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  1. That looks awesome. I know what I'm doing after the 2:30 AM feeding....... Thanks.
  2. OK, 10% I can usually handle. Heck, 25% is somewhat doable for me, even. (40 rounds fired, 10 hits.) The fires are a little silly, because after you set the ship on fire for the 10th time, there isn't much left to burn.
  3. How close do you fight, to get 9 hits in a salvo? Geez...... I'm like 9-20 hits in a GAME with my ship. I'm alternating AP and HE salvos to set fires as much as possible, since AP is a crapshoot and fires always burn, even when you are reloading. I'm thinking that the fast ROF is helping you walk shells onto important areas of the target, but I'm only playing the Warspite so I don't have that luxury. It's pretty much fire.......wait.......target moves....re-estimate point of impact.......fire.............target moved again........ What IS a reasonable hit % with BB guns, anyway
  4. Since we all play 100% in pubs, and CBT is probably the best we are going to get for the average skillset, shit captains who can't play properly is going to go from 70% to 95% in the future....... LCD is, and will be, the mean.
  5. That's the present gameplay I see in DD's. Either Smoke n' Cap, or Yolo Torp. Or sometimes a blend, Smoke n' Torp, where you lock the rudder and torpspam for 10 min.
  6. I call bs, although I may not be able to judge half a click in-game. How about fixing ramming, so I don't have to AVOID a DD in my BB, allowing him to take a 2nd torp shot as I pass around him. I'll just mow the sucker down, and press on. (Think Rodney vs. the fisherman, in Caddyshack. That's what a 50,000 ton dreadnought does to a INJ DD.)
  7. DD's are supposed to be fragile. They are supposed to be townhoused by a single 15" shell, in the right place. The torps are also supposed to be pretty wicked when they hit, like they are. The ability to keep dumping 8-16 torps, every min or two, is the issue. They aren't a pump action shotgun, they are a surgical strike. Suppressing fire.... with torps....nope
  8. Thanks, had an educational weekend and figured a lot of things out. Now if I could get my US dive bombers to EVER get a hit, let alone dish what I receive in the Warspite, I'll be a happy man!
  9. Damn, dude. Wicked game.
  10. Video games...... 20 years of IRL "don't take a halfassed shot", and I have to re-learn to blaze away. Same problem I have in WOT. I dropped playing a BB, CA, and two DD's back to back, and just went to the BB only. Hit% came up, as things became more familiar. Understandable. Beware the man with one gun.
  11. Is this an older patch? I don't see the hash marks that I have, for aiming. Also, how the bloody hell do you guys just snap shot and hit so much????? Leading I have, but ranging is impossible. If I get 5-8 hits a game, i'm stellar in the Warspite. Where do you find out things like the ALT right click makes the secondaries better? About plunging fire and the waterline? I can't find any documentation like that...
  12. Sorry to double post. Working the Warspite last night, (bad night, torp bombered to death in the first 5 min, 3 in 7 games. T8 carriers are just too much to handle...), found the american CA's owned the crap outta me with what appears to be ROF alone. (And they never miss...) Should two Omaha's be able to kick my fantail, at 4-8 KM? What did I do wrong?
  13. Found a trick on aiming. Hold Alt down, and it shows range info. You can match the projected impact range with the target...... It's possible to hit things now. (Why the F don't they have a simple guide????) Head on. OK. So much for crossing T's, broadsides and all that jazz. I'll be honest. I'm not looking for a big thinking game right now, so all your questions above that you pose for gameplay aren't on the table. I'm playing mostly between 11PM-4AM, while watching a newborn. No, I'm not on 2nd shift either. I get up at 6:30 for work like the rest of the folks, so I'm stu
  14. Its my only BB, so I may not have a grip on the class, but it seems helpless with horrible accuracy and ROF. I either do no damage, due to being in the wrong place, or get hammered in seconds. (People hit on the first 1-2 salvos all the time, while I take 3-4 to get a single ding.) What is the big strength of the Warspite? Weakness?
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