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  1. Stop! We can disable maps now with prem acc!?! While this is good, it just shows how lazy they are in WG. #REMOVEPARISFROMTHEGAME
  2. If you need to ask, you are not from Croatia!
  3. I dont know why i still update this game every new patch, cause i just play 1-2 matches, and just move to other games mostly on PS4. I think maps are reason i cant stay focused on tanks any more. On polish tanks i say yay, even tough i think that new tech trees are just distraction from real problems of this game.
  4. And for thompson im just not Croat enough...
  5. I want Super Persh Despacito edition, with luis fonsi, daddy yankee, justin bieber as crew.
  6. I just rammed DEFENDER for 0 dmg in E50...:superserb:

  7. HALP with Logitech Z cinema speakers!!!

    Can anyone tell me how can i install Zcinema  software on windows 10?

  8. That i will buy. And, i would like to say that Miyota movment is great choice.
  9. Do you plan to sell watches with automatic mechanism?
  10. I like stand up fights more, its just better to watch.
  11. Thompson is, but its fully operational. M48 you can own with hunting permit and if you are in hunting club.
  12. I have CZ model Z DUO in 6.35(no pics now), and this: Yugoslav M48, a bit modified, better trigger system, barrel from m76 (yougoslavian dragunov), rubber stock... And i dont need to explain this:
  13. And how can i post youtube video not only link?

    1. hallo1994


      Its supposed to do it on its own.


    2. RedwoodOriginal


      Got it. Thank you so much!

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