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  1. Yup, this. I tend to keep my frustrations to myself, except my kryptonite is when a deep red player spouts off some sarcastic variation of gg against their team, like "gg, MM gives me another shit team, fuck this game". To which I inevitably respond something like "says the 39%'er" just to piss them off. Then followed by some sort of positive comment to teammates who played well. Edit: And yes, I know I'm not very good, but I keep trying to improve (even if lately my winrate has been taking a dive)
  2. farscry

    VK2801 Advice

    I recently decided to move up from the Leopard to the VK2801. I actually was decent in my Leopard at scouting (mostly passive scouting, but also some active), and depending on the match-up I could throw a little damage out there on occasion. However, the VK2801 seems to be a huge step up in difficulty to leverage effectively. I've done a little passive scouting, but it seems that I just don't have the camo rating to do it well at that tier (my crew is only just approaching 100%, so I don't have the camo skill developed yet; I do however use the camo net and binocs) and instead get popped e
  3. My two main goals at this point: Get myself up to the status of a solid green player (that's going to take a long time) Work my way up my chosen lines to get a couple tier X's to platoon with my buddies (but I'm not rushing; I'm taking my time and learning/practicing as I go) In the long-term, I'd love to become a solid blue player, but I know I'll never be good enough to be a purple.
  4. I needed credits so abandoned my usual approach and specifically played to try to collect kills for the 300k credit bonus each day, and fairly well trashed my stats all weekend. I'm just not a kill-heavy player; I focus on supporting my team more than on being Rambo.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I've actually been working my way through a lot of the general advice/tips/strategy threads here and at WoT, and already seeing improvements by heeding the recommendations within. I think the biggest struggle for me is knowing when to be aggressive and when to be cautious. Seems I make the wrong call too often; either holding back when I shouldn't, or pushing when I shouldn't. Argh, frustrating!
  6. Greetings all! My in-game name matches this forum name; Farscry. Been very casually playing WoT for about two years, I don't even have 2k battles under my belt. I mostly play with a few friends of mine (my clan is just a small group of real-world friends and coworkers), and I suspect my winrate is only as high as it is due to their assistance. Lately with them being much better players than I, and moving closer to the "big leagues" as I have started to play tier VII and up matches with them, I find myself frustrated with just how poor a player I actually am. I get frustrated at the dum
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