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  1. For now, AMBT is shittier, only stronger points(for now) are turret 250mm VS 185mm and dispersion 0.36 VS 0.4. https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/supertest-ambt-tier-viii-american-medium-second-iteration/
  2. Strong turret, alpha, good gun dep, but that 0.36 dispersion and 40kmh..good luck with that!
  3. Thank you! Now i just need to retrain good crew.
  4. What is this "stelth fighter" set up for LTTB?
  5. I just bought Type 59, now i have to start playing this game again..



  6. Most of these changes are big fat dildo up the playerbase ass, without playerbase asking for it. Boost thing(do x to activate y) is like dildo without lube, and XP/gold sink is like WG is mounting nails on dildo, just so they make sure that anyone who likes dildos without lube in their ass will bleed in the process.
  7. This is my main problem in games like the ones i submitted. I will adjust in to "better to do something than nothing" mentality
  8. @kolni Thank you! This was first time that i submitted my replays for feedback. I picked that 3 games cause i realy didnt know what to do better there, but i did know that my play was bad. I will work on positioning and trading. P.s. i run large med kit cause, recently i noticed i have 700+ of them in depot and i never bought 1.
  9. T 34 3 buffs are always welcomed, tank will be even more fun.
  10. I recently picked up PTA(only 20 battles in it). In this 3 games i feel like wins were gifted to me, and that i could do much more. Please pick at least one: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5773087#el_halluf-redwoodoriginal-leopard_prototyp_a http://wotreplays.eu/site/5773083#arctic_region-redwoodoriginal-leopard_prototyp_a http://wotreplays.eu/site/5773081#siegfried_line-redwoodoriginal-leopard_prototyp_a
  11. If i buy prem tank with coupon, and i have same prem tank in garage, do i get full gold compensation?

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      NVM, ill just go with gold

    3. echo9835


      You do not get gold compensation.

    4. hall0


      sure you get. If you buy a tank with real money you get gold. If you win/earn a tank you already have you only get credits.

      To answer the question. If you buy a tank which with a coupon or let´s say the tank is discounted in the premium shop but is not ingame, you get the full gold compensation. 

  12. @ OP if you mean dead as in lack of spaming shit posts, then it could be considered "not alive as official forums", but this forums has " Recent Status Updates" and that is meta now here...Or is it?!
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