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    Briqs reacted to TheLovePanda in What I have learned about playing well over the past 4+ years   
    I wanted to make this to share with whoever is interested what I have learned about playing well in tanks over the past 4ish years. I play almost exclusively solo, so bear in mind this is from the perspective of a solo pubber. These are my OPINIONS, so take from them what you will.
    There are a few factors which contribute to consistent good play and I have listed them below in order of importance:
    Factor 1: Positioning
    70+% of playing at a unicum or superunicum level solo is positioning. The other 20ish% is comprised primarily of map awareness, and this is all brought together by you knowing how to play your tank from a mechanics perspective.
    Positioning is not only about knowing the good spots. While knowing where to go in general is good, your positioning should be heavily influenced by the tank composition of your own team and especially that of the enemy team. You need to know where the enemy is going to be before they are lit based on what tanks they’re driving and their level of skill.
    More than this, you need to base where you are going to go at the beginning of the match based on where your own team is going. Heroism in this game gets you nowhere except an early, shallow grave. Do not be a hero. If you do not have the support you require from your team to be successful in the position you want to go to, don't go. You will die early and you will not be able to contribute to the match in a meaningful way.
    Factor 2: Taking responsibility
    We have all played matches where pubs cry about their team doing this or that and that’s why they lost the match. Do not do this.
    If you lose, you need to be thinking “what could I have done better to win?” If you die early, you need to be thinking “what did I do wrong to die early and not contribute to the match?”
    Take responsibility for your failures. I hear so much “I’m only 1 tank out of 15! How can I influence the battle at all?” You need to believe that you not only can influence the match, but that you are the only one who can influence the match.
    Assume everyone else will choke to death on their own saliva before they will get their HP in damage or assist you in any way. Your teammates are liabilities. It’s 1 against 29 out there.
    It’s ok to fail. Don’t beat yourself up. Take responsibility, learn from it, do better next match.
    Factor 3: Don’t be afraid to experiment (and learn)
    No, this is not sexual innuendo. For every map there are set channels where you are expected to go based on your tank type.
    You are playing a TD. You should sit back and move forward when your team has cleaned up.
    You are playing a heavy, you need to go into town and rub dicks with the enemy heavies.
    You are playing a medium, you need to go into the field and hunt scouts/be on the outskirts of the battle.
    These expectations are lies. You need to go where you think you are going to contribute the best to the match, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
    Are you playing a heavy? Go field. Are you playing a medium? Go city.
    Experimenting is a key factor of playing well because from this you learn what’s true about good positioning and what’s bullshit. You will learn fast by experimenting with different strategies and positions because if you made a poor decision you will die early or be ineffective.
    As I said before, there is nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn from it and use that knowledge to do better next time.
    The main upside to experimenting with new strategies is that you find out quickly what works and what doesn’t and you become a better player for it fast.
    Factor 4: Getting early damage
    Getting early damage is one of the key ways you can contribute to a match for a number of reasons:
    You will get the upper hand in the match quickly by damaging enemy tanks before the real battle begins
    You will throw the enemy off their game. If a pub gets shot early on in the match it will lower their self esteem and immediately put thoughts in their head like “oh it’s going to be another loss.” This is a huge advantage for you. If the enemy is intimidated they will make mistakes, which you will capitalize on for massive damage and wins.
    You will know enemy positions early. You should already have a map in your mind of where they are going to be, but solidifying that knowledge is key to making your next move.
    In my opinion, if you are not dealing damage to the enemy within the first 60 seconds of the match you might not be doing what you should.
    Factor 5: Know your mechanics!
    Knowing how to play your own tank is important, but you will hopefully have become proficient at driving a new tank within the first 50 battles or so. However, what matters hugely across every tank type and tier and in every match you play is knowing basic and advanced game mechanics like spotting, angling, overmatching, ammo types, tracking, circle jerking, blind firing, etc.
    Every tank has different gun and armor combinations. Knowing that you can overmatch the turret of the T34 and T29 with your 122mm gun can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Knowing that you can’t sidescrape effectively with your particular heavy tank can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Knowing that you should fire HE at a waffle for maximum damage can mean the difference between a win and a loss.
    The list goes on. If you don’t know basic or advanced mechanics, educate yourself. You will learn a ton and be able to apply this knowledge to real situations. Most pubs do not know this stuff. Use it to your advantage.
    Factor 6: Don’t get stuck
    A huge part of being able to carry a match is staying alive as long as possible while dealing maximum damage. This means you need to know when to fight a battle and when to run away.
    As I said before, you do not get points for being a hero in this game. There are no medals for staying to fight 6 enemy heavies by yourself and dying early.
    Do not fight battles you know you are going to lose!
    If you feel that you are not going to win the battle you are fighting, back off, run away, live to fight another day. You will get more damage and kills and possibly be able to carry.
    Your teammates will yell at you for abandoning them. They will call you nasty names. Don’t listen to them. You do you. You can win this match, they can’t.
    A big part of this factor is not going to positions where you cannot run away. There are a number of spots that are popular for certain tank types which, if things do not go as you had planned, there is no escape from. Do not go to these spots unless you are very confident that you can win with your current level of support.
    Stay alive longer. Win more matches. Simple.
    There are many other factors which influence matches, but let me tell you this: very rarely in my experience is the outcome of the match out of your control. Every time I lose I can identify several mistakes that I made which may have cost me the match.
    Being a better player isn’t about not making mistakes, it’s about making fewer, less costly mistakes over time as you learn.
    These are my two cents. Thanks for reading, and never stop learning and getting better my fellow tankers.
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    Briqs got a reaction from Raeth in Hello Wotlabs Tankers!   
    Welcome to ze labs!
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    Briqs reacted to TheEmptyLord in GW Tiger P, Just unlocking the 21 cm   
    Seriously what is wrong with you guys? Why all the downvotes? He is asking how to improve his game play on a forum dedicated to just that purpose. No arty trolling, just him asking for advice.
    On a serious note: If you haven't done so yet check out Folterknecht's arty guides (like this one) and especially his comments on Tyraforce's arta guide.
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    Briqs got a reaction from LycanPT in Finally decided to join WoTLabs   
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    Briqs reacted to Never in Brussels Attacks   
    Just about to doze off and my phone starts buzzing like crazy, holy shit... Brussels airport bombed and more explosions at the metro station.
    I know we have quite a few members here from Belgium. Stay safe guys.
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    Briqs reacted to no_name_cro in How do I IS-3?   
    And get close and personal. It's great brawling tank.
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    Briqs reacted to Visn0r in Share your sexy tank skins   
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    Briqs reacted to Geopath in Hello there, fellow tankers   
    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to say HELLO to all members of this community. I've been a silent reader for quite a while now and finally decided to join the madness.
    About me:
    I had my great time in esports and multiplayer gaming when I was a student (cause it was way more important than school, right?), but I stopped after graduation. Not sure why, but I was only interested in singleplayer games in the following years, as they are easy to get in and not as time consuming as multiplayer games. And sadly, time is rare when you are so lucky to become a member of the "full-time job" society  .
    Anyway, I stumbled across WoT at its release and played it for a short time and stopped. Last year, I started playing it again and now I'm addicted, sort of. But, at almost 10k battles fought, I'm tired of playing this game alone, which is why I'm here: finding some nice platoon mates. So feel free to spam me with requests and invites
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    Briqs reacted to no_name_cro in The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?   
    Here is graphical display of IS-3 and it's effect on shaping meta:

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    Briqs reacted to GehakteMolen in The IS3, so strong, it shapes meta?   
    The IS3, Russian Bias to the max?
    After fighting the new improved version of the IS3 for some time now (and playing it a few games again myself)
    I can only wonder why, why is it so strong?
    Every tank is a balance of Firepower <> armor <> mobility <> soft stats, WG in the past sometimes failed spectacular, like giving a tank no armor (WTF-E100) so it ofc needs 300% firepower, but after a while that gets fixed.
    But the IS3...?? It was always the best tier 8 tanks, but after the HD rework + all the other changes to the game, i start to wonder
    what the hell they are thinking...
    IS3 gets a serious good gun, with amazing armor, excellent mobility, and good soft stats, whats the supposed `weakness`?
    IS3 has:
    390 alpha dmg with good pen and dpm Good gun handling (if not excellent, the turret bloom is as good as Fv 215b turret bloom...) After the buff good frontal hull armor, the track things bounce a ton, forcing you to aim Best side armor in tier, capable of eating anything, especially HEAT, Turret armor on par with T32, aka imprevious to anything but luck shots
    Its also rly fast / agile,  Due to pike + frontal turret + fast + 390 alpha dmg its an excellent corner fighter Its basically the fastest, best armored tier 8 heavy tank with the second best gun, i mean what?
    I mean, what weakness does it have? bad viewrange and camo? () and -5 gun depression? (lol)
    IS3 totally murder kills anything low tier or tier 8 spmm tank, 175 pen will barely penetrate an IS3, while the IS3 hammers 390 dmg straight through your front, KV5, IS6, Wz-111, they all get out muzzeled, out speed, or out-powered by the IS3
    head on only a KV4 and KT can defeat an IS3, and thats pure due to penetration / hp / armor, and only in good situations, besides that its niche tanks like ISU or hull down T32....
    Infact, the IS3 seems now so good, it starts to ``shape`` the entire meta at tier 8, there are hordes of IS3 all the time, and it wipes the floor with tier 6/7 tanks and premium tanks have serious problem with it, unless they spam gold, but AP-IS6 vs IS3....?
    Wot is like rock / paper / scissor, except the IS3 is a sledge hammer, which crushes the rock, brushes aside the paper and hammers down the scissor, GG
    Or am i seeing something wrong? Im not often `complaining` about a tank beiing OP, but the IS3 is rly ridiculous right now...
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    Briqs reacted to ThomChen114 in How the hell do I T1 Heavy?   
    the T1 Heavy is a medium heavy. it only excels against lower tiers
    when hull down, minimize your exposure. the T1 Heavy turret is not homogeneously tough and you will get penetrated no problem by most tanks same tier and above. you can still make use of going hulldown with the decent gun depression, but duck back after each shot and repeat
    you're gun is basically the same as the M4 76mm, and you dont even get the option to use the 105 derp like a KV-1 could. pack some APCR since you'll be running into tougher tanks like the O-I and higher tiers. never fight alone. buddy up in a platoon or other random heavy tanks and use your gun to detrack enemy tanks for your teammates. 
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    Briqs got a reaction from Matross in Looking for a clam to teach me to not suck   
    Thanks for the offer, I'll give it a more detailed look soon.
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    Briqs got a reaction from saru_richard in Need some help   
    I've never driven a T29, but I think you probably could have beaten that AT 8 if you went hulldown using one of the wrecked tanks nearby.
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