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  1. Only one question, SU 130PM or Lowe? Now its time for new credit grinder. Wich of two is better as prem. Wich can carry harder? 520alpha or armor?

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      @PityFool its a destroyer of dreams for enemy teams. When enemy is winning and go for push hard, you just deny them one by one. 30 more alpha gives you 20dmg more on lowest of low rolls and 40dmg more on high roll vs 490alpha skorpion gun, if you look at it like this 30 more alpha is pretty huge. 

    3. CandyVanMan


      I run it with rammer/gld/optics, but I'm considering switching optics out for binocs, problem is that I don't have patience to camp, so binocs are barely in effect for me.

      Much better for shitting credits than Löwe anyway, though I like both.

    4. RedwoodOriginal


      @CandyVanMan i prefer optics on most tanks for same reasone. Went with binocs cause just felt right.

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