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  1. I was never implying I get reported because of my stats; but biased bots like you guys understandably cannot read so I can understand that part. What I did say, was getting reported because of good game performance. Killing an enemy, or staying alive long. In case any of you have any sense of justice (which you don't seem to) just think about the replies I've been getting here. Assumptions, unfounded accusations and harsh personal insults. If I reply unpolitely to a particularly damning insult, it is me who gets all the hate, not the person who first goes insulting me. Seeing as I did nothing here to hurt anybody's feelings, it's really quite interesting so many of you go on a personal vendetta just to insult me. Luckily I know what is justice and I know it will get everybody in the end. It's nice to know that getting shot by team mates is OK, team kills are fun and OK. Because breaking every game rule is OK it's only rational complaining about others breaking game rules is penalized. You guys operate exactly the same as "civilized society", bread and butter of which is tyranny and genocide. May him be put to death whoever pursues justice. 90% of these comments are, however, completely irrelevant because all the negativity is based on this discussion and not on gameplay which was my interest. Luckily basing everything on imagination and irrelevant rage, we see everyone for who they really are. May the wrongdoer be ever praised and may justice be condemned. Just like the civilized society. But in the end everyone will get what's coming to them, which surely is a blessing. For any rationality and logic, if there may be any, remember the next time I TK someone and report doing so - to praise me highly for breaking the game rules and wrecking the game of someone who's doing better than me. Remember, doing wrong is the right thing to do! May you never forget it! Bobi, to you personally, I simply must say that I am sorry for your existence; and not for my sake. What a sad day it will be when your eyes will be opened and you will see yourself for what you are. Because you are utterly unable to even imagine the evil that will be revealed to you that day.
  2. You must be typing this shit from jail, right? Nobody can be a cunt like that and not get into big trouble. Maybe explain what the fuck you think I did wrong in that game that you say I was doing so many evil things? You piss-fuck shit.
  3. Took three days off WoT to calm my nerves. Then I came back and this happened the first 3 hours in: http://wotreplays.com/site/2434303#kharkov-alisuorittaja-panther_ii Before my break, this kind of stuff only happened ~2 times a day on average, but what a feeling to come back to the game and in one single game, three different players do team damage to me. Because people don't believe what kind of a gaming experience I get, I will now start posting proof here; also to raise awareness about the issue we need to get team damagers out of the game and stop banning those who did nothing wrong.
  4. I can see people on this forum aren't any more fair and rational than on the WG toxo-forum. Shame on me for expecting them to. Just remember, not a single word of rage, not one insulting comment - it's all on you bro. Thanks for the illuminating experience.
  5. Guess what I find annoying? Getting negged so heavily by someone who's guilty himself of a) and b). If you just adjusted your insulting tone a little, I'd be fine in you having a negative opinion of me. But there's no basis for that tone. And still, all the reasons you're giving for my ban are purely of your own imagination. Maybe aim that hate towards trolls rather than me? I do find it amusing you came up with that original "running my mouth" comment when I'm the one here trying to raise awareness about justice I guess you won't be joining the community act for removing auto-bans then. I guess you also believe the world is just in essence; how else would you condemn me guilty for playing like an asshole when you have never seen even one of my games? Yes, all those team kills must be my fault. You know, 'cuz world is just and people are fair and infallible. You know. Maybe take a step back, reread everything you've posted, calm down a little and relax. Raging in games after you've been one shot by an arty is fine - raging here in the cold light of day is annoying.
  6. How would you react to getting banned for no reason? Would it not cause any concern as to the same thing happening again in the future? You're drawing conclucions about my gameplay from how I deal with an undeserved ban? Generalization is such an appealing trait. The fact remains many players (especially on EU server) get banned for things which among good players are considered desirable. Such as playing well, carrying games, using your armor effectively, choosing correct ammunition, being in a top clan... There is absolutely no paranoia about being afraid of being banned again! If it doesn't happen to you, well - lucky you. On WG forum there are currently two screen shots on a similar topic where players have been banned for a MONTH for being good at the game. Paranoia? How about denial? Hysterical....Come on dude... Guess whether I was a psychology major at the uni and maybe reconsider your diagnoses a little would you? Your denial is simply steering you towards unnecessarily derogatory language in your attempt of silencing me about an issue we all KNOW to be a real problem. It's only a matter of time when somebody's one-month ban becomes 6 months, a year, a perma-ban. Unless they quit playing before that happens.
  7. I watched many educational videos and read guides before even pressing "battle" the first time. So I knew how spotting, weak spots, side scraping etc, worked in theory. But I had trouble actually driving my tank; whenever I tried to turn while reversing, I would turn the wrong way.... In three days / 400 games I had reached 50% win rate. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/TurboJ1/523954017/ Very early on I learned to preserve my HP and to read the map all the time. I stayed at low tiers for a good while - I thought it wasn't smart to advance higher before I was winning more than I was losing. In 3 weeks / 2500 games I was averaging 1000-1700 WN8 per day with a 53% win rate. So I rerolled after 5 weeks & 3,7k games The mistakes I did in the beginning was playing too many tanks hence having bad crews; picking wrong skills like radio range, and staying TOO long in tier 3, because you can't learn the meta where there is none. And playing heavy tanks when my talent lies in mediums. And I had a stupid "honor code" to not use much premium ammo when using it would have been the right thing to do. And I chose AMX 50 100 as my first tier 8 - and sucked so hard in it it's not even funny. I'm always inpatient and want to get better as soon as possible, so I was basically try-harding from day one. Noobmeter and WotLabs were in use after 2 days... The smart thing I did was to actually study the game; watching streams and videos, learning the armor layouts etc. And taking responsibility for winning; i.e. not blaming it on others unless blatantly obvious. My biggest problem remains; I don't like to wait to get to purple, so I play 40-100 games a day and that severely limits my performance. I fail to quit when I'm too tired or when on tilt. And try-hard that I am, I'm on tilt a lot.... I still go to the "correct" positions alone too much because I'm too stubborn to believe I can't win them alone. One example I'd like to share about correct attitude towards learning: My wife played 10 games on my old account. She has never played any video games, and I mean none. I was coaching my wife all the time, and she averaged 600 WN8 on those 10 games even though barely knowing which buttons to press. Many long-term baddies will do worse. Why? Because they don't listen. Going from yellow to green recent I think was mainly due to playing tier 7 instead of 3 TBH. Going from green to blue recent was all about self control. The more consistent I could be, the better the daily win rate. Going from blue to purple recent was clearly about being more aggressive. I started taking more risks and trying new things. Thus far win rate has slowly started to improve as I learn more about when to be aggressive and when not to. That and trying not to play tanks stock. For new players my recommendation would be to play tier 5-7 for a LONG time. Stay at it until you have overall 50%+ win rate. Low tiers are a waste because there is no meta, teams are full of bots and tanks have way too high DPM-to-HP ratio. Mid tiers you actually start to learn something that is also applicable to high tiers. Be humble - the more you realize your need to improve, the more you will improve. Play fewer tanks with better crews and equipment. Don't listen to oldie-baddies who insist on fitting your tanks and crews for vision meta that's long gone. Find out what tank types and play style fits you best and stick to it until you are clearly winning more than losing. Don't start experimenting too much before you have a solid understanding about the game. Now, from recent purple to recent deep purple; I believe I have to try not to stat whore as much. Focusing 99% on winning a game just won't do. It has to be 100%. And I must resist the temptation of playing low tiers for relaxation; nothing is more stressful than tier 3 - believe me!
  8. Yes I do tend to reply to insults and sometimes also let team mates know when they do something really retarded; but unless I'm talking to a team damager or blocker I'm not an ass about it.. I guess I would expect some insult-reports but how that would result in unsportsmanlike ban I don't know. I do remember a couple of cases where I asked team to report a team damager and they replied by reporting me instead, so there's that.
  9. The thing about both the O-I exp and the O-I is that they require zero skill to absolutely wreck other players' games with. The tier 5 one has stupendous alpha damage that will one-shot tier 4s and two-shot tier 5s; the alpha scare is enough to keep pubbies from pushing one so the O-I exp can do whatever it wants and just ONE hit from it, if I'm driving a tier 5, means I cannot carry that game anymore. The tier 6 one has absurd armor. Who thought it was a good idea to make a tank that has both the highest alpha (by far) on the tier and strongest armor (by far) on the tier? Pubbies are so afraid of the O-I that even tomatoes can do 4-kill+ games with ease. Those frontal weak spots are very very hard to hit and you don't want to frontally face this thing anyway lest you get derped into garage. Even the rear is inpenetrable to most tanks under tier 8. Consider the main weak point to be the side armor that is actually STILL the strongest side armor in the tier? GG. If a tomato in an O-I has more than 300 hit points left and I'm low hp & not in a tier 8 tank, the tomato can often win a one-on-one with me - which would be impossible in any other tank. The O-I exp has ridiculous alpha and DPM, but at least you can hurt it easily. The O-I can even bounce 200-pen shells if he's lucky. That's so far from balance it's no wonder tomatoes all seem to have an O-I now.
  10. Someone please already tell me if this all will end in perma-ban or does your ban quota get reset at any time? I mean, the next day some tomato doesn't like me I get banned for a week, then a month the next time.... Does it really work like that? Also I think trying to carry games when all your team is dead, is very dangerous. Chances are your yellow team mates will report you for being alive at the end of the game 'cuz their suerior tactics failed and they died. So I guess I should stop carrying games? As for earning my ban; sure if getting TK's, blocked, trolled and pushed a shitload of times in the last 3 days then yes, it's earned... Not by me but who cares, right?
  11. It seems I'm good enough though... Currently serving my sentence that was issued simply for killing enemies. The game in which I got banned while playing; I didn't utter a WORD on chat, didn't even drive close to any allies. All I did was kill two enemies who couldn't penetrate my armor and just as soon as the last one of them died, I got banned. Guess who reported me and why? There is no way to avoid getting banned like this apart from playing like a tomato. And as we know, trolling goes unpunished because tomatoes don't care if a troll wrecks your game. More likely they enjoy the fact a troll is ruining your game so they will have something to shoot at themselves. They need to fix this system right now - none of us should have to put up with shit like this! A QUESTION: Since in top clans etc people get banned every now and then, how do they not lose their accounts? I have been told the bans get longer and longer each time you get a new one, and eventually a perma-ban. So has this happened to someone already and if not, surely it soon will?
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