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  1. Yo, for tier 9, use the stockest gun possible, it shoots faster. In my opinion it's better since you basically play arty for stuns now instead of damage. I did arty 15 on my first game switching the big gun for the stock one on the 53/55, and I used the stock gun on the tier 8 gw and both were doing well for me over 60% and nobody would toon with me (because cancer wagons) the lower tier monstrosity, good luck m8, there's crazy people when you go that low
  2. DPG is always a good metric, but it varies by tank. Generally tier 8 I'd say shoot for 1.8 to 2k dpg, while tier 10 can vary from 2.3k to 3k based on class for above average play. TDs being on the high spectrum and heavies on the low end. Light tanks are tricky at tier 10, I'd say go for 2k dpg with 800-1k spotting.
  3. :jebaited:two 9 kill game losses in 5 days, feels great :D


  4. well, if your 10k games in, the best way to learn is to get some tier 10s...
  5. got a new personal best dmg defeat today: 9.8k dmg & 9 kills :feelsgoodman:


    1. Va1heru


      What tank? :feelsgoodman:

    2. Veo


      none other than the wz5a, that tank is broken good

    3. Va1heru


      I dont think it's that broken honestly, its really strong sure, but I seem to obliterate enemies playing the WZ, complete opposite when I play mine

  6. You'll probably get that 4004 Conway gun down to a nice 12.5 second reload or better. With 10 degrees and 200 pen 770 damage shots (which btw are still on par pen wise with lights and some mediums) the thing will be beast.
  7. assuming a density of homogeneous steel to be 7840 kilo per cubic meter, the front plate on the tier 10 with dimensions of 3m x 3m (which the leo 1 is wider than that) and a thickness of 230mm, makes it a meager 16.2 tons.... which by the way the whole tank weighs 46.2 tons. effectively, without taking into account the weight of the massive gun, any transmission parts, side armor, shell weight, and fuel, the front of the vehicle weighs almost 1/3 of the whole structure, which is bad for the suspension when moving though soft soil. but eh, i guess it was not made for a reason.
  8. An inscription mod for loving carbonward, request by @Kolni lmao:


    A replaement of mammut inscription for germans


  9. mrman_inscription_by_ryanlj-dbi30gk.png

    are you a fan of Mrman?

    I replaced the wein inscription with this for the germans


    1. kolni


      make a i<3carbonward bumper sticker pls

    2. Veo


      @Kolni sure, when I get around to it if you want one. what inscription do you want replaced?

    3. kolni


      the german MAMMUT one pls <3

  10. time to stop playing arty for a while, I three marked the m53/55, object 261, and conqueror GC today

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mereelskirata


      Playing arty is morally wrong.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Please (and I say this with the utmost love and compassion) kindly drown yourself.

    4. Errants


      Congrats, mate.  I should roll my own out.

  11. A totally unneeded buff, I thought the m48 was quite strong already, you shouldn't have to rely on your armor in a medium tank, :/
  12. --> finds it funny that in the 9.20 supertest the maus has 200 less hp and 1.3 seconds longer reload. heh.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SaintLaurentius


      Thats an interesting angle to shoot a Maus:PogChamp:

    3. #NightWolf5628


      jesus that fucking tank.

    4. Assassin7


      Thank holy motherfucking living god. One actually exists

  13. That's the thing though, I don't do YouTube, I needed to remove my previous live stream videos and stop from then on, but its whatever. CC doesnt let you keep the tanks anymore sadly
  14. I wasn't in the cc program to begin with, despite being offered it, because I was asked to remove all my recorded video that involves me sipping on a beer... isn't that a staple of sir foch's channel?
  15. nobody is good with 2000 games played, just keep playing the game and learn from experience. All the best players in world of tanks have over 20k battles played, and if it says otherwise, chances are they have played on other servers or they started a new account. One thing I could suggest is watching streamers play. Some entertaining and skillfull people I would suggest: skill4ltu, circon, orzanel, and there's many other smaller streamers too.
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