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  1. This is true for any kind of activity that requires thinking and decision making, and I think everyone already knows. The key is how to remind yourself to relax when you needs it. Personally I don't think music help out that much as sometimes I get distracted by the music or forget it is even playing during rage inducing moments. Setting a reminder every 10-15 mins on my phone to tell myself to chill the fuck down as well as to sit/stand straight (I've been trying to fix my postures) seemed to work wonders, not only while playing this game but for everyday activities.
  2. I've decided to watch 182 replays at 1x speed before jumping in another game and so far I've found yours to be the most helpful so thank you for these replays (as well as any others who posted replays in this section). I haven't played in over a year and was really confused and frustrated with all the new maps/changes but I'm learning something new or realizing a bad habit that needs to be addressed after watching each one of them. Hopefully I will stop playing like a dumb bot after this!
  3. rip in pieces xvm Maybe I'll be able to play4fun with this and not care about stats ever again.
  4. http://ferryhalim.com/orisinal/ I knew someone would post this, I don't find clicking fucking cookies for a hundred of hours a week fun but apparently it is to thousands of people. Fucking autists.
  5. How can I tell if a girl is really into me, or if she is just being nice? Really cute girl, got her number, texted all day today... I just want to know if she's actually interested or I'm just hopeful or something. She seems like she is, but I've been wrong too many times.
  6. Panther/M10 is really fun to play, especially when platooned with other Fun/M10 or E-25s. It can make decent credit but lack the carrying potential in tier 8 games. I don't think it is worth the full price but with 50% discount, definitely.
  7. Are you able to play4fun at this point without being bothered by stats at all? Does winning a game now still give you the kind of satisfaction you would get 10000 games ago? Do you feel like losing a game now make you upset more than you should?
  8. My primary goal since I started playing this game was to be able to play with better players on an equal level, since I extremely dislike being the person who performs worst in a team this gave me enough motivation to #git gud. This goal is flexible since I would always meet new, better players to play with and re-aim my goal to. Stats naturally become one of the milestones for keeping track of my progress. I've only played this game for a little over 4 months, from a yellow scrub when I joined my current clan to where I am now I think it worked out well for me.
  9. Where or how do I get the per vehicle type and tier stats to fill in that sheet?
  10. lol indeed, whenever someone use 100-120 ms ping "lag" as an excuse for their performance i secretly wish they have to play with my 350 ping for the rest of their life.
  11. Sanguinity

    80% 30-day

    I agree with the two posters above and having platooned with Servios, that rating is deserved. Good job!
  12. So much butthurt. You'll never get better with that attitude.
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