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  1. I just came back to this game after about 2 months of playing an unhealthy amount of dark souls and such. What's new?

    1. hallo1994


      T22 nerfed to hell, improved the physics, and bonus XP when you platoon.

    2. Luna


      S H E R I F F

  2. Just got out of a fairly solid match in my T29. I'm happy it wasn't a total steamroll of a match like they usually are on the weekends.

    Link: http://wotreplays.com/site/2606484#tundra-briqs-t29

    if somebody actually watches this, please use free camera because I fidget with the camera a lot between firing shots

  3. just unlocked and mounted the 105mm on the t29. so far, i feel like i did WAY better with the 90mm because the gunner can actually handle aiming it, instead of having to get the wimp of a radio operator to stop humping the drive sprockets and help him get the gun to stop wobbling all over.

    still have the stock turret though so hopefully the upgraded one will make at least some kind of dent in the inaccuracy.

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    2. Wanderjar


      lol nice. i'll take the slight buff thats useful on 35 other maps and make due on the 5 others


    3. nemlengyel


      Vents vs optics is always a matter of religion anyways

    4. Wanderjar



  4. I've finally broken free of the M6.

    Time to grind like hell on my brand spankin' new T29!

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    2. Wanderjar


      dat 105 tho..

    3. Briqs


      i fear the 90mm is gonna give me the shits though, the accuracy even with vert stab is pretty turrible.

    4. Wanderjar


      it is. it takes a few skills to make it a truely powerful tank but once you get BIA and snap/smooth it becomes a formidable snap shotter. I loved mine. the T34/T30 are nearly identical tanks to the 29.

      It's worth remembering that the T30 used to be the tier 10 for that line instead of the E5...

  5. my team just got royally shit on by some truly skilled player running full cHEAT on his M41 HMC.

    why in the blue fuck am i even playing anymore when shit like this and the "accidental" t110e5 buff goes unnoticed by WG for god knows how long?

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    2. Serene_Potato


      @SoliDeoGloria, actually, they did notice it, said it was a mistake, and said that it was going to get nerfed because it wasn't Russian.

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      Last I heard, they were fine with leaving it like this, and besides, it's been 4 patches since, generally such a powerful imbalance factor is fixed, or will be fixed within 5 moths of it's intro.

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      b/c the m41 can't hit shit like the m44 can.. stop whining about m41, and whine about m44 instead... like seriously, m41 is purty bad, and m44 is purty good... =/

      also, t92 has ~350 AP Pen... =(

      supposedly has shit aim and accuracy, but infinite splash and rng AP insta kills prove rng wrong

  6. the m6 is giving me cancer even with the 90mm. no accuracy, no armor, only barely usable mobility, and it's the size of a barn.

    what the hell am i supposed to do?

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    2. Briqs


      item A: fuck going through jumbo, m3 lee almost made me commit sudoku just unlocking t1 heavy

      item B: how the hell can i bully enemies if my tank is made of butter and both gunners are trying to see who can piss the furthest up the gun barrel?

    3. zapyoug


      It isn't a Churchill gun carrier

      it has already won at life

      (no really thou, its a fine tank, just double tap 2 and win)

    4. Adder1


      It's been a while for me, but I'll try to help as best I can. Personally I thought I did reasonably well with it by employing it as more of a support heavy/heavium. I felt the M6 often needed someone else to act as a distraction. Think of it along the lines of a smaller FCM 50t.

  7. sweet jesus, it's impressive how quickly my m6 gets eaten alive by artilleretards and anyone running a derp gun


    m6 90mm is lightyears ahead of those shitty 76mms, now i can ENJOY the murica-barge

  9. the m6 grind is making me fucking die, it's so unbelievably awful it makes the stock tiger 1 seem like paradise in comparison

    1. Strigonx


      you doin drugs?

  10. Suddenly went from doing absolutely god-awful in the T1 heavy to absolutely murdering NA pubbies.

    I dunno if this is just the HD model bringing a buff with it or if I'm finally ceasing to be a shitter.

  11. 2x exp every battle today, can't wait for endless hordes of terrible players to ruin my desperate efforts to get some grinds over with.

  12. Grinding through the T1 Heavy, the stock gun's accuracy is so bad it feels like it's lead to games being lost when a more accurate gun could've carried me and my team to victory. What do?

    1. L0g4in


      Sacrifice 2 goats and a virgin to serb :frenchy:

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