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  1. This is good advice. My somewhat obsolete playstyle used to perfect for the kinds of tanks I like to play the most (rumeds, fast heavies), which was always very aggressive. The way a lot of the maps and meta used to be, I could get away with rushing into a position, farming early damage, and then pulling out or holding it if I get sufficient support. Now, it seems like the playstyle is much more campy and aggressive players who take lynchpin positions have a hard time getting out if it's too hot.
  2. So, I recently got back into playing tanks. I have played here and there along the way, but it has really been almost a year since I was playing tanks consistently. I took about a year hiatus for a number of reasons, most notably work. I have been playing tanks again for about a month, and I really suck now. I mean, by server-wide standards, my recent stats are great, solidly in the purple, but by my past self standards, I am trash. I used to easily hold a recent WN8 in the 3000-3200 range and had an all-time best of about 3500 back when I was in YOUJO. Now, I'm sitting around 2500, and even on my best days I am only getting like 2700-2800. The game has changed a not insignificant amount since I was active I suppose with new maps, reworks, new tanks, so I guess a lot of it is just that I'm not used to fighting certain vehicles, or positioning on certain maps,. I've noticed that my number one problem is that I have most of my bad games because I push too far out too soon/ fall back too late, or push out too late/fall back too soon, so that's something I'm really working on. I know I have it in me to get back to where I once was. There are some players who get those stats effortlessly, and that's great for them, but I am not that good. I have to TRY to get those stats. Anyone else have any advice for what helped you find your groove when you were rusty,?
  3. After you killed the M4, you should have immediately turned around and went to defend the south side of cap, or flanked the south side of cap. No reason to take yourself away from the fight for that long of a time to kill arty. Also when peeking you must think "Is the amount of Dmg i do in this shot (if i pen/hit) worth the possible HP/module dmg i could take?" As the biggest role tank there, you must conserve you HP. The M4 is easy, don't try to kill it so quick, it's not going anywhere. Also take an additional second when aiming in. As a tank with a low ROF and high alpha but with bad accuracy as well, you must really try to make quality shots. If you dont have one already, invest in a gun laying drive on the 1s. You need it. But you did fine really
  4. My overall stats are not staggering, this is largely completely due to my first 7k battles being on a computer that did 5fps with Millbarge's Slow PC Mod. However, ever since i got my new computer that does med settings at 60 fps, my WN7 has been purple. Would you consider me a unicum?
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