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  1. my team just got royally shit on by some truly skilled player running full cHEAT on his M41 HMC.

    why in the blue fuck am i even playing anymore when shit like this and the "accidental" t110e5 buff goes unnoticed by WG for god knows how long?

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    2. Briqs


      i only call M41 HMC cHEAT because of that 240 pen

      otherwise i think HEAT is pretty shit

      edit wik: one portmanteau makes you assume someone is bad? i know i'm only teal/green in recents and shit overall but cmon man at least i'm not the standard pubbies who could barely hit a still tog 2 at t10 meters

    3. Gandaran


      no just everyone that thinks premium ammo is cheating. Knowing what tanks and when to change ammo type, or load x amount is just part of playing the game, no cheating there. its like when people call cheats for invisatanking them in a medium because you know how to use a bush -_-.

    4. SoliDeoGloria


      In addition, of course WG noticed the E5 armor model. They are just electing to keep it like this for their own reasons.

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