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  1. Since when is valley push @ Lakeville tactically viable?!

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    2. lavawing


      Valley plays gives you a lot of free farm for you IF 
      1. there are no arty
      2. you have the right kind of tank, e.g. T32 or Conq - but then you also need to push when the chokepoint is finally clear - and there's a TD camping position which can kill you
      3. both teams have a shit tonne of heavies so that you can be sure there will be shitters on the other side attempting the same thing
      In hulldown-y tanks, I guess you could make an argument that if all the conditions are met, you will contribute more by locking down the valley/pushing. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I won nearly every time I pushed valley. The trick is to not go there when it's an obviously bad decision. Once I get over the center ridge the pubbies always follow and it becomes easy cleanup.

    4. kolni


      if u have turret armour u can valley

      pushing it is good if amount of high alpha td's are low, also requires low arty and enemy team with shittier valley tanks than yours

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