Jingles with their commentary and insight into specific situations. My stats, however, are pretty rough, as you can see. I understand that getting 2500+ WN8 or even just in the green will not happen until about 7 or 8k battles, but through your first 5, what would you say your stats looked like? Thanks!
  9. Haven't really figured out how to play this one yet, I just got it this weekend. I like the alpha, but the reload is really a limiting factor.
  10. MoonMewn

    KV-1 tactics?

    When you can get around their sides. I've been having to load gold when going hull down vs. an OI, which is pretty tough since they can pen the KV-1's turret.
  11. MoonMewn

    KV-1 tactics?

    I'll just have to test, I guess. As for the 122 ... I dunno. I prefer the 85 because it does have a really nice pen and allows flexibility in certain situations in terms of reload speed. I kinda think I prefer it more than the 122mm because I lover American Meds, specifically the E8 which has excellent gun-handling. I'll certainly give it a shot though
  12. MoonMewn

    KV-1 tactics?

    Not totally related to the KV-1, but do most people use the replay system in the game? I just feel like it's very clunky, so I started recording my games using OBS, but it doesn't give an in-game experience, so I'll only have my perspective ... Just wondering. My financial situation in-game is really going to limit what modules I can use on this tank, but as of now the the crew is sitting at around 80 percent, I believe, and I plan on first skill commander being 6th sense (I think this might not be the best choice on this tank, as it is pretty slow ... What would be better? Repairs?),
  13. MoonMewn

    KV-1 tactics?

    This. I've gotten much better at side scraping more recently, but its still a little difficult to side scrape effectively (for me, at least), and still keep from being outflanked. Sometimes my team will be aggressive and push the enemy back, meaning I have to find a new position, or risk being outflanked by small mediums and lights while they rush to protect their cap, or assist heavies/tds. Part of this is due to me only having the second engine, and my average damage per battle in the KV-1 is less than impressive. I do enjoy it, however, even though it is a lumbering giant, as of now.
  14. MoonMewn

    KV-1 tactics?

    So I've started going down the Russian heavy line and after getting past the hell that is the T-26 and T-48 at Tiers 3 and 4 respectively, I've found the KV-1. Now from my experience in the American mediums, I know that the KV-1 CAN be a dangerous machine, but the way I am using it is not as effective. Now, I'm wondering what some of you guys did to make this tank one of the more dangerous on the battlefield Thanks
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