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  1. T-34-155 new T6 russian turreted td Someone that knew a guy that knew a guy found some blueprints in their grandfathers basement behind some 80 year old vodka bottles! Like a low tier FV with the kv2 gun ....but 55 top speed and 30% camo. Da comrade balance!
  2. Yeah ive found most teams are the lets all bunch up in one group and camp until theres less than a minute left and still 8 enemies around. Every once in a blue moon you might get a competent teammate or two that understands splitting up and making crossfires is the way, but yeah without at least 4 people carrying their weight good luck getting to stage 5 much less victory.
  3. I only rebought my T-10 so I could sell the 257 overmatch roof like the IS3...no thanks.
  4. I used the GW tiger P for all my T55a arty missions and skipped 15 as well. Seeing as how T8's get thrown into T10 games all the time now it's actually a benefit because of the increased HP pool and you're not denying your team a T9 or T10 tank. The gw tiger p has the same alpha as the T10 just slightly less dpm. No reason to go any further imo. Maybe sell the gw tiger and buy the tiger p....better mm at the very least for missions.
  5. I agree I've carried games as low tier in this sleeper of a med tank. Granted I started with the top engine and already had the 8.8 unlocked so I cant say how bad the stock grind is. Hitting for 200+ dmg each shot though is what makes this tank so good. Playing randoms where you're top/middle tier and the other team has a majority meds/tds? Go smack some heavies around in the brawling areas since your alpha is more than adequate. Low tier? Play it like a td and easily get 2k dmg without breaking a sweat. On to the issue of camo...yes this is no cromwell so dont expect to active scout and not get lit. I use vents, rammer, binocs though and get around 480ish vr so odds are I'll see you before you see me if sitting still behind bushes/downed trees. It also gives you a role to play when low tier....spot for your team and get the occasional side shot in when the opportunity presents itself. 4-5 shots in and you're already at 1000 dmg...cromwell wishes it had that dank gun.
  6. It depends on the TD really. Big caliber guns like 155mm+ need every little bit of aim time you can get. Id say keep using vents with 130mm and under at high tiers though...most of those guns already have good aim time and the extra little bit of accuracy and reload time is always welcome.
  7. Go figure the one time I actually wanted to lose to get a better chance of the 25% team dmg mission I couldn't 70% win rate over 40 games last night and still only got 1 nation completed...in a loss no less.
  8. Get the 212A as the mission requirements get easier the higher tier you are. Not only for the higher hp pools but the higher avg damage dealt as well...if a jpze100 shoots something you stunned thats almost half the amount you needed right there.
  9. Super heavy tank also equates to super slow which is a no go on todays battlefields. Also the addition of reactive armor kinda makes super thick armor obsolete....equal or better protection for way less weight. The current version of the M1 Abrams would be what a modern super heavy would look like. Can keep up with convoys with a decent top speed and near invulnerable from the front. Its still a little too immobile imo. Last wargames the NATO nations held the German Leopard crews ran literal circles around the Abrams crews. Some of that might have been sub par tank tactics training as the M1's would basically just sit in one spot and barely move while the Leopards were like racecars zipping around the battlefield. Mobility and ability to fire quickly and accurately is becoming the new norm.
  10. Does the "every 300 games or so drop in WR" match up with say event weekends? Just a thought...we generally have one whether it's a popular on track or whatever every 2-3 weeks or so. My stats usually see a slight drop during those too.
  11. Congrats! It does take some hard work to get that high. Even more so on the account you started the game with vs rerolling like everyone else does. Once i get some more consistency in my games I'll be there.
  12. Yasenkraken works great for that tracks daily wn8 plus more you would never think to care about....if you don't know where to get it well....here you go. http://www.Aslain.com
  13. Maybe he wants advice on how to play them in today's super heavy meta and not from a 4 year old thread...or maybe he's lazy....who knows. I'll bite. Use vents, optics and rammer for equipment plus prioritize view range/camo over other skills because when you're in t8 games (cromwell) you're essentially a scout. You can get around 440 on the move view range once you have BIA and both view range skills maxed. The dpm can be awesome at times but it does require you to sit still to actually hit stuff. Early game dont trade shot for shot....try to get 1 shot off then back in cover....save those hit points for later in the match when there's more room to move around and you can put your view range and camo to good use. Secondly always be moving around....this means if you go to one flank and its all armored targets that you cant really pen easily then go somewhere else....you have the speed to relocate if need be. Last but not least try to work with your team to gang up on enemy tanks. If you see them eat a shot from a tank that's by themselves and has a long reload dont be afraid to peek and get a few shots in. Learn other tanks reloads etc etc same stuff thats been said on here time and time again...it will make a much better player on other tanks as well. Its the difference in getting 2-3 shots in for their 1 vs trading 1 for 1 and most tanks will beat the cromwell/comet in that regard. Play it like a light tank and you should do well.
  14. So starting to learn what xvm focus is all about with these teams today.....i mean really 3 tanks drive right past 5 allied tanks and yolo suicide rush just to kill me.   We won the game but fml getting damage today is like pulling teeth.

    1. DirtyACE7


      The better you become the more you will deal with this kind of crap. I honestly never really understood until getting to where I am now and I experience it much much more than when I was a worse player.

    2. Fulcrous


      dont play on weekends. works like a charm.

    3. Javajunkie8b


      Yeah I think I was so used to being able to be aggressive at the start of the match getting spots/vision with xvm camo and now being 1st spotted means every pubbie wants a piece.   Just gotta adjust my play style I guess.   I just feel like if I don't then none of them will....

  15. I swear it's like you guys want this site to die off and shut down. Without new users and traffic theres no ad revenue. Without any ad revenue the site gets shut down unless somebody else wants to foot the bill for Never. Stop being so hostile to new people posting or say goodbye to your favorite WoT site.
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