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  1. in addition to the old trackIR systems check out EyeX, Here is a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb2EcZMieoY Video by DDG
  2. I really wish i could put like 100 "up-votes" on your post @Nisa
  3. new year new stats

  4. might also be looking for tips for rerolling.. (my definition of success for my reroll will be dark green cause im orange with a recent green)
  5. Ah, so this is my HELLO (song plays), I'm TJ and I'm working on fixing my stats from my first 14k battles of not caring and getting annoyed and saying my team is horrid even if I was the worst on the team also I'm a LT specialist with a good knowledge of most classes (playing since 2011).
  6. For me if I'm on the north side as a light tank I will actually sit in a bush on the hill and spot mid and hill for my team to destroy I to date haven't seen any other LT's use this strat even though it works well. (not that it helps your area of play just a tip for many)
  7. *joins forums for website i check my horrid stats with* *looks around* *sees recently a war has happened* *isn't sure what to do* *scurries away*
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