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  1. Can we just lay this old sick horse to the ground and be done with? Then we start padding WG rating in team battles
  2. What's gonna happen with old Light Tanks, specifically the ones that are going to get nerfed the most?
  3. Google is your friend: I'm a lazy person from the colonies
  4. I'm sorry but you are D I S G U S T I N G.
  5. BTW watch out. Cookiebaby is closing fast on you.
  6. Hey 1stBoblord, how does it feel to have shittier recents than the biggest clown in the clan (me)?
  7. I hope you are proud, we were ashamed and determined to do better in the next one:
  8. Usually you don't have good ideas but that's a good one!
  9. Kolni, I'm asking for your permission to do these kind of vids too inb4 in the comment section "kolni did it b4 it was cool fgt"
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