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  1. If i buy prem tank with coupon, and i have same prem tank in garage, do i get full gold compensation?

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      NVM, ill just go with gold

    3. echo9835


      You do not get gold compensation.

    4. hall0


      sure you get. If you buy a tank with real money you get gold. If you win/earn a tank you already have you only get credits.

      To answer the question. If you buy a tank which with a coupon or let´s say the tank is discounted in the premium shop but is not ingame, you get the full gold compensation. 

  2. @ OP if you mean dead as in lack of spaming shit posts, then it could be considered "not alive as official forums", but this forums has " Recent Status Updates" and that is meta now here...Or is it?!
  3. I got my self a skorp G(with 30% coupon). How to set it up? IRM, optics, and i was thinking improved aiming instead of rammer, cause 12.20sec reload time is ok?! Or Improved aiming/rammer/optics. .27 dispersion sounds tempting.

    1. sr360


      Solo, I'd think IRM/Turbo/Optics or Binocs. If you have spotting support, swap out vision for IAU or rammer.

      I like turbo on my TDs for the faster backing out after being lit, and for relocation purposes.

    2. RedwoodOriginal


      Solo setup. Thank you, i wanted to hear that rammer is not mandatory.  Turbo could be interesting on Skorp, i need to test it.

  4. IDK Why M4 Ravioli is known for its accuracy, and at this point im afraid to ask?! I find its gun verry derpy, it misses most shoots that should land with no problem.

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    2. Nicarasu


      The shell velocity is what makes me enjoy the tank, heh. Great for hitting wheelchairs.

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      I have no problem with pen, velocity is great, but i have a feeling that every 3rd shoot lands where i aim. I just lose the will to play when i miss side of type4 from 200m. And BTW Su252u can snap shoot from 200m+


    4. SchnitzelTruck


      I wasnt aware it was known for its accuracy, just bad pen and trash platform.

  5. Should i skip T54e1? I unlocked T57 with blueprints, and i have free xp to research modules on 54e

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      I did buy 54e1 on event, so ill just free xp it and try it. There is maybe some builds with new equipment that could make it solid.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      PLAY IT

      its basically the 57 down tiered with the pen buff like fr its stupid good. You can easily pull atleast 3.5k in it.

    4. RedwoodOriginal


      With IRM vents and ill go with turbo for third, its likely to be fun

  6. On Is7 grousers would be waste of slot IMO. IRM and Turbo should get you simmilar or better effect than grousers, and for third slot Vents + food + driver skills/BIA if maximazing mobility + with IRM you still have good bloom. But yeah, without decoding formula, only thing left is live testing.
  7. It is oversimplification. Basically turbo > grousers?, or to make most of it use both for max agility and speed. I sold my sPersh so i cant test how it would behave with grousers vs. turbo, but i can find something simmilar in my garage. Thanks for spreadsheet.
  8. Turbo for slower tanks cause more power = faster acceleration(cause with grousers slower tanks, with less HP/ton, on soft ground would be a bit more nimble but still accelerate slower than w/o turbo), grousers for already fast tanks, with more HP/ton, to make most of acceleration on soft ground. But this is my logic, and i didnt tested it.
  9. So, after Supertest we can expect that it will be a little more changed(read nerfed)?!
  10. I dont think no one will notice, or will be bothered to notice shell cost increase on mit88, so WG will get away with it.
  11. I cant argue about DPM, but even without buffs it had great dpm, yet no one played it.
  12. Im quite nostalgic about sPershing. I sold it when WG nerfed it, and for that gold i got Panther M10 and su 122 44 - best decision ever.
  13. So, for 40 more alpha on panther mit 88, now you pay 424 more silver per shoot. That is hard hit on credit grind potential of that tank.
  14. RNG is good for the game. With out it, some tanks would be more OP. Also it gives you hope that games can be turned from loss to win. And blind shoot ammo racks are fun - sponsored by RNG
  15. Played first with Hardening cause of what @Rexxie said. More HP does come in hand when trading shoots, and for me, Hardening could replace vents. Now idk about Spall, i will try it but, if in E100 i get in situation where arty can focus on me, not even spall will help.
  16. Is Spall liner better choice than Hardening on E100? With Spall liner in right slot you get noticable protection for crew, arty cant hurt you as much, and HE spamers can go and fuck them selfs. Other two slots rammer cause 15cm > 12.8, and IRM cause why not.
  17. WR > WN8. Endo > Anfield on Twitch.
  18. Recetnt purple WN8 and WR =/= unicum.
  19. I could be wrong, but on 252u seams the same as Vstab + more traverse speed, but i didnt put enoguh games in to be 100% about that, ^ it does. I feel on 252u that bloom is almost the same as with Vstab.
  20. Well i was confused with your later post about 121 gun handeling, and i get confused easily(just look at my stats). Now that i mess with equipment i will try turbo/rammer/IRM. IRM seams like improved Vstab on some tanks.
  21. WOT just got MInsked. Not even the site works, or servers. I didnt see what is on EU right now.

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      NVM..all got back up

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      I've seen in passing Belarus is having some sort of protests against their authoritarian government, so it seems to be cutting the internet to disrupt their communication.

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      @Jesse_the_Scout As i understand, protests are related to recent elections. And goverment cut internet in Belarus. I dont see how this could disrupt NA servers, but anything is possible these days. Lets just hope for best outcome, and that violence will stop soon in Belarus.

  22. I gave it a try with turbo. I like the mobility, but i just cant adapt to no Vstab. 121 just fires too slow to pew pew pew(unlike 140 or 62a). Its like i need that turbo to get me out of situation to safely wait for gun to reload when i miss/bounce/crithit. maybe Turbo/IRM/Rammer will be better. But with out vents my view range will be shittier, and other things too. IDK yet.
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