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  1. Yo, for tier 9, use the stockest gun possible, it shoots faster. In my opinion it's better since you basically play arty for stuns now instead of damage. I did arty 15 on my first game switching the big gun for the stock one on the 53/55, and I used the stock gun on the tier 8 gw and both were doing well for me over 60% and nobody would toon with me (because cancer wagons) the lower tier monstrosity, good luck m8, there's crazy people when you go that low
  2. DPG is always a good metric, but it varies by tank. Generally tier 8 I'd say shoot for 1.8 to 2k dpg, while tier 10 can vary from 2.3k to 3k based on class for above average play. TDs being on the high spectrum and heavies on the low end. Light tanks are tricky at tier 10, I'd say go for 2k dpg with 800-1k spotting.
  3. :jebaited:two 9 kill game losses in 5 days, feels great :D


  4. well, if your 10k games in, the best way to learn is to get some tier 10s...
  5. got a new personal best dmg defeat today: 9.8k dmg & 9 kills :feelsgoodman:


    1. Va1heru


      What tank? :feelsgoodman:

    2. Veo


      none other than the wz5a, that tank is broken good

    3. Va1heru


      I dont think it's that broken honestly, its really strong sure, but I seem to obliterate enemies playing the WZ, complete opposite when I play mine

  6. You'll probably get that 4004 Conway gun down to a nice 12.5 second reload or better. With 10 degrees and 200 pen 770 damage shots (which btw are still on par pen wise with lights and some mediums) the thing will be beast.
  7. assuming a density of homogeneous steel to be 7840 kilo per cubic meter, the front plate on the tier 10 with dimensions of 3m x 3m (which the leo 1 is wider than that) and a thickness of 230mm, makes it a meager 16.2 tons.... which by the way the whole tank weighs 46.2 tons. effectively, without taking into account the weight of the massive gun, any transmission parts, side armor, shell weight, and fuel, the front of the vehicle weighs almost 1/3 of the whole structure, which is bad for the suspension when moving though soft soil. but eh, i guess it was not made for a reason.
  8. An inscription mod for loving carbonward, request by @Kolni lmao:


    A replaement of mammut inscription for germans


  9. mrman_inscription_by_ryanlj-dbi30gk.png

    are you a fan of Mrman?

    I replaced the wein inscription with this for the germans


    1. kolni


      make a i<3carbonward bumper sticker pls

    2. Veo


      @Kolni sure, when I get around to it if you want one. what inscription do you want replaced?

    3. kolni


      the german MAMMUT one pls <3

  10. time to stop playing arty for a while, I three marked the m53/55, object 261, and conqueror GC today

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    2. mereelskirata


      Playing arty is morally wrong.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Please (and I say this with the utmost love and compassion) kindly drown yourself.

    4. Errants


      Congrats, mate.  I should roll my own out.

  11. A totally unneeded buff, I thought the m48 was quite strong already, you shouldn't have to rely on your armor in a medium tank, :/
  12. --> finds it funny that in the 9.20 supertest the maus has 200 less hp and 1.3 seconds longer reload. heh.

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Thats an interesting angle to shoot a Maus:PogChamp:

    3. #NightWolf5628


      jesus that fucking tank.

    4. Assassin7


      Thank holy motherfucking living god. One actually exists

  13. That's the thing though, I don't do YouTube, I needed to remove my previous live stream videos and stop from then on, but its whatever. CC doesnt let you keep the tanks anymore sadly
  14. I wasn't in the cc program to begin with, despite being offered it, because I was asked to remove all my recorded video that involves me sipping on a beer... isn't that a staple of sir foch's channel?
  15. nobody is good with 2000 games played, just keep playing the game and learn from experience. All the best players in world of tanks have over 20k battles played, and if it says otherwise, chances are they have played on other servers or they started a new account. One thing I could suggest is watching streamers play. Some entertaining and skillfull people I would suggest: skill4ltu, circon, orzanel, and there's many other smaller streamers too.
  16. Funny as it sounds, use the stock gun on it now. It's basically a lower tier obj 261. Shooting faster is better with stun mechanics
  17. Veo

    BC 25T gameplay

    You should definitally pick up camo skills, I'd even do it over repairs, though you have 4 skills you can squeeze it in, especially since consumables are reusable now... can repair tracks many times :^)
  18. Veo

    M48 woes :(

    my biggest frustration with the m48 so far, and I just got it about a week ago, is the top speed. It's got an excellent gun, but it can't keep up with the tanks it fights with some times. Other than that, it almost benefits from being slow, because that way you're fighting behind the front line and supporting your team. It's a good ridgeline tank, but I wouldn't suggest aiming your shots too much unless you can see the tank isn't looking at you, mostly because the turret has large weak spots. Brawling techniques I use; fighting hills: use the steepest ridge that you can find to maximize your gun depression. corner games: you can almost over-angle the edge of your tank, those massive american tracks can absorb all sorts of shells. just make sure to bait the shot, because most people will be looking for a shot on your cupola when side-scraping. circling: I aim 3rd person on most of my shots, even when detracking. It's just my personal preference, and it takes practice. don't be afraid to use the gold shells on this tank. I think it owns the best heat in the game with over 1000 m/s velocity, basically the joys of apcr velocity without the loss of pen over distance. just don't waste it on lightly armored tanks because of the risk of absorption into tracks.
  19. Arty reloads in 5 seconds, but does 1 damage
  20. Anyone else think it's completely stupid to remove the current tier 8 light tank's xp and transfer to the new tier 8 after next patch? Think of the people in this situation:

    I've just finished grinding my tier 7 bulldog, now I'm working on the t49. As I'm grinding my tier 8 light tank, which is basically tier 9 already, the patch drops... All my xp I earned working on my new light tank is then transferred to the old tank I ground out, which by the way I sold, and becomes completely useless. 

    I mean, is wg really going though with it this way? It doesn't make any sense...

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    2. CheekiBreeki_


      From a players standpoint it seems unfair

      And I'll probably get negged for saying this but..

      From Wargamings perspective why would they allow people to get free tier 10s when they could do this and hope for gold to free exp purchases or just more people playing their game to grind the exp


      I personally question why people began grinding 2 months prior till the patch 

    3. Assassin7


      Well, on the flip side I have a bunch of XP on my 13 90 working towards the AMX 30. So if the patch hits, suddenly all that XP goes to the tier 9 13 90 and I have to start the AMX 30 grind again.

    4. MAJEST1C
  21. Veo

    Strv S1

    Would be nice to have a crew trainer, but it'll never be desired in Stronks over an udes or skorpion, and I'd rather use make money in a skorpion or defender. The camo seems to be extremely nice like the other tds though, so it's got that goin for it.
  22. I'm thinking the bloom is completely dependent on the velocity of your tank, and other components of course as well. You can tell it's not acceleration because there's 3 autopilot speeds to choose, and all 3 have different blooms. Of course if you could turn your hull at different speeds, that would probably act the same way, but the angular velocity of the hull is constant, not accelerating. The turret is different, I don't think there's acceleration on the turret, but if your careful enough with your mouse, you could get any angular velocity you want. (As in kv2 turning turret slow when aiming conserves having to aim in again, or moving mouse slowly when playing arty will conserve the bloom) The bloom would probably be a multiplier function of these instantaneous velocities by the hidden dispersion variables that you can find on tanks.gg and such. I dunno, but from my experience, thinking of it this way helps me play long aim time tanks better.
  23. I love the idea, but wargaming reduced the number of legionaires from 5 down to 3, and when your clan is a clan full of dad's, it's not easy to fill it.
  24. 1) if i spawn this side I make a loop to find early spots on tanks crossing the west, some times it works, sometimes it doesn't 2) most common place to sit, don't shoot from here unless you know you're double bushed or can pull back w/o getting shot 3) I don't go here much, if north or south loses a little front ground, it's a pretty sad place. This spot can work well mid game, you can push up to the opposite sides of the bush mounds and help your allies flank their cover. Paris is a pretty crappy map for scouts, arty, and tds overall though. I've only had good games in super heavies, and a few times with mediums, and almost always in the south.
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