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  1. In all my years playing this game, I have yet to settle on a DPI / sensitivity combination I'm happy with. Coming from FPS games, I was used to a higher, twitchier sensitivity. This translated OK into WoT, helping with snapping my camera around for situational awareness. However, I found that when it came to carefully aimed shots, I simply didn't have the fine-tuned aim to pull them off (track shots for example). This meant I turned down my sensitivity to a level which made aiming a breeze, but made panning my camera around a nightmare without dragging across the full length of my mouse mat 3
  2. 'Sup purple bots, just wondering what you've put your settings to in order to optimise your tanking performance. I'm thinking along the lines of turning off extra effects cos it's 'useless' visual fluff, or setting flora to OFF so that you have better visibility (assume I'm on a god PC and everything is currently set to max). I'm sure there's a few settings of mine which could improve my gameplay if slightly tweaked. Screenshots nice but not necessary
  3. EDIT: it's all over bois :feelsbad:



    1. Gandaran


      why disband?

    2. Spaz


      disband cos our glorious leader kicked ~20 'inactive' members, and we couldn't really get the numbers back up. didn't want to sacrifice accepting worse players in order to get numbers up, and didn't want to become a running joke for the WoT community. so we disband leaving good memory of F15, stronku klanu, rather than trying to survive as shitters. a large chunk of us are forming a new klanu with groups of people from other gud clans @Gandaran

  4. RIP F15, it was a wonderful time for the short while I was here. A big to the haters, the Pandas were some of the friendliest lads I've had the honour of shooting pixels with. I'm glad it's ending the way it is though, much rather this clan died with honour than struggled to survive as shitters (PTS, anyone? ) EDIT: on a side note, I shall now be soliciting my services for any clans who want a blue bob in their midst, hmu
  5. Yep I think that was the spreadsheet I was talking about, shame it's no longer showing any data wotzilla.com does indeed appear to have a clan-language filter, which is pretty useful and was indeed what I was looking for. The parameters for ranking clans are a little dodgy though, and a few clans show up as being english-speaking when I'm pretty sure they are only for members of certain foreign nationalities e.g. EL_SQ shows up as 'en' when all their diplo/recruitment info is in Croatian (even their logo has Croatian colours ffs) Many thx tho, this was what I was looking for
  6. A while ago I saw a spreadsheet listing the top EU clans (on Reddit, I believe), and one of the columns listed next to each clan was what nationality they were, i.e. if it they were international (english-speaking) or if they only accepted members of a certain nationality, e.g. CSA only accepting Czech players, EL_SQ only accepting Croatian players, RSOP being for Finnish players only etc. Unfortunately I cannot locate that spreadsheet anymore It's always confusing when looking on the clan pages for each clan, having the descriptions in different languages and not being sure if they are a
  7. WR can fluctuate massively over low game counts. Sometimes I hit ~80% WR in a 50-game solo session, and others I can't even hit 50% over the same game count (although I usually give up on such wank sessions long before I hit 50 games :P). Both instances can occur with the same WN8 performance at the end of the session. A lot of the fluctuation comes down to matchmaking - sometimes you get retard team after retard team, and sometimes you get the 15-3 teams over and over. It can also come down to mental state - if I'm tired I'll play shit and throw games, and if I'm alert I can analyse gam
  8. afaik all sound mods got fucked by the recent patch
  9. Vivox ain't supported m8 Looks like it's trying to pull an attribute from an un-initialised instance of an object i.e. the object couldn't be initialised as an earlier function call (which likely initialised the object) failed due to Vivox, whatever the fuck that is but you probably knew that shit already
  10. Any reason behind the recent mass exodus? Been looking around for new clans and NOS seems promising, but I saw you guys were down to <80 members which is always a worrying sign for a top competitive clan.
  11. As a current member of SRSLY I believe I am well placed to expand on the decline this clan has experienced recently. The fourth campaign royally fucked us. To preface I would like to mention that I joined SRSLY, quite by chance, close to the beginning of the Safari mini-campaign. Joining SRSLY had always been an aspiration of mine when I very first started looking for clans to join, but this was back when I had proper shitter stats and SRSLY was still a very competitive clan. I happened to meet a SRSLY member in a random shortly after my previous clan went to shit. This man was Sheldon_Cooper,
  12. Who are the best uber-super-duper-cums to watch? I'm thinking along the lines of the consistent 4-5k+ cunts like Poltto and X3N4, bonus points for youtube vids as I'm away on holiday atm

  13. Hehe I saw that thread as well, it takes a special kind of clan of ~30 members to create 66 pages of shitpoasting EDIT: make that 67
  14. EU campaign didn't, can't think NA would be any different.
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