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  1. This is kind of where I'm sitting, with a warehouse full of 3-skill crews across dozens (hundreds?) of tanks. Now it feels like amateur hour. The only way out of this I can see is to burn the collection and see how many of those crews can be turned into training books in an attempt to build at least a couple of competitive crews.
  2. I have one on my desk, finally cracked and drank the OLED Kool-Aid. WoT runs at max on a 4K even with a 1080Ti, so the 3080 should be glorious overkill. Seven more days... (The game is claiming 95 fps, but I'm assuming the screen is only showing 60 fps G-Sync through the 1080's 2.0 connector.)
  3. Saw a post regarding grouser effectiveness on Reddit that mentioned calculating (Top Speed x Ground Resistance) and comparing it to the ratio of HP/Ton. No idea on how practical the idea is yet, but here's the calculation from my garage using soft terrain if it will save any time finding numbers. (Values taken from tanksgg.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SqYJQ_jfLbPnZDRWjLj8p2FuQe6hlRObgA2exFD9eWo/edit
  4. The guns took a significant RoF nerf though. The Val is down to 900 dpm with only 390 health. It can annoy some tanks but there's a number of tanks that can just drive over the to top of it (all those goldspam premium tier 3's). I so wanted this tank to work for goofing around, but the math is starting to look really bad.
  5. Bathtub lost the 105mm in 1.9. You will be remembered, mon chéri.
  6. British lights look iffy with the the uptiering. Covenanter looks really dubious with a T4 pompom at tier 5, as does the Crusader with its T5 6pdr (75 damage vs 85 damage on the ZiS-4). As much as I like collecting junk tanks, this line might end up in the scrapbin. My KV-1S already went into the recyle bin, wasn't seeing much reason to keep it over the rest of the T6 heavies.
  7. Had good service from Corsair with their power supplies. Online ticketing, no need to call and argue. (Most of my stuff comes from EVGA otherwise.)
  8. I've had thoughts about seeing what it could do with some decent matchmaking. I did okay with the tank at the time, but abandoned it after 24 straight tier 9 battles (and was so scarred by the experience that my STA-1 still sits in the garage with 0 battles).
  9. Lost every battle where there are higher-tier player on the team, just not enough hitpoints to deal with the bot snapshots. Just want the camo then not touching this again. Spotting seems broken, 6th Sense rings non-stop no matter how many bushes I'm behind, yet they can drive across an open field until they're proximity spotted right beside me. And those StuG snapshots...
  10. Probably to punish players who sat this one out because it was only silver. (You watch, next month will be silver if more players start grinding for the gold.)
  11. The old ways are still best. I can lose dozens of normal battles in the same time it takes to lose a Frontline.
  12. Just finished the Strv 74 grind. Loved the gun and the depression, but MM beat me to death on this one (top tier 2 of 52). Really wanted this one to be a keeper...
  13. I like the Valentine II. Full camo crew, full APCR, always top tier. You're kind of at the mercy of your team as far as wins go, but it's a decent sneaky bastard kind of tank for prowling around in low tier battles (Soviet light tank trainers being what they are). I still have the regular Valentine in the garage - with somehow a higher win rate - so maybe I'm just used to that sort of plodding playstyle.
  14. It doesn't keep them off your team, it just mutes their chatter. (WG would make a mint if they sold slots for "not on my team" list.)
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