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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to sr360 in The Full Stealth Build   
    Over the last few months, sharp-eyed readers of the forums may have noticed increasing reference to "stealth fighter" or "full stealth" builds on light tanks. This is an exploration of that concept, and the concept of camo torture...
    The full stealth build came out of discussions between @CraBeatOff and myself about how to improve the ability of scouts to, well, scout. We were initially trying to mitigate the limitations of the EBR 75 & 90's poor VR, and tested the low noise exhaust on them as a tool to get closer without getting spotted. We soon realized you could pull some rather silly stunts with 50% or more camo. Further theorycrafting on T9 lights ensued. I was already running the T-54 lightweight without a VS, with CVS optics and rammer. Crab suggested dropping the rammer and going full camo -- leaning into a LT's defining strength which is camo on the move, rather than trying to be an inferior MT. And the T-54 Stealth Fighter was born.
    With the exception of the T49, my T9LTs were all mired in 2-mark territory. I am historically a terrible 3-marker, being bad at mechanics of shooting, streaky and inconsistent. However, the stealth builds changed that. I have been well above average in playing map positions, understanding spotting and how to tease tanks out of camo. Armed with 6% extra camo, I took the T-54 LT Stealth Fighter for a run... and 3-marked it in very short order. The loadout for the 54LT was CVS, iOptics, LNES.

    So it turns out my DPG didn't exactly suffer very much from losing a rammer. The extra camo gave me the ability to stay alive longer, to spot better, and to get shots in from camo. OK, so this worked for the 54 LT which has excellent gun handling and doesn't lose much from dropping VS. What about the 132A?
    The Chinese LTs are little-loved. They are inferior versions of the RuLTs, with worse gun handling but better alpha. The 132A has comparable camo to the 54 LT but a more compact frame, so I figure that will let it use bushes better. So here we go. The 132A got CVS, bounty optics, LNES and here were the results:

    An even faster 3 mark, and very comparable statistics to the 54LT in terms of DPG and assist - if anything, a little better as I got more comfortable with this setup. A little bit worse WR, but that's statistical noise. 
    OK, so the compact Russian and Chinese LTs can make this work, but what about the Fatpanzer 251. That thing is big. It has even better innate camo, but it also has a good gun, so the temptation to play it as a pocket medium is high. But in terms of tools, it also has good base VR. So I put down CVS, bounty optics and LNES on it, got the VR up well past 500, and tried the same tactics. 

    OK, I'm sensing a theme here. Again, very comparable numbers. Last up was the AMX 13 90. As an autoloader, surely it needs vert stab. Well, firstly, it doesn't, and secondly, don't call me Shirley. The 13 90 already has stellar base camo, and putting bounty LNES on it just makes the camo silly. The base VR is terrible, though, so I spent some bonds on an improved optics on it, and the mandatory CVS. Let's see how it does...

    So... the 13 90 works really well. The clip allows such easy late game burst that you can turn mediocre games into good games, and good games into great. The assist per game is rock steady at about 2500-2600 across all these tanks. 
    This build is magic. It allows T9 LTs to really dominate in the vision game, and shrug off MTs. You're not competing with MTs for firepower, you're just dominating the VR game. You, sir, are a camo torturer. You are not seen until 11 minutes into a game, when clean up is warranted and you show up unexpectedly full HP. Tanks die and rage at invisitanks. You are stealth, you strike from the shadows.
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to sr360 in sr360's Non-potato games   
    EDIT: I play a large variety of tanks, across many lines and tiers. I will be posting notable games almost on a nightly basis, depending on what tanks I am playing at that point in time.
    The games will range from good to very good, and they will be chock full of my usual mistakes, bad shooting skill, questionable decision making, and all-around potatoness, but hopefully they will prove instructive to some.

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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to sr360 in T-50-2 Anniversary Gift Edition   
    CVS in slot, optics (preferably bounty or bond) and low noise exhaust system (preferably bounty). Jack up that camo to insane levels, sneak in to positions people don’t expect, spot everything. If you need to shoot your gun, the camo and positions often let you get off shots more safely and sometimes even undetected. The loss of DPM is more than offset by vastly increased effectiveness  
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    RedwoodOriginal got a reaction from CandyVanMan in Help an old pick a new username   
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    RedwoodOriginal got a reaction from ZXrage in Help an old pick a new username   
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to simba90 in Crew 2.0   
    Find another game.
    (yes, I'm salty as fuck about these changes.)
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to lavawing in Crew 2.0   
    I did a summary of the changes (I'm lazy so the formatting is fucked). But really, it doesn't take a professor of anatomy to tell you that the changes are ass. Here's why:
    1. Crews lose skills
    Your old crews that had 3-4 skills will only have ~40ish skill points in the new system, which will lose you - 2-3 skills/perks in practice
    3-4 skills were basically enough for anything that wasn't a highly specialised LT build,
    but now, you have to grind much, much more to get those crews to perform at the level they perform now, i.e. >75 points in the new system which is the equivalent of what is now a 5 skill (non-0th skill) crew.
    for a more detailed take, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lqriw0/this_average_crew_loses_24_skills_when_converted/
    2. Crews do not combine
    If you were in the habit of grinding several crews to 3-4 skills instead of having 1-2 crews which you maxed out (which most people will be), you're shafted because crews do not combine and you're stuck with multiple (un-competitive) crews
    this is unfair to the players because under the old system, there was very little incentive to go past the 3rd or 4th skills, whereas now you're massively penalised for it with no recompense whatsoever
    if you think this is just sandbox and they might change it later, community contributors have said on the forums that they do not plan on introducing merging crews as a feature.
    3. 0th skill crews have exactly 0 worth
    If your crews are Christmas crews/0th skill BIA crews, the extra skill you have will not be counted in the new system - you lose 2-3 skills from that alone - not counting the fact you effectively lose 2-3 skills anyway for what are currently 3-4 skill crews
    this massively shafts people who bought/ground out 0th skill crews with zero compensation
    4. RNG-gated instructors
    Speaking of 0th skill crews, special 0th skill crews will now become 'instructors' which give small bonuses to specific perks. you have a choice between 3 perks of one category for each instructor - and which 3 you get to choose from is pure RNG - no rerolls.
    this locks bonuses behind a pay to progress, RNG-based mechanic where previously you just had to grind crews to progress.
    which makes the game even more unfair as between the players that pay up and players that don't (or can't).
    5. Massive endgame grind for even more inequality
    They nerfed the commander bonus and introduced a new 'expertise' grind where for each level of progression you grind past the 75th point, you get a 'small' bonus to your vehicle handling. vehicle handling is the same thing as what BIA does now, and the maximum ('small') bonus you can get from expertise is 20%........on top of the 5% you already get from the renamed BIA and all the other bonuses you have through skills/equipment.
    Previously, crews, once you were past 100% and had BIA, no matter how much you played with them, no matter where you got them, no matter how many crew books you bought and fed to them, were capped at the same level of performance - you won't get a faster reload, you won't get less aimtime.
    For the mechanics of these changes, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lqlt46/crew_20_sandbox_general_feedback/goi4lif?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
    Now as for their effects....
    The new system introduces an all new grind that gives you the equivalent of stacking an extra ~ 2.5 more bond vents on your tank
    this not only adds a new grind, but increases the already gaping inequality between players
    a new player with a fresh crew will lack the renamed BIA, he might lack equipment, he is likely not to be be running food, he certainly won't have the expertise bonus on his tank - and he will be facing veterans with crews that perform 40-50 percent better than what he has.
    *this hypothetical player would have to grind the equivalent of 7 skills in the current system just to catch up.
    the only bandage on this fresh bullet wound is the free sixth sense - which players in the current system could have got pretty easily by crew books in the first place - and which could be added without all this hullabaloo with the new system.
    CW Implications:
    some of the perks would be very strong in a competitive setting, which I admit isn't a bad thing necessarily.
    for a decently competitive clan, crew 2.0 would mean basically mandating people to have the equivalent of 6-7 skill crews in order to perform on a 'level' playing field
    and that's not counting stacking with bond/bounty equipment and access to reward tanks
    There are also side issues with tanks with large crews seemingly being shortchanged but that's minor compared to the iceberg that we're headed towards.
    Don't look a gold sink in the mouth!
    one of the touted features of Crew 2.0 is that you can train 1 crew for up to 3 tanks, only that..
    u/Kuratovsky has kindly pointed out to me that in Crew 2.0, training your crew for the 2nd and 3rd tanks, just like retraining crews under the current system, will result in a penalty.
    unlike in the current system, the retraining penalty for the 2nd and 3rd tanks is 10% of the crew's total experience.
    if your crew has, say, 13 million exp (~6 skill crew), you will lose 1.3 million crew exp from the F2P option - and this directly eats into your crew skills/expertise bonuses
    currently, the penalty for retraining a crew to another tank is 10% of the major qualification, i.e. 10% of 100k exp. this does not affect the crew skills/perks.
    if you want to avoid bleeding XP, the solution is simple: 750 gold, 750 gold for every tank other than the first tank, and for every new tank that you switch in.
    the effect is that what appears to be one of the most F2P friendly features of Crew 2.0 is simultaneously the least F2P friendly part of the changes. this is because people who don't have gold will be forced to lose 10% of their total crew XP every time they retrain a crew to a different tank.
    Concluding thoughts
    For those of you who say that there's nothing to worry about and WG will surely revise the sandbox changes and make them good, I present to you the examples of:
    what happened to WOWS (https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/k44sbi/flamu_dissects_the_upcoming_commander_skill/)
    what happened to Console(https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l12hd1/world_of_tanks_console_ruined_with_1_update_dont/gjx40yr/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)
    and what is happening with the HE changes despite the population being generally ambivalent towards them (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/765180-sandbox-test-he-shells%E2%80%94feedback-and-reaction/)
    For those of you who still remember, Rubicon failed in 2015 because the playerbase was not okay with cosmetics having an effect on gameplay. That they made heard. These changes with Crew 2.0 are of a much greater magnitude, are much less accessible, and in their current guise, it is safe to say that they will impact the game much more negatively.
    The multitudinous changes to the system and the overhauls to the interface only serve to hide the fact that your crews will be worse, that as players we will suffer, that we will have to pay more, grind more, to get less in return.
    There is no reason that the playerbase should allow these changes to happen.
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to lavawing in Crew 2.0   
    The difference will be even larger after the changes
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to kolni in Free Gameplay Reviews (YT with commentary) by Kolni, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo   
    The spirit of trying to improve is the key to actually improving, so just keep things like this in mind and you'll play better. Actions need to have a reason behind them as well - if you can't actually verbalise why you're doing something - you shouldn't do it. This could obviously lead to being ridiculously passive (not knowing what to do shouldn't result in doing nothing), but there's a middle ground here that you should try to find. Play with purpose and some mechanical refinement and you can hit unicum in like a month if you really stick to it!
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to kolni in Free Gameplay Reviews (YT with commentary) by Kolni, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo   
    Processing should finish in a couple minutes
    I'll do Miros' tomorrow
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to kolni in Free Gameplay Reviews (YT with commentary) by Kolni, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo   
    No, I'm a PTA/Leo1/50B spammer now that I've given up on completing the E6 mark so I'll never get a game getting into that position. The obvious exception to this though is if they have big TDs or heavies that can blap you hard for doing it, but there weren't any. The trick is to just whittle them down like you tried with the 263, but against stuff that you can actually reliably pen. Shave HP off, increase your impact etc. Even if you are uncomfortable in doing it, the development falls much more naturally when you gain more ground to play around. That triangle there is the key to winning the city and there were opportunities to take it, but not seeing them results in games like this. 
    This is still processing, but I highly recommend that other people watch it as there is A LOT of good stuff in here, both in improvement and in the gameplay there.  @Snoregasm2
    I'll do them all! Tomorrow though
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to kolni in Free Gameplay Reviews (YT with commentary) by Kolni, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo   
    You know the drill, 5 replays per person max. You shouldn't cherrypick good games here if you actually want good feedback. Derp games the same, they are just derps and not much else to say about them. The best games are games similar to your skill level. I'm more than happy to offer advice to anyone. If you don't want the video public - I'll PM you the unlisted Youtube video.
    I know @Private_Miros has been struggling a bit lately, so the offer for him is 10 replays. 
    Games where you feel mistakes were made are obviously the ones you should want reviewed.  If they are carries that is also fine, there's room for improvement there too. I'd love to review a 5k tier 10 session from somebody else than myself. 
    Tier 9 and 10 only. I would consider some stronger tier 8s as well (Borrasque, Prog, etc) but I won't be doing a TVP VTU review because that would be a two second review of me saying "pick something else"
    No SPGs. 
    You can post LT games, but that's not where my analysis will be the strongest. (That's a nice bush and your team played around it isn't exactly much to say). If you want me in my element here, pick high impact tanks. 
    No Berlin/Pearl River maps. I still have yet to get a good read on these maps yet since coming back so analysis on them would likely not result in great feedback. 
    This time you don't need to post sessions like before, you are free to pick any replays you want. 
    Analysis will be tailored towards skill level - lower end means a higher mechanical focus and initial reading while stronger players will be subject to understanding tempo better, and decision making. 
    Upload your replays to wotreplays and post the links here. Remember that if you make them secret then you have to specifically post the secret link (not the browser URL)
    I will do this for as long as I can muster, and everyone who asks for a review will get it. I'll close the entries eventually as I can't do this forever but everyone who posts their games for review before that will get their games reviewed. Estimate is about two weeks.
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to lavawing in Right & Wrong Ways to Tank   
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to lavawing in Referral Program 2.0 (the tanks)   
    The 122mm on the Tiananmen tanks isn't actually that derpy, but the HEAT shell i.e. the only usable round has (i)  700ish shell velocity, (ii) all the randomness inherent in HEAT, and (iii) 250 pen which is marginal at tier 8 'weakspots', all of which make it feel uber shit and inconsistent
    It would actually be very workable if only it was APCR with 1.2k shell velocity and not a glorified rice catapult
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to GehakteMolen in Your Excluded Maps   
    Empires border, and second choice hoovers between Karelia, Glacier and Cliff.
    Cliff since rework is fucking awefull, unless ur a td and can camp in the back, Karelia is played random (1 game hill push, other game basecamp) its just fuck map and Glacier is just shit all around...
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to Tarski in The first Czech Heavy tank, the Škoda T 45   
    Yeah, I'm gonna plan to skip this tank if it goes into the game in this state. Looks like the devs forgot that tier 8 is where you make the tank painful to grind. 
    Every 9 seconds you can miss a shot, if you manage to get into a position where you can take the shot. 
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to PityFool in Polar Marathon - Object 274a   
    Haha visa card go brrrrrrr
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    RedwoodOriginal got a reaction from sundanceHelix in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    Its perfectly balanced german T8 medium.
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    RedwoodOriginal got a reaction from sohojacques in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    Its perfectly balanced german T8 medium.
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    You mean it's an overperforming tier6 medium?
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to hazzgar in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    You mean it's a perfectly mediocre T7 medium?
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    Man this looks kickass! If only it were still 2013.
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    RedwoodOriginal reacted to Rexxie in Supertest: Kpz 07 RH   
    Looks awful. Low alpha, no armor, big turret, low hp, bad accuracy, mediocre view range, bad pen and velocity. DPM is only 2180 base, which is not impressive give what I just said.
    Needs more dpm and better accuracy imho. It wont be good but it would be fun. Right now it is basically a slow HWK with less gundep and camo.
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